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  FRED I. BURNHAM, M.D., a successful physician of the village of West Eaton, and a worthy representative of an old and important New England family, was born in Lowell, Mass., April 24, 1859. He is a son of Filius and Eliza (Wade) Burnham, the former of whom was a native of Maine, and the latter of Nova Scotia. At the present time Filius Burnham is a resident of Lowell, Mass., and is the Superintendent of the Massachusetts Cotton Mills of that city. He was born in 1835, and his wife in 1834. They have two sons, namely: Clarence E., born January 16, 1858, in Lowell, Mass., and now a lawyer of Chicago; and Fred I., the subject of this sketch. The parents of these two children. are members of the Congregational church, and in politics Mr. Filius Burnham is a Prohibitionist.
  Fred I. Burnham was reared in Lowell, Mass., surrounded by influences calculated to develop the best of character, educated in the excellent public schools of the far-famed City of Spindles. Dr. Burnham remained at home until he was twenty-two years of age, in the mean time beginning the study of medicine, when eighteen years of age, with Dr. Hunter, a resident physician of high repute, remaining with him one year, and then attending the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, graduating from that institution in 1882. Almost immediately after receiving his diploma he settled in West Eaton, and has remained there until the present day. Dr. Burnham has a large practice, extending over a wide region, and has already become one of the leading physicians in this part of the county. From the fact that he is a graduate of a homoeopathic college it will be seen that he practises the art of healing according to a system founded on resemblances--a system which appears to have grown rapidly into popular favor within the last fifty years, having by the quiet but intelligent and active persistence of its advocates and practitioners steadily overcome much of the prejudice which greeted its establishment in this country, so that it is now regarded with toleration, if not with favor, by the adherents of the regular school of medicine. Dr. Burnham is one of the most successful men of his class, and is a kind-hearted, genial gentleman. While taking but little personal interest in the question of office-holding, yet he is much interested in politics as they apply to the general welfare of the people, and usually votes the Republican ticket.

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