Madison County's Honor Roll - World War I
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The Red Cross

Red Cross work in Madison county was carried on during the 
war with a vigor and efficiency which surprised even the 
most enthusiastic workers and reflected great credit and 
honor upon all who participated in the service or contributed 
to the cause. The women in every town were devoted, self-
sacrificing and alert to every demand for supplies, and a 
constant stream of articles for the soldiers was kept going 
to headquarters.

The Oneida Chapter was organized April 17, 1917, and 
maintained a strong working force until the spring of 
1919, with branches at Oneida Castle, Stockbridge, 
Munnsville, Madison, Solsville, Bouckville, Durhamville, 
Higginsville, Sylvan Beach and West Vienna. A total of 
93,755 articles was sent to Division Headquarters and 
5,956 were distributed locally. Besides these, there were 
65 cases of old clothing, weighing 11,195 pounds, sent 
abroad to refugees. A well organized Junior Red Cross 
composed of school children aided immensely in this great 

During the influenza epidemic the chapter and its branches 
also rendered invaluable service. The chapter was headed 
by J. M. Goldstein as chairman with Mrs. Merchant B. Hall 
in charge as first vice chairman.

Another Red Cross Chapter was maintained in the southern 
part of the county, with Hamilton, Morrisville, Cazenovia 
and other towns in its field, and it, too, did a noble 
work, sending to headquarters and abroad thousands of 
articles for the soldiers.

Canastota and Chittenango had branches connected with 
the Syracuse Chapter, and maintained most efficient 
organizations. That at Canastota made 69,257 articles 
for soldiers. 

Photo: Marjorie Shults, Chittenango, N.Y., 
Red Cross Motor Corps

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