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  DR. JAMES F. HUNTLEY, the third of this honored name and calling, a highly esteemed physician of Oneida Village, may be said to have entered his profession through inheritance, environment, and education, having succeeded his father and grandfather, skilled medical practitioners, from whom he received his patronymic, and also his maternal grandfather, the late Dr. Freeman, of Otwego County.
  James F. Huntley, Jr., M.D., son of Dr. James F. Huntley, Sr., was born in the town of Plainfield, Otsego County, N.Y., and after completing his medical education settled in Durhamville, N.Y., where he practised until 1873, and then moved to Oneida, continuing active in his profession until 1887, when he died, aged sixty-two years. He was a skilful physician, a good citizen, and a kind and benevolent man. His death was a source of general regret in the village. He married Miss Esther E. Freeman, whose father was a physician in Otwego County for many years. She died when forty-seven years old, having been the mother of three children, namely: Xenophon, deceased; James F., our subject; and Charles, who died when six years old.
  Our subject was born in Durhamville, Oneida County, N.Y., June 19, 1855. He was at first a pupil at the common schools in the village, and later at Fulton and Whitestown Academies. He afterward studied medicine with his father. In 1877 he was graduated from the University of New York City, and for a few months practised at Oneida with his father. Going from here to West Winfield, Herkimer County, N.Y., and entering into partnership with Dr. J. M. Rose, he built up a highly successful practice, and remained there twelve years. In 1889 he removed to Oneida Village, where he is now living. In 1879 he married Miss Nellie Wood, daughter of Colonel Alonzo Wood, of Herkimer County, New York. She comes of long-lived ancestry, her father, the Colonel, being still living at the age of eighty years, his father having lived to ninety years, and his grandfather having reached one hundred and three years. Of the seven children in Colonel Wood's family, two besides Mrs. Huntley are now living. Dr. and Mrs. Huntley have four children; namely, Esther, Harold, Kate, and J. Warren.
  The Doctor is a firm Republican in politics, is a Royal Arch Mason, and is connected in his profession with the Madison County Medical Society and the State Medical Association. Mrs. Huntley is, an exemplary member of the Presbyterian church.
  Dr. Huntley is pleasantly situated, having his office and residence at No. 10 Broad Street, Oneida, N.Y. He is a gentleman of culture and refinement, possessing rare social qualities; and, as a physician, he has been widely recognized as worthy of confidence and patronage. He is an extensive reader, keeping himself fully up with the times, well informed in regard to the newest methods in the practice of his profession, and weighing with judgment and care the many inventions and expedients brought to his notice from day to day for the alleviation of pain and suffering. Dr. and Mrs. Huntley have a large circle of friends who cordially welcome them in society, and who in turn enjoy their graceful hospitality.

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