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  ALONZO A. FAULKNER, a worthy septuagenarian of Brookfield, Madison County, N.Y., an experienced agriculturist, was born in this town, September 6, 1819. In the memoir of Charles, the brother of our subject, which will be found elsewhere in this book, the father is mentioned as having been born in Guilford, Conn., and coming thence to Brookfield, N.Y., where he purchased a tract of land and built his log house, enduring the hardships and privations inseparable then from the lot of the pioneer farmer. The wife of the immigrant, who before marriage was Miss Azubah Fisk, was born in Union, Conn. She was a noble representative of the women of the early settlements of this country, toiling side by side with her husband in making their home, and not only doing the usual domestic work of cooking, cleaning, and sewing, but also spinning and weaving nearly every article of clothing worn by the family. Nine children grew up to aid and comfort their parents' declining years. Their names were George, Samantha, Sherman, Edward, John, Olive, Friend, Charles, and Alonzo.
  When the father died, Alonzo A. Faulkner was but eight years of age. He attended the district schools, where he received a fair education, and was reared to the laborious but healthful and useful life of a farmer. He lives on the home farm, where his father and mother died, and by the aid of modern machinery and methods is enabled to realize good returns. Mr. Faulkner married Mrs. Rebecca Madison, daughter of Elisha and Katie Loomis, by whom he has two children, Addie and Helen. The family are Baptists in religion, and they all are active workers in their church. Politically, Mr. Faulkner, while not aspiring to official duties or honors, is a firm supporter of the Republican party, and at the polls conscientiously discharges his duties as a citizen. As a substantial and trustworthy man, honorable in the transaction of business, having an unsullied reputation, he commands the respect and confidence of his townsmen. He carries on general farming and stock-raising, in which he has had excellent success, and has attained a good degree of worldly prosperity.

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