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  ISAAC S. ALLEN, one of Hamilton's skilful farmers, enterprising and prosperous, was born in the town of Brook field, November 4, 1848. His father, Winthrop Allen, was a native of Sturbridge, Mass. His grandfather, Timothy Allen, whose home in early life was in Massachusetts, carne from there to New York, and settled in the town of Madison, whence he removed in a lumber-wagon successively to Sangerfield and to Brookfield. He died in Wisconsin while on a visit to that State. Winthrop Allen, receiving a district-school education, and working on the home farm, remained with his father till he was eighteen years of age, when he went out to work by the month. After marriage he lived for a time on a farm in Brookfield, and later removed to Hamilton, his final home. He had six children, including Ursilla, Clarissa M., Isaac S., Irving W., and George W.
  The subject of the present biography, passing his boyhood and youth on his father's farm, acquired a practical knowledge of different branches of agriculture. He pursued his studies in the district school, and later at a boarding-school. Intelligent, industrious, progressive, he is now owner of one of the finest farms in the town of Hamilton. At the age of twenty-one he married Minnie Sawdey, daughter of Harvey W. and Cylinda Sawdey. They have two daughters, Minnie and Ora C. The family attend the Universalist church. Large- hearted, liberal-minded, open-handed, wishing well to his fellow-men and doing well by them, Mr. Allen illustrates the sincerity of his cheerful religious faith by his upright walk in life. Politically, he is an adherent of the Republican party.

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