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Bolivar Cemetery

Town of  Sullivan

     DAR 5                    -5-

    Take the Lake St. Road out of Chittenango, N.Y. for two miles,
    at Bolivar follow the road directly south at the Canal
    bridge for one-half mile. In very poor condition.

    Aucumpau, Peter died July 11, 1881 ae 70 yr 11 mo 23 da.
    Austin, Nancy wife of John Austin died Feb 24 1868.
            ae 42 yr 5 mo 27 da,
            Margaret--little stone no date.

    Dayharsh, Charlie son of J.H. and Mary Dayharsh died Jan 6
              1867 ae 9 mo 8 da.
    --------  Letters all gone on stone.

    Fargo,  Charles S. son of R. and M. Fargo died Sept 9 1859
            ae 7 yr 5 mo.
      "     Robert died Apr 24, 1858 ae 33 yr 11 mo.
      "     Alice E, dau. Simon and Jerusha died Dec 21 1857
            ae 11 yr 6 mo.
      "     Maryett dau. of S. and J. Fargo died Dec 27 1854
            ae 10 yr.
      "     Jerusha wife of Simon Fargo died Sept ,9 1860 ae
            36 yr.

    Fyler,  Silas died Aug 15, 1812 in the 6Ist yr of his age.
      "     Lucy his wife died Aug 13, 1812 in the 59th year
            of her age.

    Pennock,David and wife no dates, monument tipped over on face.

    Webb,   Adelbert son of Thomas and Mary Webb died Feb 28
            1855 ae 2 yr 4 mo 26 da.

   Collected by Mrs. Alice Naatz and
   Compiled by Evalena N. Hubbard
   Skenandoah Chapter DAR, Oneida N.Y.

   Scanned by Douglas J. Ingalls
   28 October 1997
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