First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


Madison County

Sketches of Students of First Decade.

   REV. LUKE HITCHCOCK, D.D. Dr. Hitchcock is a native of Madison County, New York, born in Lebanon, April 13, 1813. His early years were spent on a farm, and in teaching common schools. In 1834 he attended the Seminary, and in the fall of the same year was admitted on trial into the Oneida Conference; 1836-37 stationed at Cazenovia, and was trustee and secretary of the board. During his pastorate at Cazenovia there was under his ministry a revival of religion which extended to the students of the Seminary, many of whom were converted and united with the Church. Among the converts of the village were Philo Judson and his wife, who then kept the Lincklaen Hotel; he gave up the hotel and became a traveling preacher, and was one of the projectors and the agent of the North-western University, and the Garrett Biblical Institute, at Evanston, Illinois.
  Dr. Hitchcock was also favored with success in revival results at Ithaca, his next station. In 1839 he removed West, and settled his family in Dixon, Illinois, where he remained till 1860 as pastor and presiding elder. In 1860 he was elected an agent of the Western Methodist Book Concern at Cincinnati, and has by five successive quadrennial elections by the General Conference been continued in that agency to the present time. Under his administration, in connection with his associates, the Concern has greatly advanced in business and capital. He was honored by the Wesleyan University with the title A. M., and with that of D. D. by the Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa. He has been seven times in succession elected delegate to the General Conference, beginning with 1852.
  Dr. Hitchcock has sustained an unblemished character during his forty years of service in the Church. His reputation is that of a hard worker, a sagacious administrator, a wise and hopeful counselor, an earnest and devout Christian, and an intelligent patriot. No one occupies a warmer place in the affections of his brethren. He married, in 1837, Miss Jane Eliza Birdsall, of Fabius, Onondaga County, New York. He now resides at 1618 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

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