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  ALBERT H. BONNEY, a valuable citizen of the village of Eaton, was born February 2, 1849, in the town of Eaton, a son of Orrin and Irene (Warren) Bonney. The father of Orrin, Levi Bonney, emigrated from Connecticut, and settled in the town of Eaton in 1790, making the journey from his native to his adopted State with ox-teams. He was one of the first settlers in that town, where he selected about two hundred acres of land, erected a log house thereon, and reared a family of thirteen children, twelve of whom grew to mature years, and one of whom, Mrs. Rhoda P. Storrs, the only survivor, still lives in the village of Eaton. Levi Bonney died on his farm in January, 1855, at the age of eighty years. He was always a hard-working, honest, and peaceful citizen, a good neighbor and friend, and had many striking personal characteristics. He was of a sound and vigorous constitution; and his strength was of great use to him in pioneer days, as, when he first settled in this State, he was obliged to carry his grist to mill on his back--a distance of twenty-six miles.
  Orrin Bonney, like his father before him, was a general farmer. He owned a portion of the old home farm, and lived there for many years. He reared a family of six children, four of whom are now living, namely: Charlotte, wife of J. N. Wheeler, of the town of Eaton; Joseph W., living in Bradford County, Pa.; Melvin Orrin, also of that county; and Albert H., the subject of this sketch. Orrin Bonney, who was an Abolitionist, died on his farm, at the age of eighty-four. His widow, a member of the Baptist church, lives with her daughter, Mrs. Wheeler.
  Albert H. Bonney was reared and educated in the town of Eaton, and at the age of twenty-two began life on his own account by purchasing a farm of forty acres. This farm he still owns, but is principally engaged in teaming in the village of Eaton. For a period of five years he was engaged in the coal business in this place, but retired therefrom some years ago. He married in 1871 Elizabeth C. Wright, a native of the town of Fenner. They have three children, namely: Walter, born August 4, 1883; Charles, born May 28, 1887; and Irene, born June11, 1891 . Mr. and Mrs. Bonney are members of the Baptist church, and live consistent Christian lives, being well known and highly esteemed. In politics Mr. Bonney is a good Republican. He feels the necessity of putting the best men in office, and uses his influence to this end. The Bonney family is one of the oldest and best in this part of the county; and Mr. Albert H. Bonney, the subject of this brief memoir, is a most worthy descendant of the pioneers who settled here in the early days.

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