Gifford Cemetery, Town of Sullivan, Madison County, NY

Gifford Cemetery -  DAR Cemetery Transcribed by Evalena Hubbard  -  Annotated by Sandra B. Wilsey 2008
 Surname       Given Name   Inscribed Dates  Stone Inscriptions Notes from census, obits, family records newspaper articles & church records 
*? ? Evalena Hubbard stated in a newpaper article that there were three Civil War Veterans buried in the cemetery, but one of these stones had long ago been defaced & was illegible, stone not included in Hubbard survey 
*Spencer Welcome O. reportedly last burial in cemetery - 1893,  He was b.abt 1835, the son of Jocob H. Spencer (1802-1878) & Lois Blodgett (1808-1892), stone not included in Hubbard Survey
Brazee Ella 1/18/1861 ae 63y-6-14d, wife of John b abt 1797 NY
Brazee Henry R. 5/30/1856 ae 23, son of John & Ella b abt 1833 NY
Brazee John 6/23/1870 ae 75y-2m-14d b. NY, children include Thomas (b.abt 1829), Henry (b.abt 1833), John (b.abt 1836), Harvey (b.abt 1849)
Brazee Thomas J.(or S) 7/1/1880 ae 49, Civil War b abt 1831 NY, Private Co.H. 68th Regiment NY Infantry, listed in military records as Thomas S.
Edwards Dewitt DAR Survey stated "old stone, inscription not legible"
Edwards Melissa wife of Dewitt DAR Survey stated "old stone, inscription not legible"
Gifford Agnes A. 12/4/1861 daug. of Joseph & Helen b. 10/1860, Madison Co., N, daug. of Joseph S. (1833-1875) & Helen A.(1835-1873) Gifford  
Gifford Hannah A. Spencer 1877 ae 81, wife of Henry Wilcox Gifford, daug. of Jos. Spencer b. 3/1/1806 Town of Smithfield, Madison, NY, daug. of Joseph Spencer and Dinah Chrisman Gifford (or Dinah Christman) (1770-1853), children were: Benjamin F. (b.1830), Henry M.(b.1831), Joseph S. (b.1833) Mary P. (1835-1893), Jerome B. (1835-1906) John K. (b.1839), Harriet (b.1841), Elihu R. (1845-1901), Hannuel (1845-1932), probable error in transcription of death date - unlikely she died same yr as her husband, other records give death date as 7/31/1887 which corresponds with her birth date & age at death.
Gifford Helen A. 6/4/1873 ae 37y-9m-22d b. 8/13/1835 NY, wife of Joseph S. Gifford
Gifford Henry Wilcox 11/11/1877 ae 73y-9m, son of Paul Gifford b. 2/3/1804 Dartmouth or Westport, Bristol, MA, son of Paul Gifford (1782-1854) & Patience Tripp (b abt 1783), m. Hannah A. Spencer 1/17/1828 in Town of Smithfield, Madison, NY, see children listed with wife
Gifford Joseph S. 1833 -1875 b. NY, son of Henry Wilcox Gifford (1804-1877) & Hannah A. Spencer (1806-1887), m. Helen abt 1859
Gifford Paul  ?/23 or 25/1854 ae 71y-8m b. 12/31/1782 Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, son of Capt. Elihu Gifford (1747-1832) & Abigail Chase (1746-1812),  m. Patience Tripp 7/10/1803 in MA.  She was b. 2/6/1783 daug. of David (1758-1852) and Lucy (b.1759) Tripp, She reportedly died in the Town of Sullivan & may be buried here. They were early settlers in Lakeport building a log cabin on the lake shore of the former Gifford/Prescott farm, their children: Henry Wilcox (1804-1877), Benjamin F. (b.1806), Anna R.(1807-1808), Anna R. (1809-1847), Harriet H. (b.1811), Patience T. (b.1813), Abigail C. (b.1815), in 1836 he along with family members established a ferry service across Oneida Lake to Cleveland,  he d. 1/25/1854
Haskin Ann R. Gifford 9/21/1847 ae 38, wife of Daniel A., daug. of Paul Gifford Anna Russell Gifford, b. 4/8/1809 Dartmouth, Bristol, MA, daug. of Paul Gifford (1785-1854) & Patience Tripp (b.1863), m. Daniel A. Haskin (1805-1889), children include: Mary (b.abt 1833), Mahiatable (b.abt 1836), Catherine (b.abt 1839), Betsey (b.abt 1842), Sarah (b.abt 1845), In 1880 Daniel was listed as a widower living with daug. Mehiatable in Town of Lenox, husband Daniel is buried at Smith Ridge
Prosser Jacob 12/5/1840 ae 8y-7m, son of Abner & Sylvia Jacob's parents were Abner Prosser b. NY (1802-1873), Sylvia Spencer b. NY (1805-1883), they are buried in Smith Ridge Cemetery
Prosser Luther 12/10 1845 ae 1y-3m, son of Abner & Sylvia see info listed for brother Jacob
Spencer Amelia Alta 8/?/1856 ae 0y-6m-12d, daug. of Wm R. & Mary Spencer b. 1/11/1856, daug. of William Reuben Spencer (1827-1903) & Mary P. Gifford (1835-1893), grandaug. of Henry W Gifford (1804-1877) & Hannah A. Spencer (1806-1887) & granddaug. of Reuben Spencer (1779-1862) & Mercy Chapman (1779-1856), siblings: Seymour (b.abt 1853), Florence (b.abt 1857), & Scott (b.abt 1859), her parents & brother Seymour are buried in Smith Ridge Cemetery.
Spencer Amorette 9/12/1867 9/12/1867 18y-4m, daug of Jacob & Lois see info listed for parents
Spencer Dinah Chrisman Gifford 2/16/1853 ae 82y-4m b. 10/16/1770  prob CT, wife of Joseph Spencer (1778-1836)
Spencer Jacob H. 12/28/1873 ae 70y-11m b. 1/13/1802, NY, married Lois Blodgett 1/14/1802, children include: Collins M.(b.abt 1832), Loraine (b.abt 1833), Welcome O. (b.abt 1835), John Wesley (b.abt 1849), Cornelia E. (b.abt 1849)
Spencer John Wesley 11/12/1866 ae 23y-9m, son of Jacob, Civil War prob. Private 157th NY Infantry
Spencer Joseph 10/5/1836 ae 57y-10m b. 12/20/1778 Westbrook, Middlesex, CT, m. Dinah Chrisman Gifford ( or Dinah Christman)  
Spencer Lois Blodgett 1808 - 1892 wife of Jacob H. b. NY
Spencer Loraine 4/27/1864 ae 31y-1m-22d, daug of Jacob H. & Lois see info listed for parents
Spencer Mariette 9/28/1839 ae 0y-9m-16d, daug of Jacob & Lois see info listed for parents
Spencer Mercy Chapman 8/31/1856 ae 77y-5m, wife of Reuben b. 4/8/1779 Westbrook, Middlesex, CT, daug. of Lt. Lebbeus Chapman (1752-1833) & Sybille Kirtland (1758-1796), children include: Harriet (b.abt 1807), Deborah (1809-1899), Mercy (1811-1860), Thomas Hardy (b.abt 1813), Mary (1816-1882), Almira (1820-1824), Betsey (b.abt 1822), Betsey Almira (1825-1890), William Reuben (1827-1903)
Spencer Reuben 4/4/1862 ae 82y-9m b. 7/14/1779 Westbrook, Middlesex, CT, m. Mercy Chapman - 2/21/1807 in Westbrook, CT, son of Samuel Spencer (1740-1784) & Hannah (or Deborah) Spencer, Samuel had crossed Oneida Lake to Ft. Brewerton during the Fr & Indian War & planned to settle along the lake shore, but died of small pox before he could do so,  Reuben was a veteran of the War of 1812 having patrolled the coast of CT, he was Lakeport pioneer settling there abt 1815 along with Zina Bushnell & Wm Williams, in 1835 Reuben, Zina Bushnell, Merritt Kelsey, & Jacob H. Spencer established a saw mill on Spencer Creek, see names of Reuben's children listed with wife Mercy, In 1860 Reuben resided with his son Wm.R. 
Wright not legible n not legible mother of James Peter Wright probable connection with Gifford family - not known
*added by S.B. Wilsey 2008