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  WILLIAM WERMUTH, an industrious and thrifty farmer of the town of Fenner, Madison County, N.Y., was born in this county, September 21, 1842, son of William C. and Libbie (Myers) Wermuth. The father owned a farm in the town of Lenox, which consisted of about one hundred and seventy-six acres, on which he raised grain. He sold this place in 1853, and bought the one on which he died, and which our subject now owns and resides on. He died at the age of seventy-two years, and his wife some time after, in her eighty-eighth year. They had eight children, of whom five are now living: Ebenezer, Alexander, and Hamilton, residing in California; Nelson, in the village of Eaton, N.Y.; and William. The three who died were: Moses, at the age of forty-two years; Jeremiah, at the age of twenty-two, during the late war, in Salisbury prison; and Julia, wife of C. M. Warner, aged twenty-eight years.
  The subject of this sketch was brought up in Madison County, and started out soon in life to work out by the month, doing this for nearly twenty years. Frugal and thrifty, he saved his money, and in 1873 was able to buy the old home farm, where he resides to the present time. He keeps his farm and all things pertaining thereto--his buildings, his cattle and horses and tools-in fine condition. He owns sixty-five acres of land, and makes a specialty of a high grade of live stock. In his religious views he is a Methodist, and is a constant attendant at the church in his town. Socially, he is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, belonging to the lodge in Cazenovia. He is a good, honest Republican, and, while not receiving any preferment from the party, is faithful to the principles it teaches, always voting a straight ticket. For reasons best known to himself, and which the writer, equally with the public, has no call to inquire into, Mr. Wermuth remains a bachelor. He is not unsocial, is by no means a misanthrope; and his home is the abode of comfort and plenty. Among friends, neighbors, and fellow-citizens generally he is accorded the high consideration and regard he so deserves as a sound-minded man, not over-hasty in judgment, one who may be relied on to be as good as his word.

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