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  MRS. ROSEPHA ROUSE CROSS, widow of the late George Cross, occupies a leading place among the respected and honored residents of Cazenovia. She is a daughter of James and Esther (Child) Rouse, who were married in Cazenovia, the home of the bride, in November, 1824. Mr. Rouse was a farmer on the west side. of Cazenovia Lake, residing there during the whole of his married life, with the exception of eight years spent in Homer, where he went to educate his children, two sons and two daughters. The marriage of Rosepha Rouse and George Cross took place September 13, 1865. Their happy married life of fifteen years was passed in Syracuse, N.Y., to which place Mr. Cross had come with his parents at the age of twelve. He was born in England, and was a son of George Cross, Sr., who settled on a farm near the site of the present city of Syracuse. Mr. Cross died May 13, 1880, at seventy years of age, leaving by will a handsome estate to his widow, who had a home for the next nine years with her brother George in Cazenovia.  A brief mention of this gentleman and his family will here be in place.
  George L. Rouse was reared to mercantile life, and was for many years a prominent merchant and leading citizen of Cazenovia, being closely identified with the growth and prosperity of the village. In his political principles he was a Republican, and was elected Assemblyman, serving in 1861-62, and was a personal friend of Chauncey M. Depew. For many years he was Treasurer of the Cazenovia Seminary. He was a sincere Christian and a member of the Baptist church, which he supported liberally with his means, and in which he was an active worker. He died October 4, 1889, aged sixty-one years. His pew and place in the church are kept by Mrs. Cross in affectionate remembrance of him who was at all times a loving brother, an affectionate husband and kind father, and a true and upright man. His wife, who was Jennie C. Corwin, of Cazenovia, survived him nearly two years, and died in July, 1892, at the age of sixty-three. They left three sons, namely: Herbert J. and Edwin C., twins, now (1893) thirty-eight years of age; and George Harry.
  Herbert J. Rouse, one of the mercantile firm of Rouse Brothers, married Miss Henrietta Pomeroy, of Brooklyn, N.Y. They have one son and one daughter, namely: Harry Leonard, a boy of eleven years; and Elizabeth Pomeroy, a girl of nine. Edwin C. Rouse, the twin brother of Herbert, and partner in the hardware and house-furnishing business in Cazenovia, married Grace H. Keeler, of this place; and they are the parents of two sons and two daughters, as follows: Edwin Harley, eleven years old; Rosepha M., nine; Leonard Martin, seven; and Grace Irene, five. Both of these gentlemen are well known, and are among the most prominent and popular citizens of Cazenovia. Herbert J. Rouse resides at his pleasant home on Lincklaen Street, where his aunt, Mrs. Cross, has lived for the past four years, since the death of her brother.
  Time has dealt kindly with this most estimable lady; and, though her hair is somewhat frosted with many winters, yet her bright, kindly eyes are windows to a soul which belongs alone to a noble and unselfish life and brings a happy and youthful old age.

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