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  GEORGE A. ROGERS, farmer, a worthy representative of one of the first families of Brookfield, N.Y., was born here, December 25, 1865, on the farm on which his father, DeLoss, and his grandfather, James, were born before him. The great-grandfather, Thomas Rogers, who was born and reared in Rhode Island, came to Brookfield, and took up a tract of timber land there, he and one other man being the very earliest settlers of the town. This great-grandfather and his son died on the farm which they had cleared.
  The centennial bells that have been making their joyful music around the country at intervals for the last twenty years have stimulated research, have set people to counting back the years and rehearsing the deeds of their ancestors, the emigrants from the Old World who colonized the thirteen original States. Scarcely less interesting than those twice-told tales is the history of the interior counties of the State of New York, which were founded by scions of the old English and Dutch stock. DeLoss Rogers was but eight years of age when his father died. He attended the good public schools of the town in his boyhood, and early took up farming for his occupation. He married Miss Cynthia Parmenter, of Brookfield. Their family consisted of four children: Gena C.; Elmer, deceased; George; and Nellie. The mother and father still live at Leonardsville, N.Y.
  George A. Rogers was educated in the Brookfield Academy, and has followed farming for a pursuit in life. He married at the age of twenty-three Miss Bertha Langworthy, of the town of Brookfield, and after his marriage bought the farm where he now lives, carrying on general husbandry. Mr. and Mrs. Rogers have one child, a daughter--Edna.
  The family attend the Seventh-day Baptist church. In politics Mr. Rogers regularly votes the Republican ticket. Longevity seems to be an inheritance in the family, as the forefathers of Mr. Rogers lived to a good old age; and his grandmother is still living with his parents, at the age of ninety-four years, a well-preserved and active lady. Mr. Rogers is ambitious and enterprising, taking pride in his farm, which is one of the best cultivated and most productive in the town. He brings energy and intelligence to his work, and with most satisfactory results, holding his own as one of the most progressive agriculturists of the day.

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