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  ALBERT E. RICHARDSON, a worthy representative of New England ancestors, was born June 8, 1850, in Erieville, town of Nelson, Madison County, and is a son of A. F. Richardson, a native of the same place, who there carried on general farming on his own farm. Lemuel Richardson, father of A. F., a native of Massachusetts, removed thence to the town of Nelson at an early day, being among the first settlers of that town. He settled in the woods, because there was then no cleared land, built him a log cabin, cleared up his farm, with his wife reared quite a large family of children, and spent his last days in the town of Nelson. A. F. Richardson in company with his brother bought the old home farm, the former afterward selling his interest to the latter and buying another farm in the same town. He and his wife reared one son, Albert E., the subject of this sketch. He died in the village of Erieville, at the age of twenty-six, his widow still surviving.
  Albert E. Richardson remained in his native village of Erieville until he was eight years of age, and then removed to the village of Eaton. He received his education in the district schools and at the academy at Waterville, and started out in life for himself at an early age, working on the farm for four dollars per month. After working in this way for some time, he concluded to try a different employment; and, entering a drug store, he followed that business some three year, when, tiring of the close confinement in a store, he learned the trade of machinist, beginning when seventeen years of age to work for Wood, Tabor & Morse for seventy-five cents a day. By strict attention to his work, and by serving the interests of his employers, he has gradually risen to his present place, that of Superintendent of the establishment. The business of this firm is the manufacture of portable and agricultural engines; and Mr. Richardson has under his supervision from fifty to seventy-five men, according to the demand for the articles manufactured in the works of the company. Mr. Richardson's career is a distinguished demonstration of the value of sincere and honest service as compared with the restless dissatisfaction of those who think their wages are too low, and who are led by captious, designing men to strike for higher pay, thus often--like the dog, crossing a stream and seeing his shadow in the water apparently carrying a piece of meat, dropping what he had in his own mouth and plunging into the water to secure what he supposed was another piece of meat--losing even what they have had.
  Mr. Richardson married Emeline O. Bennett, a native of Pennsylvania, a daughter of Rev. and Mrs. W. L. Bennett, both of whom are living. Mr. and Mrs. Richardson have one son, Linnwood A., born February 24, 1879. Mr. Richardson has been prominently identified with several different fraternities, as the Masons, the Odd Fellows, and the Knights of Pythias; and both he and his wife are members of the Baptist church. They have a pleasant home in the village of Eaton, and enjoy the society of many friends by whom they are highly appreciated. Mr. Richardson is in politics a Democrat, though he has no ambition to occupy public station, preferring to attend strictly to his private duties. He is a most genial gentleman, and is very popular with all classes of his fellowmen.

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