Cazenovia Seminary
Class of '25
Senior Class Notables

Cazenovia Seminary - 1925 Yearbook
Senior Class of '25

       "Griff" lives in town so that we have not seen as much of him as we would have liked to see. There is no doubt in our minds but that he has a great deal of talent. Although he is very quiet we feel sure that a few years from now we will find him most successful in whatever work he takes up.

HELEN GUILES, Millerton, Pa.
    Helen is the quiet, studious one of our number. But "still water runs deep," and when you come to know her, you will love and admire her. She is ever ready to lend a helping hand, no matter how busy she may be, full of fun, and witty sayings. I am sure when she goes out into the world she will do much for the benefit of her fellow men, as she has done here for her Alma Mater, and she will at all times be a friend worth having and knowing.

       Jack was always full of fun, and has been the life of the Senior House this year. However, he does not carry his fun too far, as some are apt to do.
    Jack certainly has Job backed off the map when it comes to patience, for he spent nearly one whole semester trying to raise a moustache.
     Speaking of Women, if you want to know anything about them, especially one whom we know as "Tiny", simply ask Jack, for he surely knows. The girls like him, we fellows like him, everyone likes him, and our best wishes go with him in his future medical career.

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Contributed by Julia Gillett Hendrick.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls.
January 20, 2004

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