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  WALTER M. LITCHFIELD, M.D., an able and rising young member of the medical profession of Madison County, was born March 4, 1863, in Sandusky, N.Y., and is a son of Noah S. Litchfield, whose father was Simeon Litchfield, a farmer of Cattaraugus County, New York. The Litchfield family came originally from Litchfield, Conn., and settled in Cattaraugus County, New York. Simeon Litchfield, the grandfather of the subject of this sketch, married a Miss Williams; and his son, Noah S., was born in Ellicottsville, N.Y., and grew up on a farm. He attended the district school in his boyhood, and later learned the trade of wagon and carriage making. He selected his wife in the person of Miss Jane E. Morris, who was the daughter of Joseph Morris, a native of Pembrokeshire, Wales, and a gun smith by occupation. Mr. Morris was a well-educated man, and imparted much of his knowledge to his children. He was affiliated with the Odd Fellows, and at his death was buried with all the ceremonies of the order.
  Dr. Walter M. Litchfield received his preliminary education at the district schools, and afterward attended an academy, graduating in 1879. He taught school for some time in Cattaraugus County, and was subsequently engaged awhile with his brother, Royal S. Litchfield, in the banking business in Franklinville, N.Y. He then went to Lima, Ohio, where he was employed in the inspection of lumber for the firm of Joseph Morris & Co., Mr. Morris being his uncle. Two years later he returned to his native State, and took up the study of medicine with Dr. Francis D. Findley, of Franklinville, which he continued by attending lectures at the Medical Department of the University of Buffalo, N.Y. He received his degree of M.D. February 21, 1886, after a course of four years, and was the valedictorian of his class, being so appointed for his high scholarship. On August 6, 1889, he married Miss Ida M. Sharpe, of Louisville, Ky., and since his marriage has been actively engaged in the practice of his profession. He is a gentleman of upright character, skilled as a physician, and of genial and courteous manners, which qualities have secured for him many friends and well-wishers. His practice is already large and steadily increasing; and, although young, he takes a high rank among the professional men of Madison County.

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