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Cemeteries of Madison County, NY

Last revised: June 23, 2011. Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Town of Lenox

From the compilation by Brandon J. Fraley, 1996

1805 - 2009


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All pages will open in a separate document. Each surname listing has the section noted so you will be able to browse the corresponding section listing for surrounding stones. ID numbers were added to identify each record and have no meaning except for the compilers' recordkeeping purposes.

There are approximately 175 gravestones with inscriptions recording death dates from 1805 to 1868 which predate the 1869 founding of the cemetery.  A number of larger monuments seem to record earlier family deaths as a memorial.
Burials after 1996 were not included in the original reading, but were added from cemetery records.  A large number of  unmarked burials were found in town records. For information on ordering copies of death certificates from the Lenox Town Clerk, see the Introduction, p. iv.
Recording an entire cemetery of this size is a vast undertaking and Mr. Fraley is due enormous gratitude for accomplishing such a task.
Additions and corrections have been made by Sandra Wilsey through a number of  visits to the cemetery, and further verifications are from the burial ledger sheets from 1939 - 2009 and town records.  As time permits, more verifications will be done to improve the records and corrections posted. Please e-mail us if you note any corrections that should be made.
Contributed by Sandra B. Wilsey from the collection of the Madison County Historical Society and transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls with the cooperation of the Mount Pleasant Cemetery Association.
 November 18, 2010.
2010 Sandra B. Wilsey and Anita M. Ingalls. All rights reserved..