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  A. W. LINDSLEY, an industrious and enterprising young farmer, profitably  pursuing his laborious but pleasant and healthful calling in the town of Stockbridge, Madison County, N.Y., was born in this place, October 28, 1849, son of Alden and Mary (Rockwell) Lindsley. The father was a native of Connecticut, the mother of Massachusetts. Alden Lindsley, who was a son of Eliab Lindsley, also of Connecticut, removed to Sullivan County, New York, when but a boy, and there grew to manhood, when he bought a . farm of one hundred acres in Madison County, New York. 
  Of the four sons and one daughter included in the household of Mr. and Mrs. Alden Lindsley, the theme of our sketch and his sister, Ida M., Mrs. Dwight Davenport, alone survive. They live on the old home farm with Mrs. Davenport's mother, where the father died, October 15, 1876, at the age of sixty-eight years.
  A. W. Lindsley was reared in the town of Stockbridge, and attended the district and high schools of Oneida. When of age, he decided to become a farmer, and received eighteen dollars per month for his first season of work. In 1878 he bought a farm of fifty-three and a half acres, which he has remodelled and greatly improved, making for himself and family a very comfortable and tasteful home. He is a general farmer, and among other profitable products of his farm are hops and maple syrup. He also manages an extensive dairy, having many fine Holsteins in his herd of cattle. 
  On March 6, 1878, Mr. Lindsley married Miss Etta Mallory, who was born in Columbia County, April 12, 1853. Her mother, who is her only surviving parent, resides with Mrs. Lindsley. To this household have been born three children, of whom only two are living, Alma Bell and Emma Grace. Anson, their only son, died at the age of five years--a loss that has been greatly felt. Mr. Lindsley is an enthusiastic supporter of the Republican party, having in youth imbibed its principles from his father's teaching, and, while not seeking office, discharges his duties as a citizen with promptness and fidelity. He and his wife are active members of the Methodist Episcopal church, never backward in seconding its good work, and always pleased when an opportunity offers to serve the cause of righteousness.
  Mr. Lindsley's well-tilled fields, amply stocked barns, sleek and healthy cattle, and pleasant dwelling, all show his energy and thrift. The prosperity he enjoys he has justly earned. He is comparatively a young man; but his influence is felt and will doubtless increase as he rounds out the measure of his days, pressing toward the mark set on high.

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