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Elizabeth Street Cemetery

City of Oneida, New York

Notes found in ledger at MCHS. Reports on Old Oneida Cemetery, now the site of Willard Prior school. 

Lot #
1.	Mr.  Bonds child (a stranger)
2 & 3.	G. Trumans child.
11.	An Englishmans child (a stranger)
12.	Old Mr. Emmerson
14.	Moses Law (?) Smiths child
18.	Lyman Morse (Boy)
20.	R. I. (Or J) Stewart Infant a few days old
21.	H. Marshals little boy
22.	James Bonners child Jacob H. W.
31 & 32.  George Stoddards child.
38.	Gridleys Boy
43.	Miss Mary House
48.	Mr. Walters boy (Immigrant from England)
55. 	Mr. D. C. Colvins infant still born
69.	Old Mr. Scofield (old age)
70.	Mrs. Higinbotham (1850) only date given
71.	S. H. Goodwin infant
72.	Charles Randals infant
112.	Rev. I. Nichols child
61.	Herman (Herman) H. Phelps
44.	James McFarland
54.	Peter Hatmaker
141.	Asa Smith
35. 	A. Lipe
36 & 37.  D. Y. Lipe & young Lipe
38.	H. Gridley
39.	S. Van Horn
28.	Doctor Wm. Gould
47.	Alexander Stewart
49.	Wm. Calkins
50.	Robert Proctor
16.	Henry Foster
17.	George Siver
143-144-145	Washington West
100.	Widow Stewart
125.	Doctor L. Beardsley
74.	Nathan Burdick
73.	Jerome Woodford
89-90.	George Stewart
106.	James A. Fish
107.	James Fish
124.	Wm. Washburn
123.	Pearl Corliss
140.	Robert Perry
139.	Ira Morris
56.	William Orr   16 shillings
57.	Richard F. Smith  12 shillings  price of lot
5.	James Bonner (widow)
66-67.	James Murty   12 shillings
19.	Rev. Isaac Foster
53. 	Charles F. Calkins
71.	Abraham Phillips
105.	----Ostrander
138.	Aaron Yale
86. 	Jonathan Dygert
127.	David Coe
46.	Johnston McKelvie
64.	Henry Brown	B. Butler
42.	Jont. Butler	16 shillings
88.	C. L. Walrath	$2
70.	Hiran Brooks (Hiram probably)	12 shillings
146.	DewItt C. Mirick	12 shillings

Copied from a piece of paper bound by ----. The only known record of sale of lots.
Last burial was in 1875.


Oneida Dispatch, August 25, 1913:
Relatives' Names Wanted of Persons Buried in the Old
Elizabeth Cemetery.

For many years the old Cemetery east of Elizabeth street has not been used and has gradually fallen into
a neglected and overgrown condition, many of the stones being overturned and broken. Laid out when Oneida
was but a small village, there was no cemetery association formed for its perpetual care. The last
burial was in 1875. Since that time many bodies have been removed to Glenwood and elsewhere by friends,
and of those still remaining many belong to families scattered or not living. For this reason there
seems to be no hope of improvement in the suitable care of the whole. Therefore a movement has been
started by the City federation of Women's Clubs.

			Most sincerely yours,
				Mrs. H. D. Fearon, Chairman.
Committee--Mrs. C. M. Ruggles, Secretary; Miss Lily Higginbotham; Mrs. C. A. Frost, Mrs. Daniel Keating,
Mrs. C. H. Bentley, Mrs. W. S. Child, Mrs. Frank Farnam.

Of the 104 graves in the old cemetery there remain the following whose surviving friends or relatives 
are unknown:

Elizabeth Street Cemetery, Oneida, NY

Betsinger, Mary, wife of Nicholas Betsinger, died March 9, 1851, aged 45 years.

Bonner, Thomas, died July 11, 1851, aged 62 years.
	James, d. Aug. 2, 1857, aged 50 years.
Imerson (Emerson), Richard, d. Oct 8, 1849, aged 57 years. [Headstone unearthed during removal of
	oil tank at Willard Prior Elementary School: Richard G. Emerson, died 1849 aged 57 years.
	Oneida Dispatch, July 2, 2009.]

Brown, Genevra, dau. of Edwin and Mary Brown, d. Nov. 13, 1855, aged 6 years.

Foster, Henry, son of Henry and Nancy Foster, d. July 22, 1844, aged 2 years.
	George, son of Rev. Isaac Foster, d. March 22, 1851, aged 3 years.

Marks, Clemenda, wife of Joseph Marks, d. Aug 24, 1852, aged 21 years.

Phillips, Frederick, son of George and Melinda Phillips, d. April 12, 1857, aged 9 years.

Swetman, Abram, d. May 6, 1856, aged 51 years.

Rivenburgh, Sidney, d. Nov. 23, 1868, aged 55 years.
	Helen Eliza, wife of Sidney Rivenburgh, d. June 23, 1857, aged 41 years.

Crawford, John, son of John and Emily Crawford, d. March 17, 1857, aged 21 days.

Condit, Calib, son of Wm. and Charlotte Gould, 3 Oct. 24, 1844, aged 6 years.

Thompson, Deloss W., d. Dec. 20, 1860, aged 36 years.

Lipe, Daniel Y., d. July 6, 1852, aged 50 years.

House, John, son of John and Fanny House, d. Oct. 9, 1845, aged 8 months.

Adle, John, d. April 18, 1860, aged 67 years.
	Mary, his wife, d. May 6, 1860, aged 67 years.

Calkins, Elizabeth L., wife of Charles Calkins, d. Aug 23, 1851, aged 31 years.

Parkhurst, Edward O., son of George and Emily Parkhurst, d. Sept. 12, 1853, aged 5 years.

Phelps, James E., d. May 6, 1857, aged 8 months.

Schofield, David, d. Jan 22, 1849, aged 85 years.

Woodford, Lucien, son of Jerome and Martha Woodford, d. Sept. 5, 1846, aged 4 years.

Burdick, Emery, son of Nathan and Catherine Burdick, d. May 26, 1851, aged 2 years.

McDonald, Frances M., wife of John McDonald, d. ____ 19, 1857, aged 22 years.

Adla (sic Adle), Joseph, d. March 19, 1869, aged 59 years.
	Spofford, Ayr, wife of Joseph Adle, d. Dec. 11, 1875, aged 53 years.

Skully, Mary C., d. Aug. 23 1872, aged 9 years.
	John, d. Feb. 27, 1856 (children of P. A. and Elenor Skully).

Reese, _____, wife of R. J. Reese, d. Nov. 27, 1852, aged 39 years (a very broken stone).

Nichols, Frances A., dau. of George and Hannah Nichols, d. Aug. 13, 1851, aged 2 months.

Whitney, Emily, wife of Addison Whitney, d. Jan. __, 1856, aged 26 years.
	Infant, son of Addison and Emily Whitney, d. April 12, 1851.

Hatch, Harriet, wife of Emerson Hatch, d. March 26, 1858, aged 22 years.

Rogers, Mary Frances, dau. of Thomas and Lucy Rogers, d. Oct. 1, 1852, aged 9 years.

Fish, Harriet, dau. of James and Harriet Fish, d. May 5, 1851, aged 1 year.

Lamb, Abigail, wife of Avery Lamb (a badly broken stone).

Granger, Frank, son of Niles and Isabella Granger, d. Jan. 29, 1857, aged 2 years.

Bascom, Sarah, d. Aug. __, 1854 (stone badly broken).

Pierce, Henry and Chloe, children of E. and Clarinda Pierce, d. 1857, aged 7 and 9 years.

Bryan, Ezra, d. Jan 28, 1859 (stone badly broken).

Palmer, Dr. Benjamin, d. Dec. 27, 1861, aged 66 years.
	William, son of Beníj. and Sarah Palmer, d. Feb. 8, 1855, aged 9 years.

Corliss, Silas, d. July 30, 1847, aged 17 months.
	Marvin, d. Aug. 9, 1851, aged 15 months (sons of Pearl and Abigail Corliss).


Lists include:
	Old Oneida Cemetery Ledger - MCHS
	Complete Copy of Stones in the Old Cemetery July 26, 1913 (East Ave) - MCHS
	Oneida Dispatch, August 25, 1913 - "Relatives' Names Wanted of Persons Buried in the 
		Old Elizabeth Cemetery" (letter of notice from Oneida Federation of Women's Clubs; microfilm
		copy from the collection of the Oneida Public Library.)
	Oneida, Madison County, New York: Tombstone Inscriptions from Old Cemetery East of 
		Elizabeth Street, in Oneida, ("All stones in which were recorded by City Federation 
		of Women's Clubs." Edwin Webb Wheat (1932) - not found. Possibly a copy of the 12-page
		July 26, 1913 annotated listing by the Oneida Federation of Women's Clubs in the
		collection of the Madison County Historical Society.
Contributed by Sandra B. Wilsey from the collection of the Madison County Historical Society.
Transcribed by Anita M. Ingalls, February 25, 2009.

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