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  MERTON H. BROWN, an enterprising young merchant, doing a thriving business in Brookfield, was born in this town, December 16, 1859. Asa Brown, great-grandfather of Merton, was born in Connecticut in 1765, and came to the State of New York at the close of the last century, settling at a place in Brookfield called the Five Corners. His youngest son, Noah, who was born in Stonington, Conn., came with him to Brookfield, at the age of sixteen, and assisted in the work of the farm. Noah Brown was educated in the district schools, and at the age of twenty-one married Catherine Brown, and settled on his farm, one mile south of North Brookfield, where he resided until his death, he and his wife having reared eight children--Noah K., Crary, Eunice, Cyrus, Catherine F., Cynthia E., Susan J., and Henry. The mother died at the home of her daughter, Susan J., March 30, 1881, aged eighty-eight years.
  Henry Brown, the father of Merton H., was born in Brookfield at the old homestead. He was reared on the farm, married and lived there for nine years, and till the death of his wife. Two years later he went to Clarkville, a village of the town of Brookfield, where he was given the offices of Constable and Deputy Sheriff, which he held for about eight years, having been several times re-elected to office. His second wife was Miss Jennie White; and they reared six children--Adin P., Katie, Charlie, Louie, Wendell P., and Bessie. The name of Mr. Brown's first wife was Arditsa Palmiter. Their three children were Carrie, Merton H., and Ardy. Carrie married Mr. Frank Sherman; and Ardy married Mr. William Fitch, of North Brookfield, and has one child, Emma.
  Merton H., eldest son of Henry Brown, was educated at South Brookfield and at the union school of his town. At the age of twenty he entered the employment of A. J. Stillman, where he remained one year, and then engaged for six years with Irving Crandall. He moved to the village of Brookfield in 1886, where he has since continued, prosperously engaged in trade. In 1885 he married Miss Hattie E. Babcock, of Leonardsville, N.Y., whose father, William A. Babcock, a native of Truxton, Cortland County, N.Y., was born November 19, 1820. Christopher Babcock, grandfather, and Asa, father of William, were born in Rhode Island, and moved to New York State, where they were farmers, the father in the latter part of his life residing in Jefferson County. He married Miss Elizabeth Barker, and they had a family of nine children. William, who was but three years old when his mother died, lived in Smyrna until he was nine years old. At the age of thirteen he went to the western part of the State, remaining there ten years at work on a farm, and then came to Brookfield, where he now resides, engaged- in mechanical pursuits. He married Miss Harriet Pelton, a native of Waterville, Oneida County, N.Y., born September 9, 1846. They have two children living: Mary, wife of Calvin Birch, of Brookfield; and Hattie E., Mrs. Merton H. Brown, as above noted. Mr. Babcock is a Deacon in the Seventh-day Baptist church. In politics he votes the Prohibition ticket.
  Mr. and Mrs. Merton H. Brown have one child, Elsie. Mr. Brown is one of the most prosperous merchants in Brookfield, and is a prominent and highly respected citizen. By his own intelligent industry and by honorable methods of dealing he has gained his present excellent position in financial and social circles. He and his wife are exemplary members of the Seventh day Baptist church. Mr. Brown votes with the Republican party, and, while being too much engaged in his own extensive business to aspire to any political office within the gift of the people, still takes a reasonable and commendable interest in public affairs.

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