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Records of the Town of Hanover, New Hampshire, 1761-1818

Hanover, March 8th, 1796:

Surveyr of Highways
... Sworn Chester Ingals ...

[151]Voted to Raise 120:0s:0 for the purpose of School-
ing Chose (Jonathan Freeman Esqr Joseph Curtis Samel Slade
Andrew Huntington Joseph Pineo Luther Ingals John Wood
Richard Lang Joseph Fellows.) as a Committee for the Several
Destricts and Collector of the same and the Several Comit-
tes are to lay out their proportion of money by the direction
of the Destrict to which they belong

Source: The records of the town of Hanover, New Hampshire, 1761-1818: the records of town meetings and of the selectmen, comprising all of the first volume of records and being volume 1 of the printed records of the town, Hanover, N.H.: The town, 1905, p. 146.



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