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  JAMES S. DIXON, a thriving farmer of the town of Brookfield, was born in Utica, N.Y., August 1, 1833. In reviewing the history of this branch of the Dixon family in New York, we find that Rufus Dixon, grandfather of James S., coming, like the majority of the early settlers of Madison County from New England long before the days of railroads, his early home having been in Litchfield, Conn., travelled by ox-team with all his household goods, camped in the unbroken forest, cleared a few acres of its heavy growth of timber, and here established his dwelling.
  James Dixon, son of the pioneer and father of James S., was born in Litchfield, Herkimer County, N.Y., where the grandfather first made a settlement. He was early taught the trade of sash and blind making, which he followed many years. One of his earliest recollections is driving the team which took the sashes and blinds for the insane asylum which was being built at Utica, N.Y. He married Miss Cordelia Church; and they had three children--Delia, James S., and A. M. Dixon. The parents both died in Utica, the mother surviving her husband some years.
  Left fatherless at thirteen years of age, James S. Dixon went to Bridgewater to live with an uncle, Russell Dixon, where he remained about three years, or till the death of his uncle, after which he came to Brookfield, N.Y., residing there six years, then going to Brisben. Having passed three years in that place, he returned to Brookfield, and there married, moving immediately afterward to Indiana, where he lived for eight years. He next went to Rutland, Ohio, and from there came to Cazenovia, Madison County, N.Y., remaining for some years, and lastly settled in his present home near Leonardsville in the town of Brookfield. On this farm he has erected fine buildings, and has brought the land into a high state of cultivation. He has very extensive hop-fields, making that culture a specialty, and getting a profitable crop ever year.
  While being an active and conscientious citizen in his duty at the polls as a Democrat, he does not care to pose as an office-seeker. An enterprising, hard-working man, deprived of his father at an early age, he has had his own way to make in the world. That he has succeeded is well evinced in the prosperity he enjoys to-day.

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