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The Dark side by Sir David Andrew

UPDATE and corrections.  This is a new and improved edition.  If you liked the first publication of this article, then hang-on, I am about to take you for a real ride, almost full disclosure of things that you are not supposed to know.  Oops!  The Bush Empire is heading for a crash and hopefully it will burn. 
Darryl, you will have to, once again, forward this on to the groups, since I have no access.  Thank you!
You asked for names; well, here are some more.  If I have a bad accident or they try to arrest me again, you will know who and why.  By the time the sun comes up over 5000 people around the world will have received a copy of this.
Darryl, did you catch Shrub's speech on Monday?  He referred to this as the decade of "Liberty" (that is, the goddess Statute in the Harbor of Babylon), the "1776" and the birth of the "New Age".  These are Illuminati buzz words, anti-Christian.  Liberty, the Luciferian deity of the Illuminati. 1776 the birth of the Illuminati.  New Age is reference to the Masonic Religion of the Illuminati.  And, them I hear brain dead Evangelicals make claim that this demoniac is a "Born Again Christian'.  Wrong!  The Muslims have more fitting description, "The Great Satan".  The Holy Scripture say as if it were possible to deceive the very elect.  Well, Evangelicals are deceived, so is it possible that they AIN'T of the Elect?  Remember Shrub has an IQ of 92, so one should not expect him to be able to state anything of much intelligence.  He cannot even pass the entrance requires and exam to enter Yale, so you figure out he was able to receive a Degree from Yale.  Oh, I almost forgot MONEY talks!  However, shrubby is full of what walks!
Darryl, I did not receive any responses from anyone you sent the previous publication.  I suspect that the groups, with which you are sharing, are mainly brain dead Evangelicals, who are incapable of any independent thought or expression.  They are all sheep prepared for the slaughter.
If you thought that I, had rocked the boat previously, well, hang on prepare for a hurricane.  We are headed for some rough water.  I am sorry but this article is now 17 pages in length.  My additional comments appear in Bold Maroon Type.
Sir David-Andrew.
The exact contrary of what is generally believed is often the truth.
-- Jean de La Bruyére (1645-1696)
Interesting, very interesting!  Why 10 million Frenchmen couldn't have been wrong at the beginning of WWII, and of course 200 million AMERICANS can't be wrong, now.  Does anyone want to bet their life on that?
Just dumb sheople being lead to the slaughter.
Go back to the boob tube and do not bother reading this one, it might confuse you.  We are about to take a look at the men "behind the curtain".  Warning this is intended for adult consumption.
A look at the dark side of the oil men from Texas and the banksters from New York.

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Sent: Saturday, July 02, 2005 2:33 AM
Subject: RE: Are the Illuminati taking over the world? by Svali

Greetings Darryl:
You will have to forward this on to the groups since I have no access.
I know Cathy O'Brien and have met with her twice; and I also have personal first hand eye witness knowledge.  Cathy is the author of Trance Formation Of America (1995) < http://www.trance-formation.com/  > is one of the few mind controlled sex slaves, who has survived the terror of being owned by Papa Bush.  He normally keeps these slaves around until the age of 28 and then sells then on the Asian slave trade market or kills them.  If any have children while in his brothels, their baby or child is usually offered up as a sacrifice unto Moloch, unless he decides to keep the child around for another play thing.  If it is a baby, which they sacrifice then they usually drink the blood from its skull.  Skull and Bones member are upper ranking Illuminist, who enjoy practicing sodomy, drinking blood and killing babies and young women, especially, white women between the age of 12 and 21.  Papa Bush is one real dangerous and sick PUPPY!  If something happens to me, you the reader will know who and why.
Brice Taylor, author of Thanks For The Memories (1999), like Cathy, was "tortured, brainwashed and prostituted by the Illuminati," which "paints a disturbing picture of how the world is really run."  "Both say they were prostituted to world leaders as children."  Back in 1974 Congressmen were only paying five hundred dollars night for what ever sexual pleasure or fancy they wanted or desired.  Folks, these girls and young women were beautiful, well on second thought most were gorgeous.
Slick Willie likes three black women at the same time, as I reported back in 1995.  In November 1992, at his cabin in Mena, Arkansas, Bill spent the weekend alone with three black prostitutes celebrating winning the Presidency.  One of these women became pregnant and Bill has refused to pay child support.  This has made him a "dead beat dad", which is why he is unable to return to Arkansas.  When he left the Whitehouse there were 120 lawsuits filled by women in Arkansas against Bill Clinton.
I have known first hand, since in 1974, I saw several of these sex slave in Sebring, Florida.  They were available almost every Thursday night for any Congressman, Senator or other Government Officials, who could afford five hundred dollars.  Until I met Cathy O'Brien in 1995, I had no idea what it was that I had discovered or how big the operation really was.  I did not have the need to know; all that I knew was that my supervisor told me, the next day after I had reported my first findings, that I had found "a gold mine and to stay on it".  To my knowledge, I am the first one to ever investigate Bush's sex slave MK-Ultra operations.
From my investigation in 1974, I was able to discover that there were sex slave operations in Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Detroit, New York City, St. Louis, New Orleans, Raleigh, Dallas and Denver.  There were at least four or five other cities, but I just do not remember which ones.  It seems to me, however, that St. Paul, Rochester and Cleveland were among this list.  The mistake they made was each of these sex slave made flight booking arrangements through Rex Bond (a local mobster and politician) and his Ridge Travel Agency in Sebring.  I personally recorded two telephone conversations involving such bookings.
I AIN'T afraid of naming names.  Senator Bob Graham and Judge Mark Richardson, Judge Clifton Kelly, Sheriff O. L. Raulerson were all key players in MK-Ultra operations in Florida back in the 70's.  There were several Congressmen who were also involved.  All of those Congressmen are now dead, and Mark and Clifton are also dead.
A Elliot Hurst, Richardson's bookie and pimp, Natalie Holland, a white witch and activity organizer, who was a former multi-lingual college professor, and Dick Rieser, a warlock, kiddie porn producer, drug dealer, among other nasty occupations were involved.  All three worked in Richardson's MK-Ultra drug, gambling and whore house operation in Sebring, Florida across the street from Publics Super Market; however, when they discovered that I had them under surveillance they shutdown operations and re-opened two weeks later across the street from Harder Hall.  I was a better investigator then they gave me credit; though, I was a member of five man team, but this whore house detail was my baby because I found it thanks to Bob Graham and Dick Rieser, who lead me to it.
On Thursday nights, not only did these bureaucRats have the company of a beautiful young lady for the night, there was a gambling casino down stairs with high stakes gambling, where one could loose five hundred on the turn of a card.  Too, there were slot machines, black jack table, and roulette wheel.  Such gambling in Florida was illegal.  Plus there was plenty of cocaine and marijuana for their use, as well; courtesy of Mark Richardson and Bob Graham.  "Eat, drink and be marry for tomorrow you shall surely die."  The revelry sometimes would last into the weekend. This will be the first time that these demoniacs really know how far that I had penetrated their operations; well, almost know how far!
Bob, AIN'T going to say anything, since I hear that he has already received a care package with several interesting documents a year ago from an acquaintance of mine.  Hey, Bob it sure is getting hot out here; it is time for you to retire and go crawl under a rock.  Your sodomite buddies are not going to be pleased to learn that you are the one responsible for exposing MK-Ultra operations to a Federal Investigation.  Hum!  Interesting!
Tricky Dick, (Richard Milhouse Nixon, who I had dinner with in October 1968,) would not allow us to bust any public officials.  I have learned since that he was blackmailing most them.  I still remember the last words he said to me, the night we met, as he shook my hand saying goodbye, "Stick around we can USE a nice young man like you"; and that they did.
We put Holland, Hurst and Rieser away for two to three years in June or July along with a couple dozen other low lifers and scum bags.  Two weeks after Tricky Dick resigned from the Presidency we busted over a dozen of the whores and their handlers for possession of one to three kilos of cocaine at various airports across the country.  Project Search was a result of this Federal bust.  Hey, shrub do you still think that I am making this up, since I have given details that have NEVER been made public!  Oops!
Yep, you and all your Luciferian Masonic "fellow travelers" just go on and keep telling the world that I am crazy; however, it seems to me that this is the same tactic used by Hitler against his enemies, but then some his enemies claimed that he was crazy, too.  Isn't that interesting, very interesting, that when someone does not think like we do or the way we want them to think, then they must be crazy.  Strange when bureaucRats ask the local FBI Agent-In-Charge if he thinks that I am crazy, he laughs and then says "yep", pauses, smiles and then says "just like a fox"!  LOL!  Why, because he knows more about me then mother.  For any old timers, who have been there, down that, he and I have discussed a few time about being "about J. Edgar's business".  Oops!  Enough said, shrubs is too stupid to know what that is all about and the general public doesn't have the need to know.  Hey Ted, {Gunderson} you have been around long enough, so I suspect that you should know what I just said or almost said, if so, you just learned something that you did not know about me, either.
The Dope Dealers and Handlers in Sebring were working for drug smuggler Bob Graham, who worked for or with drug smuggler Jim Carter, who was in partnership with his drug smuggling cousin George Bush, who also is daddy rabbit of MK-Ultra according to Cathy O'Brien.  Daddy bush is the number one drug and munitions smuggler in all of North America.  If you do not work for him, you get busted.  PERIOD.  If you cross him, you get a bouquet of daisy.  Carter and Graham were working with  Manuel Noriega, a former smuggling partner of Papa Bush's, who got greedy in 1989 and wanted a bigger cut, so papa bush just cut him out of the deal, as they have now done to Saddam Hussein.
Papa Bush has been in the smuggling business since 1953; and he made a deal with the CIA in 1958 to share the profits.  He and his cousins, the Rockefellers made millions off the war in Viet Nam, Cambodia and Laos; which is what his son and Igor (Dick Chaney) are now doing in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I attempted to put Papa Bush away in February 1987, for smuggling 5 tons of Marijuana; however, over thirty federal Grand Jury Witnesses, who testified or were due to testify against him or Bob Graham, were all murdered.  Several Federal Agents were, also, murder.  One CIA Agent, Ed Cantrell, who I had personally known since 1970, was flying for Barry Seal, another CIA Agent.  Both he, his son and Seal were among those murdered.  I believe that Ed's son was flying the plane, a Super Continental, with 4 tons of Marijuana, which was busted at Graham's ranch home in Venus, Florida in October 1986 by Lt. James Poncier, my former supervisor at the Florida Fresh Water Fish And Game Commission.  Jim never told me, who the pilot was.  But, when I heard about key players having mysterious bad so-called accidents, things begin to smell mighty fishy.
Bob, tell me.  Did JFK, Jr.'s and Cantrell's planes come down by the same method?  Oops!  The Bush Crime Family and The Clintonistas' M.O. was written all over both.  How convenient!  Tell me, who had something to gain their deaths?  Hum, very interesting!  Bob, not all people out here are brain dead sheople.
Using an illegal wire tape, (I wonder who authorized such wire tapes.) I first caught Bob Graham on March 25, 1974, giving instruction to someone on how to find the drop point location to collect payment for a shipment of cocaine, which had just landed at the Sebring air field.  He was caught and busted with 3 tons of Marijuana at his Venus ranch home in July 1980; however, his ranch foreman was paid well to take the fall in Graham's place.  Hey Bob, in case you have forgotten there are still copies of that tape available.  Oops!
For the bust in October 1986, Lt. Poncier, a 17 year veteran Game Commissioner, was fired; I had been laid off by so-called budget cut several month early by the then Governor Bob Graham, though that still did stop Jim and I from working together.  Graham closed four State Game Management Areas, one man from one of the closed Game Management Areas had seniority and took he my position.  Graham now operates one of the closed Game Management Areas as his own private Hunting Preserve; though there was considerable among of  improvements made to its land and facilities at taxpayers expense.  He even built two runways on this land using taxpayers money before he left Office.  This Hunting Preserve is located in Glades County, just south of his Ranch in Venus, Florida.  Drug smuggling planes still come and go from these airfields unbothered by law enforcement.  Bob cares not how many children his dope has murder in this country every year.  Bob Graham is a cold blood murder.
Ten local pigs, including the chief of police, who were involved in Graham's drug smuggling and distribution were forced to resign (between December 1985 and March 1986) from their jobs, because Jim and I exposed them.  We had photographs of six of these pigs selling dope on the streets from their patrol cars.  The State Prosecutor (Joan Hughes, a known and open lesbian) refused to prosecute them.  She asked them to resign to save the community public embarrassment.  Joan absolutely despises me and has done everything that she could possibly do to have me put away for a long time.
Sheriff Joe Shepherd was caught three times, on video by a Florida Highway Patrolman, downloading cocaine to the trunk of his car.  He was subpoenaed to testify before a Federal Grand Jury in October 1988.  He was facing 10 years; he turned state evidence and was to testify against Bob Graham.  V.P. Bush tampered with the Federal Grand Jury and had Shepherd's testimony postponed until after the election; he was rescheduled to testify in November.  After winning the election, Bush again had Shepherd's testimony postponed until January 1989.  Shepherd was slipped a Mickey-Fin a few days before he was to testify and he died of a massive heart attack.  I personally called U.S. Prosecutor Robert Merkle to urge him to seek a court order for an autopsy.  He refused and there never was an autopsy, case closed.
Sheriff Joe Keene had been murder 20 years earlier by the same method and there was no autopsy in his case, either.  Sheriff Keene died within days seeking warrants for conspiracy to commit murder against two to five prominent local business man.  One of which has been named else where in this report and I believe the others are now all dead.  Joe Keene was the first honest Sheriff in south central Florida in nearly fifty years and I had the honor of assisting him in this investigation because of my personal relationship with the Families involved.  The actual assassin was hit himself and was found dead in the trunk of a car in Boston.  There is no honor among criminals; and there usually nothing personal, it is just business.
Seven articles appeared in The Spotlight in 1976, about Jim Carter and his involvement with Manuel Noriega in smuggling Cocaine, the "Panamanian Connect".  In 1989, Carlos Lahder, the Columbian Drug Lord and assassin, was sentenced in Federal District Court in Jacksonville, Florida, to life in prison plus 135 years without any chance of parole.  Bill Clinton pardon Carlos in 1995 on the condition that he would do a hit on Ron Goldman. [See verified Affidavits by Investigator Garth Wean  (Author of There's A FISH In The COURTHOUSE.) contained in the Los Angeles Sheriff Department Investigation Reports.] 
Garth died last August the same week I was hospitalized.  Garth was, also, a witness to the conspiracy and plot to murder John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Garth in verified Affidavit in February 2004, named George Bush, Sr., George Shultz and Casper Weinberger as co-conspirators.  There was an attempt on my life while I was at the hospital.
In 1986, Bob Graham (Dem), drug smugger, ran for U.S. Senate; and Bob Martinez (Rep) and Bill Padgett (Dem) ran for Governor.  Both Martinez and Padgett were, also, drug smugglers.  In Florida, Padgett was the drug lord or king pin in charge of smuggling north of Highway fifty and Graham was the drug lord or king pin in charge of smuggling south of Highway fifty.  Martinez worked with or for Graham.  Martinez became the first U.S. Drug Czar in 1989 under king George I, there had never been such an office prior to that.  Isn't it nice to know that a jackal is in charge of watching hen house?  Go to the polls and vote, vote for the dope dealer of your choice, but vote!  Suckers!  And, you wonder why they can't count the votes in Florida.  Hum!