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Olin Rossell, husband of Irene Rena Ingalls.

The Oakland Tribune 26 Jun 1953

Battery 'Juice' Maker Wins Praise by Some of Users

WASHINGTON, June 26th -- (AP)-- A civilian battery expert, who works for the Navy today gave senators the strongest endorsement yet heard that AD-X2, the battery additive, lengthens the life of batteries.

The National Bureau of Standards has declared AD-X2 worthless if not actually harmful.

Olin Rossell, who said he is in charge of batteries at the Stockton, Calif., annex of the Oakland Naval Supply Depot, told the Senate Small Business Committee this story:

He was approached in 1948, by Jess M. Richie, AD-X2 manufacturer, and asked to try the battery "dope" which Richie claims doubles the life of lead-acid storage batteries under normal conditions.

"I was prejudiced against it at once," said Rossell. "Battery additives are dynamite, and I was scared of them."


Richie prevailed upon him, however. Rossell took an old battery "ready for the junk pile" and treated two of its three cells with the white powder, AD-X2, and put the battery in his old car.

For three weeks, he said, he expected each morning that his car would not start but "didn't have any trouble."

At the end of three weeks he got into his car, left the ignition off, turned the lights on "bright beam" and stepped on the starter.

"I held my foot down for thirteen and a half minutes," Rossell, an elderly balding man, exclaimed. "I was giving it the works." For the full thirteen and a half minutes, he testified, the engine kept turning over. He said witnesses were present for his experiment.

For the next 10 days, he said, he charged up the battery in the morning then ran it down to zero on discharge. He then examined the plates and found them undamaged.


Charles C. Piantadosi, transportation foreman at the Quonseta, R. I., Naval Air Station, told the committee, he, too had had good luck with AD-X2. He testified he had used it for a total of 300 treatments.

Irene C. Rossell and Olin Rossell:

1. California Death Index, 1940-1997

Social Security #: 557209345
Birth Date: 20 Aug 1883
Birthplace: MISSOURI
Death Date: 20 Apr 1974
Death Place: LOS ANGELES
Mother's Maiden Name:
Father's Surname:

2. Social Security Death Index

Name: Irene Rossell
SSN: 557-20-9345
Last Residence: 91773 San Dimas, Los Angeles, California, United States of America
Born: 20 Aug 1883
Died: Apr 1974
State (Year) SSN issued: California (Before 1951 )

3. World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Name: Olin Rossell
City: Not Stated (image shows Hebron)
County: Jackson
State: Colorado
Birth Date: 12 Jul 1883
Race: White
Roll: 1561832
DraftBoard: 0
Occupation: Ranch Work, Big Horn Land & Cattle Co.
Nearest Relative: Mrs. Irene Rossell (wife)
Color of Eyes/Hair:

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