First Fifty Years of Cazenovia Seminary


Madison County

Sketches of Students of Second Decade.

  REV. THOMAS HALL PEARNE, D.D., was the son of Rev. William H. Pearne, who was for a long time a member of the Oneida Conference, and was born in London; England, June 7, 1819. He was converted at M'Donough, N. Y., when fourteen, years old. His name appears in the catalogue of 1836-37. Entering upon the work of the ministry in the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1839, he continued in the regular pastoral work in the Atlantic States until 1851, when he was transferred to Oregon and appointed presiding elder of the Willamette District. In 1855 he was agent of the Willamette University. From 1856 to 1864 he was editor of the" Pacific Christian Advocate." In 1865 he was transferred to the Holston Conference, Tennessee, and appointed presiding elder of the Knoxville District. In 1869 he was editor of the "Knoxville Daily Whig." From 1870 to 1873 he was United States Consul at Jamaica, West Indies, and secretary of the American Colonization Society. He has been a delegate to the General Conference, and has received the title of doctor of divinity. He married Miss Anna P. Root, of Madison, N. Y., an alumna of the Seminary, whom he buried since his return from the West Indies. Dr. Pearne is now a member of the Cincinnati Conference, and is stationed in Dayton, Ohio.

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