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  EDWIN R. BODEN, M.D., was born in Orange County, New York, January 14, 1860, and was reared and educated by Jabez Boden, by whom he was adopted. Of his own father and mother he has no recollection or record. Jabez Boden was in many respects a remarkable man, and was well educated and well adapted for business. He brought up eight children, though the subject of this sketch was the only one legally adopted, and was the eldest of the boys whom he educated. 
  Edwin R. Boden had every opportunity for securing a good education, first at the common schools, and later at Trinity High School. Not having any particular predilection for any vocation, and being advised by the Rev. Dr. John Potter to study medicine, he followed that advice, and took a regular course of lectures at Long Island College Hospital, being graduated when twenty-one years of age, after four years of study. After practising for four months near his old home in Orange County, he removed to Munnsville, and successfully followed the practice of his profession there for six years. In 1887 he removed to Oneida, and practised here for some time, then retired from the active practice of his profession, and established a general merchandise house, where he carried on business successfully until January 1, 1894. He then resumed his profession, opening an office in Oneida.
  Dr. Boden is a frank, pleasant gentleman, and is exceedingly popular. He married Lena Rockwell, by whom he has two children, John F. and Frank R., both at home. Politically, Mr. Boden is a Republican, and fraternally a Mason and an Odd Fellow. He is a regular attendant at the Episcopal church, and for. eight years has been a member of the choir. He has been Auditor of the village for one year. Appreciating to its full extent the value of the education of the young, he is in favor of compulsory education, perceiving the difficulty of procuring universal education in any other way. He is one of the most progressive and intelligent men in the place, and favors all enterprises calculated to advance the material interests of his adopted town. He and his wife, with their bright and intelligent sons, are domiciled in a pleasant home, where their friends and acquaintances ever find a most hospitable welcome.

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