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  FREDERICK H. HODGES, a prominent and representative citizen of Canastota, ex-Deputy Sheriff of Madison County, was born in the town of Stockbridge, N.Y., in 1833. His father, Frederick Hodges, was born in Connecticut about the year 1812, and was a son of Matthew Hodges, a Connecticut farmer, who was a lifelong resident of that State, and died there when eighty years of age. He married a Miss Millman, and they reared twelve children.
  Frederick Hodges on September 17, 1815, married Lovina Gilbert, a native of Connecticut, by whom he had twelve children, five sons and seven daughters, of whom five are still living, namely: Elizabeth, widow of Rev. Chester Percival, who was an Episcopal rector, of Marshalltown, Ia.; Frederick B.; Lyman, an engineer, of Bradford, Pa.; Caroline, wife of George Houseman, a farmer; and Laverna, wife of John Houseman, of Chicago. Rev. Chester Percival was a graduate of Hamilton College at Clinton, N.Y., was a successful teacher when a young man, was a writer of poetry, and an able preacher of the gospel - a man of superior talent and character. His wife, Elizabeth, also a graduate of Hamilton College, a woman of culture and refinement, was a teacher previous to her marriage.
  Frederick H. Hodges remained at home until he was fifteen years of age, and then began to learn the printer's trade with his brother-in-law, Frederick W. Cook. In 1852, in company with thirty-one others, he went to California, all reaching that State in safety after a journey of five months, and each after arriving. there striking out for himself, independent of the rest. Mr. Hodges selected mining as his occupation, and was very successful, making twenty thousand dollars in money. While residing in California, he was married to Anna M. Corbett, a cousin of Boston Corbett, who shot John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln. She bore him one son, and soon afterward died. The infant, having been sent by its father East to be reared, died when eleven months old. Some time afterward, when East on a visit, Mr. Hodges married September 27, 1859, his present wife, Malvina Coe, who was born in 1837, and is a daughter of Rensselaer Coe. By this marriage Mr. Hodges has had five children, one of whom, Flora, died at the age of two years. The four living are as follows Gertrude, wife of Henderson Hinman, a farmer, of Stockbridge, who has two sons and one daughter; Lilian, wife of William Brown, living in Cold Water, Mich.; Susie, a young lady at home; and Vettore, a young man of twenty years. Mrs. Hodges is the eldest of a family of seven children, two daughters and five sons. Her sister died when three years old; and one brother died when one year of age, and one at three years. The three brothers living are: Hiram M., a farmer of Kenwood; Alasco, a farmer of Stockbridge; and Jay R., of Fort Atkinson, Wis. The mother of Mrs. Hodges died in April, 1885, aged seventy-four; and her father died in June, 1892, aged eighty-four. Mr. Coe was a man of decided character and strong peculiarities, and one of the most successful farmers of his day.
  In politics Mr. Frederick H. Hodges is a Cleveland Democrat. He has served as Deputy Sheriff six years and as Constable twenty years, the latter office being filled by him during the war and during the construction of the Midland Railroad, giving him considerable warlike experience without going to the front. Mrs. Hodges has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church for the past forty-three years, her husband being now also a member of that church. Both are active in the support of religion and of education, believing that the right training of the young is essential to true social progress.

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