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By Louis G. Quackenbush, County Director of War Loans.

Of Liberty Bonds and War Savings Stamps, Madison County has purchased well toward seven and one-half million dollars worth. This county in the five Loans subscribed the stupendous total of $6,889,900; and the county sales of War Savings Stamps for 1918 were $406,065,14; or a combined total of $7,395,965.14, without adding in the War Savings sales so far in 1919, complete official statistics on which are not available. 

I make bold to say that I do not believe there is a county of our population in New York state or in the whole nation, for that matter, that can beat Madison County's record.

The manner in which the men and women of this County--yes, and the boys and girls, too, for there are hundreds of Madison County school boys and school girls who own Liberty Bonds and thousands who own War Savings and Thrift Stamps--have responded to these campaigns is beyond all praise. During the war, there were not over 38,000 people in the County--for nearly 2,000 went into military service, and hundreds of others left the County temporarily to work in munition plants. The County cast only 11,978 votes at last fall's election; yet to one of the Loans (the Fourth) there were no less than 10,225 individual subscribers in the County. Taking all five Loans, I have not the least doubt that there are at 
least 18,000 persons in this County who own at least one Liberty Bond. And there are thousands upon thousands who were in on all five Loans and cheerfully went the very limit at their Country's call.

If high praise is to be accorded the purchasers, what is to be said of the
hundreds of workers, men and women, who have made up the Liberty Loan organization in this County? If it lay in my power, I would award every single one of them, from each town chairman down to the humblest canvasser, a medal of gold. Their services beyond all praise.

Space does not permit the giving here of detailed figures for the various towns, but the wonderful record of Cazenovia must be mentioned. Her combined quota for the five Loans was $612,900; and her total subscriptions $1,201,050; or an over-subscription of $588,150. Oneida's total for the five Loans was $3,051,700.

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