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  RALPH E. GREGG, the third child and second son of John Gregg, was born at his present home on his father's farm in the town of Lenox, November 24, 1858. In his youth he attended the Cazenovia Seminary, and on reaching manhood became a farmer and stock-buyer, which occupation he has followed all his life. For one year only was he absent from the farm; and that was when, in 1886, he was in Albion, Mich., where he had a contract for purchasing live stock for the Buffalo market. He is a general buyer, and has shipped as many as five hundred calves in three weeks, and four thousand in one season. His principal markets are New York and Jersey City. On his large farm he has fourteen acres of fine hops under cultivation, this having been the leading industry with his father on the same farm for over twenty-one years.
  Mr. Gregg married December 6, 1882, Miss May Cleveland, whose birthplace was Winnebago City, Minn. Her father was George Cleveland, of Stockbridge, N.Y., a mechanic by trade, who married Miss Lovina Hodges, by whom he had three children, Mrs. Gregg being the only one who reached maturity. Her father died in Minnesota in November, 1870, at the age of thirty, when she was but seven years old. She was then brought to Stockbridge, Madison County, to the native home of her parents, where her mother subsequently became the wife of John Housman, at present of Chicago, Ill. Mrs. Gregg's grandfather, John Cleveland, was one of the early settlers of Stockbridge--a gentleman well known for his radical principles on the question of temperance. He died in 1869, well on in years. His large farm was noted for its neatness, substantial buildings, fine stone fences, and the beautiful long avenue of stately trees leading to the door of his handsome residence. Mrs. Gregg was educated at Oneida in the fine boarding-school of that village, and taught school with excellent success for three terms before her marriage. Four little daughters brighten the home of Mr. and Mrs. Gregg, namely: Allie Cleveland, aged eight years; Ellen Field, four years; Polly M., two years; and Ruth Elmira, one year old.
  While Mr. Gregg is a decided Democrat and a strong supporter of the principles of that organization, his friends are not confined to any political or religious party. He has served on the Board of Excise Commissioners with honor to himself and benefit to his village. He is an intelligent, energetic, and successful man of affairs, thoroughly at home in the details of his business, and is an authority in his neighborhood on any question relating to the buying or raising of live stock.

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