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  MRS. EXPERIENCE DEITZ, a venerable and beloved lifelong resident of Canastota, N.Y., was born in the year 1814, and is now in her eightieth year. She is the widow of her cousin, Elias Deitz, who was born in Berne, Albany County, N.Y., and died October 2, 1884, when he was eighty years old. His father, John Deitz, of the same place, reared seven sons and four daughters, all of whom, with the exception of two sons and one daughter, are deceased. The parents of Mrs. Deitz, Henry and Catherine (Richter) Deitz, had eight daughters and three sons, of whom she was the youngest. Her three sisters living are: Catherine, eighty-three years; Sophia, eighty-five years; Maria, eighty-eight years of age. Mr. and Mrs. Elias Deitz began their wedded life with no capital but their native health and strength, with habits of industry and economy; and so thrifty and provident were they as to acquire for their old age a snug property of about ten thousand dollars, the use of which during her life is secured to Mrs. Deitz by her husband's will. As she has no children, after her death it will descend to his nearest of kin.
  Mr. Deitz was a stone-cutter and mason, and a master workman at his trade. For many years he had a fine position in the government works at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Having the misfortune in September, 1848, to break one of his legs, it was amputated below the knee; and he wore a wooden leg the rest of his life. He was also one of the mechanics on the Harlem Bridge, and until the last four or five years of his life was a hard-working man. For about five years before his death he was helpless from paralysis; and during this long period his devoted wife tenderly and faithfully cared for him, taking little rest night or day. Mrs. Deitz was fortunate in possessing remarkable physical strength and power of endurance. So little did she spare herself during her early life of toil, and in the severe ordeal of her husband's grievous illness, that it was a source of wonder to her many friends that she survived him. But the strength of the Lord is always sufficient for those who seek it. Led by his hand, and though bowed to the earth with her sorrow, when the parting came she still kept her little home, and took up the burden of her lonely life with cheerful resignation. At the time of her husband's death they were within ten days of celebrating their golden wedding.
  Although now somewhat enfeebled from overwork in that season of trial and from increasing years, she lives all alone; and her home is as scrupulously neat as if tended by younger hands. Her mind is still clear and active, and she takes a keen interest in the affairs of the world around her. She often remarks that she expects to live for many years yet, and it is the earnest wish of the hosts of friends who love her that she will see the twentieth century. She is a faithful attendant and supporter of the Presbyterian church of Canastota, as was her husband; and her unwavering faith in the promises of the Bible will aid her to die triumphant in her hope of meeting her beloved one. Mrs. Deitz's cosey cottage at the corner of North Main and New Boston Streets has been her home for many years. Here the young people of the town are glad to gather around her fireside, and are made as welcome as at any home in the place. Living peacefully and enjoying her modest competence, this "mother in Israel" awaits with calm trustfulness her Lord's will, having every assurance of a blessed future, an eternal rest.

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