Cazenovia Seminary
Class of '25
Senior Class Notables

Cazenovia Seminary - 1925 Yearbook
Senior Class of '25

       President Eromathean
       President Girl Reserves '23
       President Morse House
       Chairman Ring and Announcement Committee
       Vice-President the Girl Reserves '25.
    It is hard to find a girl who is always the same" yet in "Katy" that quality is ever present. She is a girl endowed with a sweet disposition, a fine Christian character and no small share of ability. One can always depend up on her for sincerity and faithfulness, in everything. Nearly everybody who knows her, loves her, and you have to respect her. Ask her friends--and don't forget "Daniel."
WILLIAM EVERITT, Baldwinsville, N. Y.
       President Lyceum
       Treasurer Lyceum
       Football '24, '25.
    Bill is everyone's friend. To the fellows in the Senior house he is a steadying hand and a mother to us all. When we need advice or encouragement, we go to "Bill". Nor is he unpopular with the girls. If he would will it so, he could be the school dandy. But the attempts of all the girls except one have been fruitless. That one, however, if reports are true, has been very successfu1 indeed. We'll miss you "Bill", and we hope that when you are in South America on an engineering project, you will find time to "Kay"ble us once in a while
MARION FRAWLEY, Baldwinsville, N. Y.
       President Eromathean
       Treasurer Eromathean
       President Girl Reserves
       Senior Play--"The Little Clodhopper"
       Director, Senior Play--"Cheer Up, Chad".
    Cheerfulness, ambition, loyalty, and ability reap their own reward. So it is in Marion's case. She is not only a student of the highest rank but also one of the best friends that one can have. For three years she has been in Caz. Sem. and during that time has proved her worth in all that she has undertaken. If there is ever any thing to be done--ask Marion to help. She is always ready and more than that--she knows how to do it. Moreover, she is a fine sport, always ready for a good time and especially making a good time for other people. Marion some day expects to enter the teacher's profession. Wherever she is we know she will have success just as she has had in her school work. Good luck to you wherever you go, Marion!

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Contributed by Julia Gillett Hendrick.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls.
January 20, 2004

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