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  GEORGE O. C. LAWRENCE, a native of Lancaster, Worcester County, Mass., is a member of the well-known Lawrence family of Massachusetts--a name eminent in the annals of its commerce and manufactures, and honorably associated with its educational and philanthropical work, and which has recently furnished a successor to the lamented Bishop Brooks in the diocese of that State. Mr. Lawrence is the eldest of the three children--George O. C., Elizabeth, and Edward--of the Rev. Amos and Ann Maria (Crocker) Lawrence. His father, a native of Geneseo, Livingston County, N.Y., a graduate of Yale College in the literary and scientific course, and of Hartford Theological School, is a minister in the Congregational church, who has held various pastorates and has preached in many different places. For some years he has been a resident of Newton, Mass.
  The advantages of a liberal education and of foreign travel have been enjoyed by Mr. George O. C. Lawrence. Having pursued his preparatory studies in the public schools of Newton, he took his college course at Amherst, where he was graduated in the Class of 1882. He afterward spent two years as a student at the University of Göttingen, Germany. Returning to Massachusetts, he shortly went to Buenos Ayres, Argentine Republic, S.A., where he established an extensive business in the canning of native fruits, which is conducted with marked success to the present time, the goods finding a ready market in different parts of South America. Our subject seems to have inherited in a good degree the genius for business, the foresight and enterprise that characterize the Lawrences; and, though yet a young man he has already achieved an assured position in commercial and financial circles.
  Honorable and upright in all the relation of life, Mr. Lawrence is a worthy member of the Congregational church. He was united in marriage with Miss Ida Beem, of Hamilton, in 1887. They have one daughter, Gladys. Mrs. Lawrence is a communicant of the Episcopal church, and is active in its good work.

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