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Cemetery on the old Fisk Farm.  School District #25
#1 on map of  Town of Brookfield

The cemetery is on the east side of the road on a hillside; overgrown with bushes and
trees.  It is some distance back from the road, South of Lou Falkner Cemetery about two miles
northeast of Hubbardsville Station or on main road between Hubbardsville Station and North
Brookfield.  Verified in 1916.

Charles Faulkner                   1820-1891
His wife Elnora                    1838-1909
Edward Faulkner                    1873-1899
Mary Faulkner Campbell             1868-1908
Alonzo Faulkner
His wife Rebecca                   1847-1880
Lodema Adora Fisk                  1858-3Jan 1863
   Daughter of Owen and Emily H Fisk
Lydia Fisk                         1783-10 Jul 1838 ae 55yrs
Wife of David Fisk
Truman N Gregory                   1833-4 Feb 1865 ae 32y 6m
   flag on his grave
Alvin D Gregory                    1859-3 Apr 1863 ae 4y3m3d
Son of Truman and Cynthia P Gregory
Dewey Hopkins                      1809-1 May 1898 ae 89y
His wife Esther L                  1808-16 Jun 1844 ae 36y
His wife Dolly M                   1807-2 Dec 1881 ae 74y
Charles Lovette                    1801-25 Sep 1880 ae 79y
His wife Samantha                  1806-4 Mar 1882 ae 76y
Josiah Moon                        1775-14 Jun 1840 ae 64y7m
His wife Lydia                     1781-6 Apr 1861 in 81st y
Benjamin Palmer                    1799-29 Sep 1882 ae 83y4m3d
His wife Irene                     1813-19 Jan 1880 ae 66y6m16d
Ella M Palmer                      1854-27 Nov 1862 ae 7y11m6d
   Daughter of Joseph and Adelia L Palmer

Cemetery transcripts contributed by Bill Hunter, September 1997,  from the collection included in Madison County, Town of Brookfield Cemeteries, located at the Guernsey Memorial Library, 3 Court Street, Norwich, New York 
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