Cazenovia Seminary
Class of '25
Senior Class Notables

Cazenovia Seminary - 1925 Yearbook
Senior Class of '25

ELINOR JONES, Cazenovia, N. Y.
    Elinor is the kind of a girl that anyone is glad to know. She always is looking for a good time, nevertheless she does not neglect her studies to do so. She strikes you as being very dignified, but when there is a good time on she always manages to help make it so. The Senior Class of  '25 wishes you the best of luck, Elinor, in whatever you choose to do after you leave the Seminary.
       President Eromathean.
    It was with great pleasure that the students of Cazenovia Seminary received that announcement from Dr. Hamilton, one bright March day, that Miss Charlotte Kleinschmidt's application for the teacher of the preliminary subjects of the school had been accepted. Charlotte is a girl of quality and not quantity. She did very efficient work in Dr. Hamilton's office when she was a junior. This year she has been Mrs. Hamilton's office girl. It is with great pleasure that Dr. and Mrs. Hamilton look upon the results of her work. Charlotte in her quiet and modest way has taught the students of Cazenovia Seminary many a lesson for which they are thankful.
       President Philomathesian
       Debate Team '25
       Joke Editor The Cazenovian
       Track '25.
    "Don" our debater, trackman and friend came to us in the middle of this year. It did not take him long to get started however, for before we knew it he had made for himself a reputation which we shall not soon forget. "Don's" work on the platform has been outstanding this year. He will continue his good work we are sure and some day we shall be proud that we have had him as a school mate. You have our best wishes "Don" as we say au revoir.

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Contributed by Julia Gillett Hendrick.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls.
January 20, 2004

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