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  B. FRED SAUNDERS, proprietor of cheese and butter factories in the town of Georgetown, N.Y., was born in Madison, Madison County, N.Y., January 13, 1861. His father, Henry Saunders, a native of London, England, born there in 1820, in 1855, at the age of thirty-five years, emigrated to America, coming directly to Madison. He remained here about fifteen years, working at the trade of carpenter, and then removed to Binghamton, N.Y., and, bought a farm. He remained at that place only one year, and then moved to Georgetown, following his trade as long as his health permitted. He afterward travelled for six years as an insurance agent; but his physical condition would not permit his continuance even at this occupation, and he was obliged to retire from active business.
  By his wife, Jane Watson, of London, England, he had five children, namely: Sarah, deceased wife of R. R. Hall, of Pitcher, N.Y., mother of three children- Hovey, Grace, and Fred; Mary, widow of DeWitt Whitmore, of Rochester, N.Y., whose four children are Henry, LaMott, Marion, and Hovey; Henry C., deceased, of Norwich, who married Miss Emma Evans, of the same place, and had two children, Harry and Honorine; Lena, Mrs. E. J. Bowdish, of Marathon, N.Y., who has one son, Clifford; and B. Fred, the subject of this biographical sketch.
  After the removal of the family to Georgetown B. Fred, the youngest son, pursued his studies for a time at the district school of his neighborhood, and later took a course at the Rochester Business University. Returning to his home prepared for the labors of life, he found employment in the butter and cheese factories of Georgetown. He continued this work as an employee for several years, and then, hiring a factory, became a manager, the first year conducting the business alone, and then forming a partnership with P. E. Briggs, which continues at this day. Such has been the growth of the business that the firm has now eight factories in full operation. By careful supervision and untiring industry, united with a high standard of fair dealing, Mr. Saunders has established a reputation in his business second to none in the county; and his present prosperity is by no means the effect of luck, but of honest work.
  Mr. Saunders married a daughter of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, who for forty-five years was a noted physician of Georgetown, N.Y. Her grandfather, Nathaniel Franklin, was a descendant in the direct line of the great Benjamin Franklin, "printer," whose illustrious life sheds a glory on his country's history. Mr. and Mrs. Saunders rejoice in the possession of a little daughter, now four years of age, named Honorine. In politics Mr. Saunders is a sound Republican. His wife is a member of the Baptist church of Georgetown.

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