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Lewis Cemetery

Town of Cazenovia

         (aka: Bethel Cemetery, Cemetery Lot 39 Pompey Hollow)
    On E side of Pompey Hollow Rd on Town line 1800 ft S of Bethel Rd
                     15 Names (see notes below)
  			Town of Cazenovia

  + Coburn, Infant dau. of Loran and Julia Ann Coburn, d. Sept.20, 1830 ae 11d
  + Coburn, Stephen d. Mar. 13, 1829 ae 52-1-30
  +         Polly, wife of Stephen Coburn, d. June 22, 1855 ae 80-2-6
    Coburn - see Pease
  + Lewis, Thomas J.- d. Mar 27, 1850 ae 63 yr
  +       Mariete L., dau. of Thomas and Lucinda Lewis d. May 20, 1849
          ae 21y-4m
  + Lewis, Nancy E., wife of Sanford Lewis d. July 18, 1844 ae 27y-18d
  + Lewis, Benjamen D.-Esq.-d. July 5, 1847 ae 65y
  + Lewis, William R.-d. Mar. 1, 1837 ae 28y
  + Lewis, Thomas d. June 27, 1837 ae 83y
  +      , Hannah, wife of Thomas Lewis, d. June 28, 1830 ae 83y
  +      , H. no more inscription-stone down
  Marker with no inscription
  + Pease, William G. - d. June 29, 1850 ae 38-4-9
  +      , Electa, dau. of Stephen and Polly Coburn and wife of Wm. G. Pease,
                   d. May 22, 1836 ae 23y-1m-26d
  + Seymour, Polly, wife of Harry Seymour, d. May 8, 1843 ae 51 y (stone down)
  + Appears to be other burials with no markers.

  * RDL Stone about 12"x18" - this stone has a Revolutionary War Marker.
  * BDL Stone about 12"x18" flat on ground to right of above.

Note 1: Clezzie Gallup list (+) in Cazenovia Republican, 6 September 1951, mentions 16 burials but lists
        only 14. On her lists she only gives the year of death.
Note 2: The two stones observed by Douglas Ingalls (*) were located behind the headstone of Benjamin

  Transcribed from a record in the Onondaga County Public Library of Syracuse,
  New York and compared to the Clezzie Gallup list noted above.

  Douglas J. Ingalls
  8 December 1998
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