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Colgate University in the Great War

By Alfred E. Alton
The proportionate contribution of men made by Colgate University to the various branches of service in the army and navy during the war was not excelled by that of any other college or university in the United States. Of the 2,500 living alumni and the 640 students connected with the university when the United States entered the war, 868 men were in the service. Six hundred and sixty-one were in the army and 207 in the navy. Of these, 263 won commissions, and there were a large number of non-commissioned officers. Twenty-three Colgate men made the 
supreme sacrifice.

Within a week of the time the United States entered the war, President Elmer B. Bryan placed the university, with all its resources, at the disposal of the government. Lieutenant-Colonel James Ballentine. D.S.0., an officer in the Canadian army, who was invalided home after three years of service in France, was placed in charge of the military training on the campus. Under his excellent leadership instruction was carried forward which enabled many of the students to receive commissions later. From September to December, 1918, the students on the campus, about 400 in number, were mustered in the Students' Army Training Corps, under the command of Major L. B. Lawton, U.S.A., retired. Major Lawton 
won the Congressional Medal of Honor for service in Tiensin in 1900, when he was severely wounded. He had seen service in the Philippine campaign, 1899-1900. A graduate of West Point in 1893, and with a wide experience in the army behind him, Major Lawton made an efficient commanding officer of the Colgate Battalion. During this period the university was under the control of the government. The dormitories were turned into barracks and strict military discipline was maintained on the campus.
The service the men of the university rendered at the front may be sivualized best by the recital of the deeds of a few of those whose "service stars have turned to gold."

Among the Colgate man who held high rank in the army and navy were: 
B. F. Welton, Major, Co-ordination Sect., General Staff; P. L. Stackpole, Lt. Col., Field Artillery; T. D. Lucas, Major, Medical Corps; R. D. Newman, Major, Cavalry; R. S. Veedor, Major, Medical Corps; W. T. Acker, Major, Medical Corps; E. B. Simmons. Major, 317 Sanitary Train, 92nd Div.; W. C. Eaton, Commodore, U.S. Navy. 

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