Cazenovia Seminary
Class of '25
Senior Class Notables

Cazenovia Seminary - 1925 Yearbook
Senior Class of '25

       President of Adelphian
      Vice-President of Senior Class
       Director of Senior Play--"The Little Clodhopper"
    "Kay" it's really hard to say in so few words how much you have meant to us all. No friend could be truer or dearer and more loyal to our school than you. We shudder when you come toward us in the dining room but we wouldn't have you any different for the world. It will be lonesome without your familiar face with its welcoming smile. If anyone doubts this just ask Bill.
IRENE EDWARDS, Millerton, N. Y.
    I is for Irene, sprightly and gay,
    She trips all around the kitchen in her own little
    Irene is an optimistic sort of person. She is always looking on the bright side of things and has a pleasant smile for everyone. "She is from Missouri" says an observer in her English IV class. She is the kind to whom everything has to be proven. But that is the kind of a mind to have and we all wish you the best of luck, Irene, in whatever you decide to take up for your life task.
ROBERT ELDRIDGE, Johnson City, N. Y.
    Robert Eldridge is better known as just "Bob". Not too much can be said of "Bob". He certainly shines in all athletics, and also in his studies. "Bob" has a way with the girls also as you will believe by a glance at his photograph. We all will surely miss "Bob" and his cheery, good-natured laugh. You are very promising "Bob" and we all wish you the best of luck.
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Contributed by Julia Gillett Hendrick.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls.
January 20, 2004

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