Cazenovia Seminary
Class of '25
Senior Class Notables

Cazenovia Seminary - 1925 Yearbook
Senior Class of '25

       Baseball '24, '25
       Phy-Ly. Quartet.
    A cheery laugh, a winning smile and lots of wit, that's Kyle. How many occasions have been brightened by his presence! We envy those who will associate with him next year as we know what pep he brings to any group. If he plays the game of life as he does the game of baseball we feel sure of his success in all his future "undertakings".
GEORGE W. PASCO, South Butler, N. Y.
       Rusiness Manager The Cazenovian
       Football '25.
    "Pat", the business manager of The Cazenovian, has shown himself to be a "go-getter" not only among the fair sex and business men of this community, but also on the football field where he earned his letter this year.
    We shall miss "Pat's" smile, his helpfulness, and his example of doing things quickly and efficiently. Certain are we that "Pat's" success will continue, and we take this opportunity to congratulate him upon his work on the Cazenovian. Keep it up, "Pat", we expect great things from you.
Senior Plays--"The Little Clodhopper", "Cheer, Up, Chad".
Associate Editor, The Cazenovian
Basketball '25
Girl's Cheer Leader.
All things rejoice in youth and love,
The fullness of their first delight.
This is Thelma: she has youth and love--the love of any work she undertakes. She has ability as a student, and as a basketball player, but she is unique in her dramatic ability. We all hope to see her continue in this work, because it is here that she excels. Although Thelma is a new student this year, she surely has taken care of the men as if she'd had lots of experience. They all love her, at least some of them do, and the rest of them admire her because of her fine character. Best of luck, Thelma, in your future work, whether it begins at Wellesley or at Cornell.

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Contributed by Julia Gillett Hendrick.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls.
January 20, 2004

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