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  JOHN McQUADE, a native American, of Irish parentage, a practical farmer, laborious and prospering, residing on his own homestead in Hamilton, Madison County, was born in Chenango County, New York, June 18, 1851. His father, Patrick McQuade, was born and brought up in the County of Limerick, Ireland, and there married Miss Mary Nash. Having immigrated to America immediately afterward, he obtained a situation in New York on the Public Works. Later he came to Middleport, town of Lebanon, where he remained for a while. Finally buying a farm near Hamilton Village, he resided here until his death. Patrick and Mary McQuade were the parents of six children -- Hannah, John, James, Michael, Thomas, and William. The mother, since the death of her husband, has resided with her daughter in Hamilton. The subject of this biographical sketch, who was the eldest son in the family of the immigrant, worked on the home farm until the age of twenty-five. He took all the opportunities offered in the public schools of his place, and, being ambitious for an education, has continued in later life by reading and study to build on the good foundation he there laid. For a part of the time when he was at home on the farm he worked out by the month, and gained experience in agricultural labors. When twenty-five years of age, he began paying for the farm on which he now lives, and by his persevering industry has brought it into line with the finest in the county. His neat and comfortable dwelling, substantial, well-filled barns, stables, and other buildings attest the success he has met with, his own strong hands and active brain being the only capital he had for his start in life. He was most fortunate in his choice of a wife, having married, when he was twenty-seven years of age, Miss Clara Williams, who by her good management of household affairs has greatly contributed to their prosperity. Their union has been blessed with five children; namely, Eva, Mary, Bessie, Jay, and Fay.
  Mr. McQuade is an upright man, a good citizen and neighbor; and he and his family are highly respected in the community in which they live. He is a strong Democrat, and votes invariably the ticket of that party. Mr. McQuade illustrates the sturdy virtues of his ancestors. Coming to this country with only willing hands to work and an undaunted love of liberty, the father early implanted in the breast of his son loyalty to the American flag, attachment to the institutions of his adopted country; and the son in his life has consistently manifested these patriotic sentiments.

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