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  ALVA P. HUTCHINSON, an esteemed native resident of the town of Fenner, Madison County, N.Y., a practical farmer, energetic and thriving, was born May 15, 1830, son of Loren and Nancy (Woodworth) Hutchinson, of this town. The father was a well-known man in his day, and one of the leading farmers in this vicinity, being engaged in general farming, and also paying particular attention to sheep-raising. He was a man much interested in politics, being a strong Republican and a great friend of the celebrated philanthropist and reformer, Gerrit Smith. Loren Hutchinson was always deeply interested in military matters, and was a Colonel of the State militia. He was justice of the Peace for some years, and was a class-leader in the Methodist church. He died in the town of Fenner, at the age of seventy-two, and his wife when she was sixty-eight years of age. Of the nine children born to them, five sons and four daughters, only two are living: our subject; and Myron, of Cazenovia.
  David Hutchinson, father of Loren, was one of the early settlers of the town of Fenner, having come here, it is probable, from New England, where the name was known as long ago as the first half of the seventeenth century. He had to clear the land, which was all a forest, and erect a log cabin, before proceeding to cultivate the soil. He died on this farm, at the age of eighty years. His family were nearly all members of the Baptist church, and in politics he was a Whig. The subject of this sketch grew up in the town of Fenner, and was educated in the district school, when at home assisting in the work of the farm. He was twenty-seven years of age when, in 1857, he married Miss Pamelia Lattimer, who was born in Stockbridge in 1837, daughter of Elisha and Ann (Edson) Lattimer, of Stockbridge. Her mother was born in New York State; and her father was one of the old Lattimer family, of Massachusetts. There were nine children born to Mr. and Mrs. Lattimer, of whom four are living-- Mrs. Hutchinson, Linda, Polly, and Adelphia. 
  When Mr. Hutchinson married, he bought a farm of forty-one acres in the town of Fenner, and also a saw-mill, which he conducted for twenty-five years. He lived on that farm for about fifteen years, and then purchased the old home farm of one hundred and thirty acres, where he now resides, raising excellent crops of various kinds of grain, and carrying on a dairy of thirty head of young cattle, principally Holsteins and native breeds. Mr. and Mrs. Alva P. Hutchinson have five children, three girls and two boys--Josephine A., Willie W., Henry A., Jennie A., and Gertrude C., all at home. While Mr. Hutchinson attends the Methodist church, he is liberal in his religious views and not a member of any denomination. He is a Democrat, taking much interest in politics and in public affairs generally, and has filled many town offices. His fine farm is in a high state of cultivation, the owner's restless energy and good management being everywhere visible in continual improvements. The example of Mr. Hutchinson, showing what may be accomplished by persistent labor, should prove an encouragement to others who are struggling to secure a competency for their later years.

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