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  DUANE B. STILLMAN, ESQ., an able counsellor-at-law, son of Ethan and Clarissa (Bailey) Stillman, was born in the town of Brookfield, N.Y., December 10, 1846. His father was also a native of this place, to which his grandfather, Nathan Stillman, one of the early settlers, came from the Eastern States in 1800. Ethan Stillman upon leaving his home learned the cabinet-maker's trade, and worked at it for some years, later following the occupation of a tinsmith. He married a daughter of the late Rev. Eli S. Bailey, and spent his life in Brookfield, leaving at his death a widow and four sons---John T., William N., Arthur J., and Duane B.
  The youngest of these sons, the last-named, pursued his studies in the public schools of Brookfield and afterward in the academy. Adopting law for his profession, he entered as a student the offices of S. B. Dayboll and S. S. Morgan, applied himself with diligence, and was admitted to the bar in the year 1872. Directly opening an. office in the town, he has since devoted himself to consultation and other office work, in which he has shown himself very capable. He was some time ago elected to the important position of Town Clerk, which he held for twelve years. During his long term he was most painstaking, accurate, and thorough in keeping the records and in his official papers. So that it was with the utmost regret that his fellow-citizens gave him up, when he decided not to serve longer.
  The mother of Mr. Stillman, a venerable lady, eighty-seven years of age, resides with him, and is so well preserved mentally and physically that she superintends all the work of the household.
  For several years Mr. Stillman has closely identified himself always with the general aims and charities of the Masonic Order. He is at present Senior Warden of Western Star Lodge, No. 15, A. F. & A M., of which he has twice been Master, and is a member of Warren Chapter, No. 22, R.A.M. He is also Master of Madison County Pomona Grange, Patrons of Husbandry. For four years Mr. Stillman was Justice of the Peace, and gave as great satisfaction in that office as in the others he has held in the town. A strong Republican in his political principles, he gives a hearty support to the teachings of that party, and is prompt and energetic in his duties as a citizen and voter. Mr. Stillman has not yet completed his half-century, but has proved himself a man of many sterling virtues. Already prominent in the affairs of the town, he bids fair to be among the most valued and highly honored of its people.

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