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My stands at Lexington and Concord gave birth to this nation...
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.... I am the militia.
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I have undertaken all these things as lifetime obligations. My responsibility is inescapable, and my duty is unquestionable...
I believe that as long a there are free men and women, there will be a militia, and as long as there is a militia, there will be free men and women...
I am proud to call myself a militiaman.

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Obama Looking For Ways Around Congress On Gun Policy

“I’m here to be intensely trained,” Lee Brenner announced as he came through the door of a discreet building near Dupont Circle. The brick carriage house is usually the headquarters of the Mathematical Association of America, but for a few days in the middle of March, the left-wing organization Media Matters for America converted it into a partisan boot camp where rebel forces were trained for combat on Fox News. Over four grueling days, Harvard-honed instructors drilled a dozen softie policy wonks, molding them into an elite unit of smiling, succinct and well-coiffed talking heads.

Chinese scientists hope the country''s first group of genetically modified (GM) cloned piglets could help in the successful transplant of animal organs into humans.

One of the best-known broadcasters, the BBC World Service, has applied for a grant from the US State Department. The company says it needs the funding to develop anti-jamming technology, but some fear the US might use the deal to promote its agenda. Viewers of the BBC World Service might be surprised to learn that starting in May, the news they receive could be influenced by the US.

The International Monetary Fund has claimed that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi has stored 150 tons of gold worth four billion pounds at the Libyan central bank under the dictator’s direct control, enough to pay mercenaries for years.

The truth is that the financial system was never “fixed” after the crash of 2008.  If anything, it is more vulnerable today than it was back then.  Even as you read this, major imbalances are building up in the global financial system, and at some point a “tipping point” will be reached.

Once again, “claims” and “allegations” herald broader western meddling in the Middle East under the guise of the suspiciously ubiquitous “Arab Spring.” As the global corporate-financier oligarchy directs US, British, and French planes to bomb yet another Arab nation, their media tentacles are searching for sensationalism and sympathy in Syria to bolster destabilization efforts on the ground.

Purchases of new U.S. homes unexpectedly declined in February to the slowest pace on record and prices dropped to the lowest level since December 2003, adding to evidence the industry is floundering.

In its first trading since late January, the Egyptian market crashed. about 10%. That’s apparently limit down, so trading is already over.

When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction

Most Americans believe that we still live in a capitalist system and that free markets primarily determine the growth and development of our economy.  But is that really the case?  No, sadly it is not.  The truth is that the U.S. Federal Reserve does a tremendous amount of central economic planning.  So what makes the central economic planning that the Federal Reserve does different from the central economic planning that communist China does?

Winning The Hearts And Minds Already...

France Says New Non-Nato Body To Lead Action. France has proposed that a new political steering committee outside Nato be responsible for overseeing military operations over Libya. Allies in disarray...   No one wants to run operation...French PM: 'We are not at war'...

Portugal's government is on the verge of collapse after opposition parties withdrew their support for another round of austerity policies aimed at averting a financial bailout.

The United States is on a fiscal path towards insolvency and policymakers are at a "tipping point," a Federal Reserve official said on Tuesday.

Police say a San Antonio Taco Bell customer enraged that the seven burritos he ordered had gone up in price fired an air gun at an employee and later fired an assault rifle at officers before barricading himself into a hotel room.

China is tightening up its online censorship even more, the Times reports.

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II is an impressive aircraft: a fifth generation multirole fighter plane with stealth technology. It's also a symbol of everything that's wrong with defense spending in America.

Grassroots uprisings have gripped not just the Arab World as of late. Last December, around 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets of Minsk to challenge the manipulated presidential election that awarded long-time Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko another term in office with 80 percent of the vote. The Belarusian security apparatus struck back and effectively decapitated the opposition. Around 600 protesters were arrested as well as eight of the nine candidates who ran against Lukashenko. In a little over a month, the EU and the US had imposed travel restrictions and asset freezes on more than 150 members of the country's political elite.

The U.S. military has dispatched one of its secret propaganda planes to the skies around Libya. And that “Commando Solo” aircraft is telling Libyan ships to remain in port – or risk NATO retaliation. We know this, not because some Pentagon official said so, but because one Dutch radio geek is monitoring the airwaves for information about Operation Odyssey Dawn — and tweeting the surprisingly-detailed results. On Sunday alone, “Huub” has identified the tail numbers, call signs, and movements of dozens of NATO aircraft: Italian fighter jets, American tankers, British aerial spies, U.S. bombers, and the Commando Solo psyops plane

Tanks and other armored vehicles were deployed in Yemen’s capital, Sanna, today as a senior army commander defected to the side of demonstrators calling for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Dozens of Yemeni military officers followed the commander’s lead and publicly pledged their support for the protest movement.

The Libyan war has now begun. It pits a coalition of European powers plus the United States, a handful of Arab states and rebels in Libya against the Libyan government. The long-term goal, unspoken but well understood, is regime change — displacing the government of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and replacing it with a new regime built around the rebels.

Related: China, Bolivia Sign Bilateral Military Cooperation Protocol

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has slammed the UN resolution allowing military action on Libya as a "medieval call to crusade" and hit out at Washington for its readiness to resort to force.


Senior officials at Nato’s International Security Assistance Force in Kabul have compared the pictures published by the German news weekly Der Spiegel to the images of US soldiers abusing prisoners in Abu Ghraib in Iraq which sparked waves of anti-US protests around the world.

Global anxiety rose over radiation from Japan’s earthquake-damaged nuclear plant even as engineers had some success in the battle to avert disaster from the world’s worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl.

Following similar developments in neighboring Tunisia and Egypt, anti-government protests began in Libya on February 15. On March 19 the U.S., France and Britain delivered air and cruise missile attacks against targets in Libya: 112 Tomahawk missile strikes from U.S. and British submarines and warships in the Mediterranean Sea and attacks by French warplanes on what were identified as government military vehicles on the ground.

It also follows claims, denied by BP, that it lobbied for Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi's release.

PIMCO, the world's biggest bond fund, who recently announced it was dumping their U.S. Treasury holdings, now says it is buying foreign debt in 'Rising Star' nations.  Stating that the "pipeline of inflation is starting to hit globally," PIMCO said emerging markets can best weather the inflation storm.

In a crushing blow against the Fed and the banks that own it, in this case represented by the Clearing House Association, the Supreme Court rejected an industry appeal set forth by the CHA, that sought to keep critical bailout data from going public. The lawsuit was originally started by the great and late Mark Pittman, who tragically passed away around Thanksgiving 2009: we are confident we would be delighted to learn that his unprecedented act of suing the Fed in order to generate more transparency has finally succeeded.

2011 has already been the most memorable year in ages and we haven’t even reached April yet.  Revolutions have swept the Middle East, an unprecedented earthquake and tsunami have hit Japan, civil war has erupted in Libya, the price of oil has been soaring and the entire globe is teetering on the brink of economic collapse.  It seems like almost everything that can be shaken is being shaken.

Kristol and McCain brazenly admit “humanitarian mission” in Libya is about neo-colonial regime change

In a war the globalists dared not even debate domestically amongst their bankrupt, imploding societies, they are now oafishly extending their litany of verifiable lies, and unverified accusations over the combat phase of their meddling in Libya.

The World Health Organization said on Monday that the detection of radiation in food after an earthquake damaged a Japanese nuclear plant was a more serious problem than it had first expected.

The estimate from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office says that if Obama's February budget submission is enacted into law it would produce deficits totaling $9.5 trillion over 10 years — an average of almost $1 trillion a year.

The head of the Arab League has criticized international strikes on Libya, saying they caused civilian deaths.

"The F-18 issue did come up. President Rousseff raised it," White House aide Dan Restrepo told reporters in Rio de Janeiro, referring to the leaders' bilateral meeting in Brasilia on Saturday that kicked off Obama's five-day Latin American tour.

A new Mediterranean union could be a framework for a new moral vibrancy, informed by the same universal values that mobilised the young in Tunisia, Egypt, and beyond – freedom, individual responsibility and accountability, transparency, tolerance, solidarity with the weak and oppressed, justice, gender equality, and other fundamental human and democratic rights.

If it makes sense, as Paul Krugman and others argue, for Greece to ditch the euro, then Jerry Brown should think about it

CHENNAI: In private, New Delhi looks down its nose at the ability of its largest trading partner, the European Union, to coordinate on policy and conduct effective diplomacy, classified U.S. Embassy cables charting the progress of the strategic partnership, and accessed by The Hindu through WikiLeaks, shows. The cables, sent between 2004 and 2008 ( 22519, 40254, 82606, 130916, 171651: all confidential) showed reservations among policymakers at the level of the Ministry of External Affairs and in intellectual circles about cooperating on a strategy beyond economics. Instead, New Delhi preferred to negotiate with the big countries of Europe separately

Tens of thousands of anti-government demonstrators continued to gather in Taghyeer Square in Sana'a on Saturday, a day after President Ali Abdullah Saleh announced a nationwide state of emergency. This followed the bloodiest outbreak of violence since anti-government protests began.

The Burmese regime’s psychological warfare department is soon to launch a daily newspaper in what one analyst said could be a move to counter the growing influence of the internet. The launch of The Myawaddy, which will be headquartered in Naypyidaw, brings to four the number of state-run daily newspapers in Burma, all of which act as mouthpieces for the ruling junta. Political analyst Aung Naing Oo told DVB that the move was yet another attempt by the junta to counter the flow of independent media in Burma that has spread as more Burmese log on to the internet.

China has registered disapproval over Operation Odyssey Dawn, the military action launched by the U.S. and its European allies against targets in Libya:

What balls! What hubris! What hypocrisy! What happened to America?

The case was investigated by the FBI, Buncombe County Sheriff’s Department, and the U.S. Secret Service, in cooperation with and invaluable assistance of the United States Mint. The case was prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Jill Westmoreland Rose and Craig D. Randall, and the forfeiture trial is being prosecuted by Assistant United States Attorneys Tom Ascik and Ben Bain Creed.

MARCH 19, 2011
OBAMA: 'Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world'...

MARCH 19, 2003
BUSH: 'American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger'...

U.S., allies launch broadest international military effort since Iraq war...
Fire 112 Tomahawk missiles into Tripoli, Misrata...
LIVE: 'Operation Odyssey Dawn'...
Gadhafi to defend against 'colonial, crusader' aggression...
Pledges long war...
Deploys human shield at compound...
REPORT: Libya to arm 1 million people...

As the situation in Fukushima continues to deteriorate, radiation levels keep rising. Now the food and water near (and inside) Tokyo is becoming irradiated. Reuters reports that the water in Tokyo is now contaminated with radioactive iodine (http://www.reuters.com/article/2011…).

The Coast Guard is investigating reports of a potentially large oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico not far from the Deepwater Horizon site. According to a knowledgeable source, the slick was sighted by a helicopter pilot on Friday and is about 100 miles long. A fishing boat captain said he went through the slick yesterday and it was strong enough to make his eyes burn.

Pentagon: 112 cruise missiles launched from US and UK ships and subs, hitting 20 sites

President Barack Obama said he’s authorized U.S. armed forces to begin “limited” operations to enforce a no-fly zone over Libya, as U.S. and coalition ships and aircraft hit the North African nation’s air defenses.

U.S. Launches Cruise Missiles Against Qaddafi's Air Defenses
US begins assault against Libyan air defenses

The Pentagon says U.S. and British ships and submarines have launched the first phase of a missile assault on Libyan air defenses, firing 112 Tomahawk cruise missiles at more than 20 targets along the coast.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRK/A) has made about $3.7 billion, including paper profits, from its $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS) at the depths of the financial crisis in 2008.

Rebels Shoot Down Own Plane...
20 Warplanes Take to Skies, Open Fire...
US forces not involved 'at this point'...

Look past the puppets and above the globalists' stage.

The USS Bataan, a helicopter-carrying amphibious assault ship, and two other vessels were deployed ahead of schedule, the navy said after the UN Security Council approved action to stop Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi's offensive against rebels.

Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von NotHaus was convicted today on federal charges in Statesville. The case has local implications, because Asheville Liberty Dollar head Kevin Innes also faces trial. Innes has asserted that he is innocent of any wrongdoing, and sought local support.

One would think that after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Americans could at least catch a break for a while with deflationary forces keeping the cost of living relatively low. That’s not the case.

Radiation in milk and spinach has been found to exceed safe levels near the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

The extent to which Britain's military is to be drawn into another conflict was a matter of heated debate last night as jets were being deployed to the Mediterranean in preparation for possible air strikes against the Libyan regime.

That our politicians are unbearable hypocrites without borders is no secret. After all, Gaddafi himself was among Europe's best arms clients for a long time having to recycle billions of petrodollars into something tangible.

It  gives emergency financial managers broad authority to end employee union contracts, and to nullify elected boards and councils

Former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf said he believes Britain gave Pakistan “tacit approval” of its interrogation techniques on terror suspects.

The owner of a military supply company in Maine says he’s been inundated with orders from people in California buying gas masks and chemical suits.

After much debate, and many requests, we have decided to see how it works out.

The Media Side Show Continues....
And so does the tragedy pimping...

After the corporate owned media's failed attempt in February 2011 to portray the Libyan unrest as "unarmed protesters" being brutalized by Qaddafi, reports began trickling in of what was actually a full-scale rebellion with weapons coming across the border from Egypt. These reports are now confirmed, as large scale operations to supply the rebels with weapons have now been admitted by both the US and Egyptian governments.

It was rainy in the Middle East last summer. Like, super rainy, which is unusual for a desert. A company called Meteo Systems is boasting that they caused all that rain, using a secret weather control system based on technology first developed by Nikola Tesla in 1890.

In early March, the United States State Department made a statement that attracted surprisingly little attention worldwide, estimating that government-sponsored narcotic production in North Korea seemed to have decreased considerably. At the same time, the statement made clear that the private production of drugs was on the rise.

The US military is developing software that will let it secretly manipulate social media sites by using fake online personas to influence internet conversations and spread pro-American propaganda. A Californian corporation has been awarded a contract with United States Central Command (Centcom), which oversees US armed operations in the Middle East and Central Asia, to develop what is described as an "online persona management service" that will allow one US serviceman or woman to control up to 10 separate identities based all over the world.

Libya announces it accepts the UN resolution, encourages opening of all dialogue with all sides, according to Libyan Foreign Minister. Also, the country has agreed to an immediate ceasefire.

One would think that after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, Americans could at least catch a break for a while with deflationary forces keeping the cost of living relatively low. That’s not the case.

The Group of Seven will jointly intervene in the foreign exchange market for the first time in more than a decade after Japan’s currency soared, threatening its recovery from the March 11 earthquake.

The U.N. Security Council authorized a no-fly zone over Libya and called for Arab states and others to use "all necessary measures" to protect civilians from attacks by Moammar Gadhafi's forces.


US Fleet Commander Met Head of Bahrain Defense Forces Before Crackdown; Opposition Leaders Arrested

Radiation detectors at Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago O’Hare airports were triggered when passengers from flights that started in Tokyo passed through customs, the New York Post reported.

Feisty jury nullification activist Julian Heicklen, a 79-year-old former chemistry professor, is facing federal charges of jury tampering up in New York for the act of handing out pamphlets advocating the power and responsibility of juries to judge the law as well as the facts (that is, to acquit if they think a law is unjust even if they think a defendent violated that law). But his attempts to get arrested again for violating Judge Belvin Perry's ban on nullification pamphleteering near his courthouse in Orlando have so far failed. He's violated the order, but no one's arrested him.

In an interview posted on Al Jazeera, Nouriel Roubini Calls for "Marshal Plan" for Mideast. Please consider Global stakes of Mideast turmoil We don’t know yet whether political contagion in the Middle East will spread to other countries. The turmoil may yet be contained and recede, sending oil prices back to lower levels. But there is a serious chance that the uprisings will spread, destabilizing Bahrain, Algeria, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, and eventually even Saudi Arabia.

We have unwittingly become trapped in the snarled net of years of bad Public Policy. Like corporations that look no further than this quarter's results, our politicos never stop campaigning to start the tough task of ruling responsibly. A winning election simply represents 'rewards' and 'spoils' to all before quickly resuming the next campaign. Image has become reality! As a result the never ending political pandering has led to false expectations, undeliverable entitlements and false optimism in the electorate that rejects the immediate and obvious realities.

Two members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas' official security forces were arrested in conjunction with this past weekend's bloody massacre in which five family members were brutally stabbed to death inside their home in the Jewish village of Itamar, WND has learned.

The Obama administration has authorized the first evacuations of Americans out of Japan, and said it will charter aircraft to help U.S. citizens wishing to escape elevated radiation levels in the country.

On March 14 Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Cooperation Council partner the United Arab Emirates deployed 1,000 troops, 500 security personnel and armored troop carriers across the 25-mile King Fahd Causeway to Bahrain to shore up their fellow monarchy after a month of protests against the Al Khalifa dynasty.

Western Response to Japan

The endgame in Libya begins. The UN has agreed on a draft resolution to implement a no fly zone over Libya, which means the bombing may commence as soon as the vote passes later today.

A forecast by the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization shows how weather patterns this week might disperse radiation from a continuous source in Fukushima, Japan.

Wholesale prices jumped last month by the most in nearly two years due to higher energy costs and the steepest rise in food prices in 36 years. Excluding those volatile categories, inflation was tame.

An American CIA contractor detained on suspicion of murder was released on Wednesday after families of the two Pakistanis he killed were given “blood money” and the case was dropped, Pakistani officials said.

Foreign bankers are fleeing Tokyo as Japan's nuclear crisis worsens, scrambling for commercial and charter flights out of the country and into other major cities in the region.

"The problems we identified in 1975 were that, in doing the design of the containment, they did not take into account the dynamic loads that could be experienced with a loss of coolant," Bridenbaugh told ABC News in an interview. "The impact loads the containment would receive by this very rapid release of energy could tear the containment apart and create an uncontrolled release."

Globalist stooge ElBaradei is prying his way into the presidency.

The White House today proposed sweeping revisions to U.S. copyright law, including making "illegal streaming" of audio or video a federal felony and allowing FBI agents to wiretap suspected infringers.

There has been a lot of speculation about Japan’s ongoing, and ever widening Nuclear Reactor Disaster. Maybe to put your mind at ease, or to give some hope for those who might be effected by this event… We have put together some best and worst case scenarios, and in doing so hope to answer questions that the Media has either forgotten to address, or is outright avoiding.


New York Stock Exchange Invokes Rule To Speed Market's Open

NYSE Euronext (NYX) invoked "Rule 48" for its New York Stock Exchange and NYSE Amex cash markets half an hour before the market's open on Tuesday as the specter of a nuclear power crisis in Japan and heightened radiation risks sent global markets plunging. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures recently were down 227 points at 11699 in premarket trading.

A documentary filmmaker who has spent much of his career focusing on the Japanese nuclear industry says it has a long history of cover-ups.

Earthquakes of magnitude 6.1 and 6.2 strike areas south of Tokyo. As Japan holds it breath over radiation leaks at the Fukushima nuclear complex, the latest quakes raise fears about another nuclear facility. But the International Atomic Energy Agency says the Hamaoka plant is operating normally.

There were growing concerns over drug violence prior to the recent U.S.-Mexico summit, along with other issues which have been a source of friction between the two countries. Despite any perceived tension, both leaders showcased their bilateral partnership and vowed to enhance collaboration. They focused on immigration, along with economic issues and took steps to end the long-standing dispute over cross-border trucking. The leaders also agreed to further deepen their cooperation in combating drug cartels.

Prices for key technology components extended gains on Tuesday, as damage at Japanese plants and infrastructure caused by Friday’s devastating earthquake and tsunami threatens to disrupt the global manufacturing chain longer than many had expected.

The nuclear disaster in Fukushima makes it hard to ignore the vulnurabilities of the technology. It could spell the end of nuclear power, German commentators argue on Monday. The government in Berlin may now cave in to mounting pressure to suspend its 12-year extension of reactor lifetimes, they say.

There was growing panic in Japan today as a massive explosion and a fire at a nuclear power station destroyed by the tsunami spewed radiation into the atmosphere.

A parliament group has asked Bahrain's king to impose martial law after a month of unrest which has left the tiny Gulf nation sharply divided between minority Sunni Muslims backing the ruling system and Shiites demanding sweeping changes.

Asian shares tumbled Tuesday as Tokyo's stock benchmark plunged 11% on panic selling amid worries that a possible nuclear catastrophe in Japan would further complicate and endanger the nation's recovery from its worst earthquake on record.


Michigan bill would impose financial martial law

Michigan lawmakers are on the verge of approving a bill that would enable the governor to appoint "emergency managers" -- officials with unilateral power to make sweeping changes to cities facing financial troubles.


TSA Cooked The Books For Years On Costs, Federal Vs Private Screening

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a letter to Transportation Committee Chairman John L. Mica (R-FL) that confirms the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has used faulty data and withheld information when evaluating and comparing the costs of the all-federal screening model and an alternative federal-private screening program.


Japan's nightmare gets even WORSE: All THREE damaged nuclear reactors now in 'meltdown' at tsunami-hit power station

  • Fuel rods appear to be melting inside three over-heating reactors
  • Experts class development as 'partial meltdown'
  • Japan calls for U.S. help cooling the reactor

OperationLeakS has now released the first batch of Bank of America fraud documents.  What has been disseminated so far consists mostly of emails between the hacker group Anonymous and a former employee at Balboa Insurance Co. which was acquired by BofA with their acquisition of Countrywide.

The Federal Reserve's top policymakers meet Tuesday with an upbeat US economic outlook clouded by a devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and unrest in the Middle East.

A carbon tax battle has extended from political field onto the streets of Melbourne, Australia on Saturday. On Saturday, 400 protesters gathered with Liberal Victorian senators Mitch Fifield and Scott Ryan to protest against the price on carbon outside Prime Minister Julia Gillard's electorate office in Werribee, Victoria.

Inspired by last month's Egyptian uprising, young activists in Azerbaijan were calling for antigovernment demonstrations today -- and using Facebook to spread the word. Originally planned as a "virtual protest," in which supporters could express their solidarity with a simple click of the mouse, the March 11 movement has since morphed into calls for a flesh-and-blood demonstration of growing disenchantment with the country's autocratic regime. It is a move that has rattled Baku.

A Swedish company wants to make burials more eco-friendly, and they're doing it by freezing dead people in liquid nitrogen, shattering them into dust with focused sound waves, and then sucking all the leftover moisture out with a vacuum.

And just when oil was tapering off on hopes that the Middle East supply situation may actually normalize, we get this from The Guardian: “Saudi forces are preparing to intervene in neighbouring Bahrain,”

We have since learned that the extra 3 trillion will be use to buy government bonds. Hello QE, my old friend.

A former nuclear power plant designer has said Japan is facing an extremely grave crisis and called on the government to release more information, which he said was being suppressed. Masashi Goto told a news conference in Tokyo that one of the reactors at the Fukushima-Daiichi plant was “highly unstable”, and that if there was a meltdown the “consequences would be tremendous”. He said such an event might be very likely indeed. So far, the government has said a meltdown would not lead to a sizeable leak of radioactive materials.

Aerial photos taken over Japan have revealed the scale of devastation across dozens of suburbs and tens of thousands of homes and businesses.

Derry first entered the world of broadcasting when he and a friend established the Brownfield Network in 1972. In 1994 he established his own radio show, the Derry Brownfield Show. In 1997 Learfield Communications purchased the Brownfield Network but Derry remained on the air until 2008 when a dispute with major advertiser Monsanto resulted in cancelation of his show. Never one to give up, Derry continued broadcasting his show via webcast.

The Shinmoedake Volcano erupts in Southwestern Japan. While the Japan Tsunami / Earthquake clean up is underway, the Japan Volcano erupted, causing even more trouble.

It used to be that during times of perceived global crisis institutional investors rushed into the dollar as a safe haven. U.S. Treasury bonds were once considered as good as gold when uncertainty gripped the world. However, it now seems that the weight of fundamentals have finally surpassed prevailing perceptions where the dollar is no longer king of crisis investing.

The powerful earthquake that unleashed a devastating tsunami Friday appears to have moved the main island of Japan by 8 feet (2.4 meters) and shifted the Earth on its axis.

The Arab League has backed the idea of a no-fly zone over Libya, reports say, as rebels continue to be pushed back by Colonel Gaddafi’s forces.

European leaders reached agreement in the early hours of this morning on how to tackle the debt crisis afflicting the nations using the single currency, with significant concessions from Germany.

The U.S. government’s investigation into the collapse of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. has hit daunting hurdles that could result in no civil or criminal charges ever being filed against the company’s former executives, people familiar with the situation said.

A front-line in the battle against the "terronoia-take over.

$7.4 trillion in deposits backed by insolvent FDIC insurance fund. Bank of America and JP Morgan each have more than $2 trillion in assets each while 72 million Americans earn $25,000 a year or less.

In an interview with Mark Hibbs, a Berlin-based senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, a nonprofit think tank, Newsmax magazine asks – what happens next at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. The answer according to the nuclear expert, is that as Fukushima is now well on its way to a full core-melt nuclear accident, a worst case scenario could possibly lead to the same results last seen in 1986 Chernobyl.

It is hard to assess the full scope of the damage to Japan at this point, but virtually everyone agrees that much of northern Japan is a complete and total disaster area at this point.  Many towns have essentially been destroyed.  Some are estimating that the economic damage from this disaster will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  Others believe that the final total will be in the trillions of dollars.

A huge explosion has rocked a Japanese nuclear power plant damaged by Friday's devastating earthquake.


Japan Declares Nuclear Emergency After Devastating Earthquake

Ahead of a "day of rage" planned for Fri., wire reports said police opened fire on hundreds of protesters in the eastern part of the oil-rich kingdom. The gov't has banned all demonstrations. Yemen's president proposed giving more power to the legislature. Gulf oil-producing countries pledged $20 bil in spending for Oman and Bahrain.

Heartbreaking: While the death toll remains in the low hundreds right now (officially) it seems sure to spiral much higher.

Wire: 8.9 MAG CAUSES CHAOS...BBC LIVE...MAPS, DETAILS...REUTERS: UPDATE...KYODO WIRE...NHK...Tokyo Feared the 'Big One'...Tsunami-hit port a frightened ghost town...LATEST IN SWARM...SKY LIVE... VIDEO...PHOTOS...Huge whirlpool created...Thousands roam Tokyo streets...KYODO: Death toll expected to top 1,000...

US shamelessly admitting to funding Middle East revolutions.

The Obama administration may not be lending arms to dissidents in the Middle East, but it is offering aid in another critical way: helping them surf the Web anonymously as they seek to overthrow their governments.

Self-Sufficiency: a universal solution to the globalist problem.

To understand why Western powers are pushing so hard to launch military operations against Libya, why David Cameron backs Sarkozy calls for Libya air strikes, and why the US now says "NATO is the 'natural choice' for Libya intervention, you have to look at the failed Mediterranean Union.

In recent months we have seen the TSA search and harass 9 year old boys, disabled women, women with prosthetic breasts, attractive women, and just about anyone else that they have felt like harassing.

  • NATO to send more ships to Mediterranean and bolster arms embargo
  • Medics forced to flee hospitals before ferocity of attack as shelling intensifes
  • France is first country to recognise rebel forces as legitimate government

The Senate gave final approval Thursday to a bill taking the first step to recognize gold and silver as legal tender in the state.

David Simon, the creator and executive producer of HBO's The Wire, said the war on drugs had devolved into a war on the underclass after actress Felicia Pearson was arrested in Baltimore on drug charges.


Michigan Governor Seeks Emergency Powers

Heroin, the CIA in Afghanistan, 9/11 and the Mujahadeen

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has always been on the outside edge of politics.  His claim to fame was becoming a hero during the Mujahedeen resistance to the Soviets in the 1990′s.  His brother, Ahmed Wali Karzai, is also of particular interest regarding the heroin trade and the troop surge in Marja (Helmand Province).  Ahmad Wali is most likely the top drug lord of Afghanistan, if not the entire region and rules the trade routes with an iron fist under the guise of being a businessman.

Police in Saudi Arabia have fired on protesters and launched stun grenades at them in the Shiite-dominated city of Qatif, according to the Associated Press. The several hundred strong protestors were marching in the city’s streets. AP’s source said he saw at least one protestor get injured from police fire. The minority Shiite population, responsible for much of the unrest in Saudi Arabia lately, alleges discrimination against them on the part of the Sunni government. Saudi government officials have maintained that protests are illegal. An earlier report from AP said the police opened fired after the government warned it won’t tolerate protests.

Large banks, emboldened by recent comments from regulators, are stepping up efforts to delay or amend new limits on debit-card fees that would cost them billions of dollars in lost income.

The United States would see it as preferable that any military intervention in Libya were conducted under a NATO banner, a senior US official said Wednesday. "The US believes that NATO is the natural choice for any military action," the official said on the eve of talks between defence ministers from the 28-state alliance in Brussels on Thursday. In Paris, though, a French diplomatic source insisted that "alongside Britain, we are working on what could be done without NATO. The sight of the NATO flag (in Libya) would be provocative."

Dr. Peter Warren Singer, author, senior fellow and director of the 21st Century Defense Initiative at the Brookings Institution, speaks on the science fiction and science reality of war in the 21st century. The event kicked off the Office of Naval Research’s Directorate of Innovation Winter 2010-2011 Distinguished Lecture Series.

CNSNews.com asked Sebelius: “If Florida District Judge Vinson lifts his stay on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, will you and the administration obey the judge’s ruling and cease and desist implementing all aspects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?”

This one is shaping up pretty much the way we predicted.  Ireland’s Fine Gael party enticed voters a couple of weeks ago with their tough talk about giving haircuts to bank bondholders and renegotiating Ireland’s IMF “bailout,” but before they’ve even taken power, the new Fine Gael-Labor coalition government has already capitualted to the IMF and European banksters.  In spite of all the pre-election talk, the new government plans to follow the original bailout and austerity plans with hardly any modification whatsoever.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicated on Thursday she was planning to meet Libyan opposition leaders during an upcoming visit to the Mideast, amid a global debate as to the ways in which the international community should intervene in what has fast become a full-on civil war in the north-African country.

"I have critically high levels of chemicals in my body," 33-year-old Steven Aguinaga of Hazlehurst, Mississippi told Al Jazeera. "Yesterday I went to see another doctor to get my blood test results and the nurse said she didn't know how I even got there." Aguinaga and his close friend Merrick Vallian went swimming at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in July 2010.

Editor's Note: I live a stone's throw away from FWB, Florida and the local media and mainstream media have ignored the sufferings of these people ever since Obama's team gave BP a pass. Parents allowed their children to swim in a deadly cocktail of heavy metals and petroleum. When people become sick they may not know the cause of their illness. Oh yes, it was a 'conspiracy' that people were getting ill on the gulf coast last year and now it is a reality. --Michael Vail

France is the first country to formally recognise the legitimacy of Libya's rebel National Transitional Council and will open an embassy in Benghazi, the government announced after meeting with NTC representatives in Paris Thursday.


This spring, the United Arab Emirates is expected to close a deal for $7 billion dollars’ worth of American arms. Nearly half of the cash will be spent on Patriot missiles, which cost as much as $5.9 million apiece.

Military personnel opened fire on Tuesday night and used what was originally assumed to be tear gas to disperse a group of demonstrators who were trying to bring additional tents into the protest area outside Sanaa University.

James O’Keefe the character who has generated a great deal of media attention for secretly recording compromising audio and video of people affiliated with so-called left leaning organizations has had close historical ties to the Council for National Policy linked Leadership Institute.

Pimco's Total Return Fund, the world's biggest bond fund, has dumped all U.S. government-related securities, including U.S. Treasurys and agency debt.


Bank of America says nearly half its mortgages are 'bad'

Bank of America Corp. is segregating almost half its 13.9 million mortgages into a “bad” bank comprised of its riskiest and worst-performing “legacy” loans, Bloomberg News reported, citing Terry Laughlin, who is running the new unit.

"Which Path to Persia?" was a Brookings Institute report written in 2009 describing in excruciating detail the Anglo-Americans' designs against Iran. It included plans for provoking war with Iran, arming and supporting terrorists within Iran, and the funding and organizing of a color revolution, all within the admitted backdrop, not of protecting the continental United States from a dangerous Iran, but rather protecting American hegemony in the Middle East. And of course, the overthrow and reformation of Iran serves to further isolate Russia and China and reassert Anglo-American unipolar global hegemony.

This is a hilarious speech from Jesse Jackson Jr., he says how the government should just declare an endless stream of products and services "rights" and somehow that would automatically create tons of jobs and solve our unemployment problems. Who is going to pay for all his socialist schemes is left out, apparently he thinks the government creates its own wealth.

The 33rd parallel is a ring of fire…. always has been, since antiquity.

WASHINGTON — Donald Rumsfeld has resurrected a bizarre gift from Saddam Hussein: a video that purports to show female Syrian soldiers biting the heads off snakes, and a male comrade stabbing a puppy to death.

In an aggressive bid to entice prospective “sex tourists,” the Department of Homeland Security last year launched an undercover web site that purported to arrange trips from the U.S. to Canada, where clients could engage in sexual activity with minors, The Smoking Gun has learned.

In response to growing complaints from residents in areas drawing excessive visitors and parked cars, the city of Berkeley will implement a pilot Residential Parking program to increase the rate of turnover parking in the North Willard and Bateman neighborhoods within the next few months.

America’s most in-demand police vehicle is a ten-officer 16,000-pound armored tank that takes bullets like Superman and drives 80 mph. The federal government buys dozens each year for local police departments. Do America’s local police need tanks?

Yes, the "little guy" is being absolutely crushed in America today.  But for people like Michael Moore the solution is always to tax the middle class more and to pass out even more government handouts.

Britain and France, in close consultation with the U.S. and Germany (collectively the NATO Quad), are jointly writing a draft resolution for a no-fly zone over Libya to be presented to the Security Council. If the resolution is supported by nine or more of the fifteen nations on the Security Council and if permanent members China and Russia don't veto it, the stage will be set for a series of further military actions by the U.S. and NATO against Libya, which will be presented by the West as UN-sanctioned, in a manner alarmingly evocative of the process used to prepare the attack on Iraq in 2003.

Foundations, Depopulation & the Taxpayer

Internet user arrested for linking to other websites.

When China launched threatening war games off Taiwan 15 years ago on the eve of an election on the self-governing island, the U.S. deployed two aircraft carriers, and China quickly backed down.

Britain is studying plans to take billions of dollars of Libyan oil revenues away from Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's regime and place them under the control of the United Nations.

President Obama signed an executive order Monday that will create a formal system of indefinite detention for those held at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, who continue to pose a significant threat to national security. The administration also said it will start new military commission trials for detainees there.


Homeland Security Blows Millions On Un-Constitutional Mobile Scanners: Courtesy Of Michael Chertoff

Most policy makers still don’t understand the urgent need to restore trust in our financial system, or the need to prosecute Wall Street executives for fraud and other criminal wrongdoing.

The price of oil is shaping up to be the number one economic story of 2011, and right now the eyes of the investing world are closely watching the developing situation in Saudi Arabia.  All of the other recent Middle East revolutions have been organized on the Internet, and now all over Facebook and Twitter there are calls for a “Day of Rage” in Saudi Arabia on March 11. 


Beyond Libya: Upheaval in Saudi Arabia Threatens to Send Oil Prices to New Highs

Over the last two weeks the groundswell of protests that gave way to near civil war in Libya have kept oil prices on the rise, sending the price of crude past the $100 mark. As the violence in Libya continues to escalate, another scenario that has yet to play out threatens to send oil prices even higher: political instability in Saudi Arabia.

The US and NATO are supporting an armed insurrection in Eastern Libya, with a view to justifying a "humanitarian intervention".

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been exhaustively in front of cameras promoting the right for people to protest in Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, and Libya.  She's been touting freedom to use social networking sites as a way for Arab people to organize against their oppressive regimes.  Now, the Administration is even considering arming the opposition in Libya.

The secretive world of international arms sales just became a little less secret thanks to a special report by Reuters. After an in-depth review of last year's leaked State Department cables, the wire service has uncovered several strange and unsettling dealings between military contractors and foreign governments, with U.S. diplomats obseqiously paving the way.

Facebook is reportedly moving forward with plans to provide third-party developers and external websites with access to the home addresses and cellphone numbers of its members. The social networking site originally announced the feature in its Developer Blog in January only to incur serious public outcry over security concerns. Within three days of the announcement, Facebook suspended the feature until the hype died down, only to reintroduce it today.

Vallejo, a city about 25 miles north of San Francisco, offers a sneak preview of what could be the latest version of economic disaster. When the foreclosure wave hit, local tax revenue evaporated. The city managers couldn’t make their budget and eliminated financing for the local museum, the symphony and the senior center. The city begged the public-employee unions for pay cuts — all to no avail. In May 2008, Vallejo filed for bankruptcy. The filing drew little national attention; most people were too busy watching banks fail to worry about cities.

An editorial posted on more than 300 Chinese news sites accuses Google of promoting American hegemony, comparing its role with that of the East India Company in extending Britain’s Imperial reach. China Media Project


As many as 160 prisoners were injected with live cancer cells…’


Chesapeake Operating Inc. and Clarita Operating LLC both said before a hearing Friday in Little Rock by the state Oil and Gas Commission that they will comply with an emergency request to stop injections of used natural-gas drilling fluid in the two wells in Faulkner County.

The World Bank/IMF is owned and controlled by NM Rothschild & Sons plus 30 to 40 of the wealthiest people in the world. For over 150 years they have planned to take over the planet through money. The former chief economist of the World Bank, Joe Stiglitz, was fired in 2000. He pointed out to top executives that every country the IMF/World Bank forced their way into ended up with a crashed economy, a destroyed government, and some even broke out in riots. Former President of the World Bank/IMF Sir James Wolfensohn, would not comment on his dismissal.

Google cranks up the Consensus Engine. Manufacturing isn't dead - it just went to Mountain View

The bank has instructed Wall Street law firm Chadbourne & Parke to pursue blogger Mike Morgan, warning him in a recent cease-and-desist letter that he may face legal action if he does not close down his website.

You can tell when a Ponzi scheme is approaching its collapse by the number of increased smoke and mirrors needed to cover up the counterfeit foundation of the scheme.

Video obtained by FOIA to NIST by an anonymous person who directed it be sent to Cryptome.

Japan's health ministry has halted the use of vaccines made by Pfizer Inc and Sanofi-Aventis SA to prevent meningitis and pneumonia following the deaths of four children.

Are your preferences, thoughts and beliefs solely your own or are we obedient and compliant automatons who have adopted certain sub routines due to our social constructs? Be honest, do you go along to get along and imitate others for the approval of your peers? Do you dress alike, speak the same lingo and feel comfortable although you have no identity. We will be hacking at the root of our real problems, so brace yourself.

New Zealand-based research organization AgResearch has abandoned its 13-year animal cloning research program after it proved to be an abysmal failure. A company report states that "only 10 percent of the cloned animals survived through the research trials," and it also admits that the animals underwent "unnecessary suffering" in the process.

If oil prices continue to climb, it could force the Federal Reserve to make a new round of asset purchases, according to Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart.

America's secret plan to arm Libya's rebels

The Ministry of Defence and the Foreign Office have neither confirmed or denied the report but Defence Secretary Liam Fox has confirmed that a “small diplomatic team” is in Benghazi to talk to Libyan rebels.

Johnny Knoxville made a trip to Detroit, MI to find the positives in the city. Since most mainstream media sources love to pick out blighted areas and condemn the city as crime-ridden and dangerous, he felt there was another side to the story that was being overlooked.

Saudi Arabia’s Interior Ministry said that demonstrations, marches and sit-ins are “strictly” prohibited under the kingdom’s laws, the Saudi Press Agency said, citing an unidentified official at the Interior Ministry

A second mysterious, robotic space plane was launched into orbit by the U.S. Air Force today, after the first craft safely returned to Earth late last year following a secretive months-long mission and speculation about its potential military or intelligence uses.

The Federal Reserve tells us we need inflation to overcome the overhang created by debt and its inflationary aspects. The inflation does not create jobs – it just distorts prices upward. We are told by the head of the Fed, Mr. Bernanke, that he can end inflation when he thinks it is necessary. That is not true, because if inflation ends deflation takes command and the economy collapses.

The man who allegedly tried to run down an El Paso police officer on Thursday reportedly infiltrated terror cells for the FBI and had claimed on a national television interview that the 9/11 terror attacks could have been prevented.

In addition, 600 soldiers of the Black Watch are on 24-hour standby to fly in and avert a humanitarian catastrophe as Libya erupted into a new wave of bloodshed.

According to a report published by The Sunday Times, the unexpected presence of a British special forces unit along with the diplomat "angered Libyan opposition figures, who ordered the soldiers to be locked up on a military base."

During the crisis, the European Central Bank began buying up bonds from debt-ridden countries like Greece. Now the bank wants to transfer responsibility for those securities to the EU's euro rescue fund. Meanwhile, the parliamentary group of German Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives have issued a resolution opposing such bond purchases.

The World Bank is in "desperate" need of reform, which should include ending the arrangement under which its president always comes from the US, a parliamentary report has said. The House of Commons International Development Committee said it was time to end the 65-year-old "gentlemen's agreement" which reserves the top job at the World Bank for an American and the managing directorship of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a European.

A formal agreement guaranteeing that NATO and Russian missile defense systems are not directed against each other is the key to cooperation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday. "It is not intentions but capabilities that count," he said in an interview with Ekho Moskvy radio.

The European Union (EU) is to provide a $20.7 million grant to ASEAN to support its members to form a single market by 2015 The newly established cooperation called ASEAN-EU Economic Integration Support Program (AEISP) was announced here during a seminar themed "ASEAN and the EU : Twenty Years from Now, Two Integrated Markets".

According to the EU Commisison paper circulated within the European Parliament, the Commissioner for Trade only intends to regulate products that are directly derived from the cloned animals. But these products only have a very small market volume. The food products that are derived from their offspring have a much greater impact on markets.

There is very little question that what is happening in the Middle East is part of a large de-stabilization effort engineered by the globalists to steer various revolutions and opposition movements into a situation that is favorable to them.

"As you know, the history of financial crises is largely a history of banks and real estate together. And the government ultimately is there. It's just behind the banks with this implicit support that they don't charge for. It still leaves the taxpayer expected...I mean, exposed to loss."

The United States and its military allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization have entered the third month of war in Afghanistan this year, which President Barack Obama in December of 2009 announced as the year in which American and other foreign occupation forces would be reduced preparatory to their full withdrawal.

Deeper down the rabbit hole of US-backed color revolutions.

In a nutshell, the author of the report claims that Islamists, the Russians, the Chinese, or even Osama Bin Laden himself, may have been responsible for the financial crisis and economic collapse of 2008-2009.  No evidence is offered, of course, but how do we know for sure?!  If we don't have proof the terrorists didn't do it, then maybe they did, right?

For those unfamiliar with the sustainable development agenda, this might not seem like much, but it is huge. If you have been following my recent series on the subject, you will know that local Sustainability offices, under the auspices of the ICLEI’s Local Governments for Sustainability, are the tiny, visible tip of the monstrous Agenda 21 sustainable development iceberg, the ultimate goal of which is to transform American society from the bottom up into a socialist ward of UN global governance. As of today, there are approximately 600 local governments in the US who have signed on to this Trojan Horse.

We have WON every time they have attempted this in Texas. The TX and US Supreme CT has ruled the practice of road checkpoints unconstitutional, but that hasn’t stopped the Locals and the Feds from trying over, and over, and over again.

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) today, as anticipated, exercised its ‘emergency scheduling authority’ to criminally prohibit the possession and sale of chemical agents contained in so-called ‘fake’ herbal marijuana products, commonly sold over the counter under the brand names ‘K2’ and ‘Spice.’ The agency had initially announced its intent to outlaw the chemicals last November.

A German computer security expert said Thursday he believes the United States and Israel's Mossad unleashed the malicious Stuxnet worm on Iran's nuclear program.

The same western leaders who happily armed and did business with the Gaddafi regime until a fortnight ago have now slapped sanctions on the discarded autocrat and blithely referred him to the international criminal court the United States won’t recognise.

What if you went to a restaurant and found it rather pricey? Still, you ordered your meal and, when done, picked up the check only to discover that it was almost twice the menu price.

An academic, entertainers and a member of the board of a Libyan charity are among the high-profile beneficiaries of Libyan hospitality who have distanced themselves from the oil-rich government and its leaders in recent days.

"The legislation, which has 12 co-sponsors, would let Utahans pay their taxes with gold and also calls for a committee to study alternative currencies for the state. It would also exempt the sale of gold from the state capital gains tax.

Did anyone out there anticipate that 2011 would be such a wild year?  The year is barely over two months old and we have already seen multiple civil wars erupt, rumors of more wars all over the mainstream media (potentially even including the United States), riots and revolutions breaking out all over the globe, oil prices soaring into the stratosphere and chaos on global financial markets. 


House Republicans attempt to revive Real ID

If you're a resident of one of at least 24 states including Arizona, Georgia, and Washington, your driver's license may no longer be valid for boarding an airplane or entering federal buildings as of May 11, 2011.

In a statement on its website www.pbc.gov.cn, the central bank said it would respond to overseas demand for the yuan to be used as a reserve currency.

The Defense Department has claimed it took the unprecedented step of forcing all "war on terror" detainees sent to Guantanamo in 2002 to take a high dosage of a controversial anti-malarial drug known to have severe side effects because the government was concerned the disease could be reintroduced into Cuba by detainees arriving from malaria-endemic countries Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday ordered the removal from the market of more than 500 prescription drugs used to treat colds, coughs and allergies because the medications had never gone through a federal review of their safety and effectiveness.

On the afternoon of September 23, 2008, in the midst of some of the darkest days in American financial history, a handful of people dialled into a conference call and learned a piece of good news. Legendary investor Warren Buffett was about to invest billions in Goldman Sachs Group Inc., a move sure to hearten markets gripped by panic.

A new Rolling Stone Magazine article written about talk show host Alex Jones set to be published this month reveals how he has been heavily influenced by the John Birch Society.

The single most astonishing fact about foreign exchange is not the high volume of transactions, as incredible as that growth has been. Nor is it the volatility of currency rates, as wild as the markets are these days.

The U.S. Central Command says its new “Persona” social media "infiltration" software is designed to cozy up to extremist bloggers overseas, not law-abiding Americans chatting on Facebook or similar sites.

And everything Old World.

I heard a recent talk by Richard Wolff – Professor of Economics Emeritus at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst (PhD in Economics from Yale) – where Wolff said that 97% of all U.S. mortgages are either written or guaranteed by the government.

Giving Transportation Security Administration agents a peek under your clothes may soon be a practice that goes well beyond airport checkpoints. Newly uncovered documents show that as early as 2006, the Department of Homeland Security has been planning pilot programs to deploy mobile scanning units that can be set up at public events and in train stations, along with mobile x-ray vans capable of scanning pedestrians on city streets.


US Supreme Court rules against corporate privacy

The US Supreme Court Monday ruled that corporations do not enjoy the same rights to privacy as individuals, rejecting claims by AT&T that it should not have to disclose some emails and other documents.

Also Tuesday, the U.S. ordered two warships and 1200 Marines to the waters off of Libya, but a top Obama administration official stopped short of saying the forces would intervene in the clashes that have consumed the country following anti-Gadhafi protests here in recent weeks.

The Russian military claims that the supposed air strikes launched by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi against protesters last week did not happen, suggesting that the key event seized upon by the global media as a justification for a “humanitarian” military intervention was a contrived hoax.

Ten days ago, when we first looked at the Libyan investment authority (its sovereign wealth fund), we asked “Which US Banks Are Managing Billions For The $32 Billion Libyan Sovereign Wealth Fund?”

Crude Oil Climbs From One-Week Low as Iran Protests Add to Supply Concern


Surveillance Blimp Launches In Utah

Attempting a police omniscience seen in only about 20 U.S. cities, the Ogden Police Department is gearing up for a "real time crime center" to be operational soon after its Crime Blimp launches.

Taser International Inc., best known for producing stun guns used by police, is now trying a pain-free way to make drivers pay attention to the road. Its newest device attacks distracted driving by blocking wireless signals inside a vehicle once a driver turns on the ignition.

Reposted now that the blame is being shifted towards the enemies of the U.S.A.

Russia and China have expressed misgivings about military action against the Libyan regime, and are opposing the establishment of no-fly zones over the strife-torn north African country.

Now this is getting ridiculous!

US Special Forces have reportedly landed in Libya to train anti-Gaddafi rebels as a western-backed coup d’état in the oil-rich nation nears, with British and French “defense advisors” also arriving to set up training bases in the rebel-controlled eastern region of the country.

US and South Korean troops on Monday launched major annual land, sea and air exercises, amid North Korean threats to turn Seoul into a "sea of flames" in the event of any provocation

Perhaps you thought the four-legged BigDog robot wasn’t eerily lifelike enough. That’ll change soon. BigDog’s makers are working on a new quadruped that moves faster than any human and is agile enough to “chase and evade.”

Lt. Luke Davis, Lt.. Emmanuel Riopelle and Monroe County resident Lawrence Dusseau face dozens of charges. Davis headed the undercover narcotics unit that operated out of a non-descript house in Monroe County. The indictment alleges he and the others sold off drugs and confiscated goods for their own profit.

China's holdings of US bonds reached $1.16 trillion at the end of December, almost $270 billion more than previously estimated, new data showed Monday.

Naval and air forces close in on Libya

Regardless of what we believe about the man-made global warming theory, it certainly appears that the establishment's fix fits their problem-reaction-solution model of social engineering where many proposed solutions distort humanity's moral compass.  Below are 5 proposals to combat global warming that should make all environmentalists and humanitarians cringe with embarrassment for supporting them:

Pictures have emerged providing the shocking proof that U.S. government doctors once experimented on disabled American citizens and prison inmates.

African mercenaries hired by the Gaddafi regime to kill Libyan protesters would be immune from prosecution for war crimes due to a clause in this weekend's UN resolution that was demanded by the United States.

Artillery ranges and tank maneuvers on fragile grasslands. Depopulated farm towns, suitable for urban warfare exercises for thousands of troops. A military installation the size of Massachusetts, sprawling across southern Colorado from Trinidad to the Kansas border. If you're going to plan, plan big. And the U.S. Army's plans for expansion of its Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site have an audacity that's hard to beat.

Ever since Greece plunged into a sovereign debt crisis in 2009, investors have focused on which European country might be next. According to Capital Economics, a research firm in London, however, the next trouble spot could be Venezuela. "There is a growing risk that the government will default on its obligations in 2012,"its analysts wrote on Feb. 17. Some in the markets have taken fright, too: the country’ credit default swaps imply a 50 per cent chance of default by 2015.

Yields on debt securities are rising for a fourth month as prices fall, the longest stretch since June 2008, according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch's Global Broad Market Index, which tracks the performance of more than 19,000 securities valued at about $39 trillion. While the highest-rated debt, from U.S. Treasuries toMicrosoft Corp. debentures, are falling, the riskiest company notes are returning the most in eight years.

A scientist died after becoming the first American researcher to contract the plague in 50 years, it has been revealed.

Even a regional nuclear war could spark "unprecedented" global cooling and reduce rainfall for years, according to U.S. government computer models.

Bill Gates is filthy stinking rich. But, did you know that he likes to use his vast fortune to influence media coverage and public opinion? The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is well recognized for their fight against global disease. According to The Seattle Times they have also been funding several news reports as well. They also say that the giant philanthropy organization has become a force in journalism.

Have you ever heard of mob robberies? What happens is that dozens of young people storm a store at the same time, take whatever they want, and then storm out as powerless store clerks watch helplessly. Most of the time these "mob robbers" end up getting caught, but unfortunately "group crime" is a trend that is rising.

Solution to the debt crisis?

The United States intelligence concluded that should Saakashvili decide to take the position of Prime Minister, he would not face any constitutional hurdle. In other words, the constitution hastily adopted last summer, is working fine. Apparently, the year of 2015 did not sound in several quotes of the Presidential report accidentally. It must be the year by which Saakashvili postponed the deadline for the completion of national revival and ripening of the moment for the EU to beg us join the union.

China may soon call time on Western quantitative easing. More worryingly, the language she is using is far from friendly. In a report issued last month, the Dagong Global Credit Rating Company praises "emerging creditor countries" for preventing the collapse of "debtor economies" during the recent crisis, but stresses the "vulnerable position" of America, whose "excess issuance" of dollars has triggered a "global credit war" that "arouses all the countries in the world to take various credit resources as a financial weapon to safeguard the national interests."

Kenyan mercenaries are among foreign soldiers helping the besieged Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi fight off an uprising. This was confirmed on Thursday by Col Gaddafi's former Chief of Protocol Nouri Al Misrahi in an interview with the Al Jazeera broadcasting network. Mr Misrahi was detailing how Gaddafi had resorted to using mercenaries against his own people after losing control of the Libyan armed forces. When asked where the mercenaries came from and how they were recruited, the first country he mentioned was Kenya. Other countries he listed are Chad, Niger and Mali.

A new level of invasive screening is scheduled for airports this summer:  a portable DNA scanner to conduct on-site, real-time genetic testing.

Today in Austin TX – Activists were successful in buying TRUNKS full of usable firearms that would have otherwise been destroyed (or ended up in the hands of “terrorists” – as we have seen before how cops confiscate guns and resell them to cartels…)

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff took time today during his whirlwind trip through the Middle East to visit with troops of Combined Joint Task Force Horn of Africa, whose full-time focus here is on maintaining stability and preventing conflict. Navy Adm. Mike Mullen’s visit here was part of a week-long, six-country trip aimed at reassuring U.S. allies and hearing their views of the unfolding events surrounding unrest in the region.

George Soros -- whom we're always told is not serving his own economic interests at all by promoting liberal politicians and big-government policies -- is launching a new investment fund that plans to profit off of the "green energy" boom, which is entirely dependent on government subsidies supported by the groups Soros funds.

Visitors to Manchester Airport may be a little startled when they meet customer service reps John and Julie – these newest additions to the staff are ‘holograms’. Created by UK based Musion, the EyeSay displays use powerful projectors to create a lifelike image on a transparent surface.

Switzerland announced it was freezing any assets in its banks belonging to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, yet another blow to the embattled strongman who faces increasing pressure to step down.

Irish voters go to the polls today, with anger over the collapse of the economy and the cost of rescuing banks expected to result in the biggest shift of political power in the country’s history.

A policeman has been set on fire during anti-austerity protests in Greece involving tens of thousands of people.

The European Commission and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) have signed a new partnership to further global action on sustainable development and help developing countries green their economies at next year's Rio+20 summit.

What is happening in Libya is of great concern to all of us. It’s a crisis in our immediate neighbourhood. It affects the lives and safety of Libyan civilians and those of thousands of citizens from NATO member states. Many countries are now evacuating their citizens from Libya – clearly, a massive challenges.


USDA Approved Monsanto Alfalfa Despite Warnings of New Pathogen

Just two weeks before the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) fully deregulated Monsanto's Roundup Ready alfalfa, a senior soil scientist alerted the department about a newly discovered, microscopic pathogen found in high concentrations of Roundup Ready corn and soy that researchers believe could be causing infertility in livestock and diseases in crops that could threaten the entire domestic food supply.

There are many different kinds of revolution; some more effective than others. Telling the difference between a successful revolution and a failed revolution can be tricky. Often, on the surface, they look exactly the same.

The United States said on Friday it was imposing unilateral and multilateral sanctions on Libya in a bid to halt and punish Moamer Kadhafi's crackdown on protests.

Public sector workers could see their ‘gold-plated’ pensions slashed to make it easier to transfer services to private firms and charities.

The United States government and other nations have increasingly adopted an official economic policy of cheating their own savers, with particular damage inflicted on long-term retirement investors that follow conventional investment practices. This may sound like wild "conspiracy theory" talk, but interestingly enough, the facts involved are not in dispute.

The federal government is refusing to say whether it is close to approving genetically modified animals for human consumption. But if they do, you may never know it.

If you were worried there wouldn't be a 2012 candidate touting the pro-Crusades platform, then today is your lucky day!

The International Monetary Fund called for a weaker dollar to help the United States reduce its deficits with the rest of the world and rebalance the global economy, in a report released Wednesday.

The Southern Poverty Law Center is at it again, demonizing free speech and constitutional ideas.  On February 23rd, the SPLC released a report entitled, “US Hate Groups Top 1,000” wherein they lump neo-Nazi skinheads, violent extremists and “constitutional patriots” into the same category.  The Poverty Center loves to use media buzzwords in order to get their own hate speech heard, using terms like militia, conspiracy theories and ‘radical right’ to whip the pundits into a frenzy.

The former treasurer of Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp., once the 12th largest mortgage lender in the U.S., admitted helping run a $1.9 billion fraud scheme that targeted the government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program and contributed to the failure of Colonial Bank.

TSA Harasses 9-yo Boy and Other Train Passengers After Their Trip After going down in a spiral of paranoid stupidity—called out for saving body scan images, ridiculed for patting down an almost-naked woman or nailed for harrassing a kid at airport security—the TSA has reached a new low. It's surreal.


Banks Boosts CEO Pay by 34% as Bailout Loans Go Unpaid

SunTrust Banks Inc., the Georgia lender that has yet to repay $4.85 billion in taxpayer bailout funds, reported a 34 percent increase in Chief Executive Officer James Wells’s 2010 compensation.

Goldman Sachs collected $2.9 billion from the American International Group as payout on a speculative trade it placed for the benefit of its own account, receiving the bulk of those funds after AIG received an enormous taxpayer rescue, according to the final report of an investigative panel appointed by Congress.

A Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) proposal to reclassify the main psychoactive chemical in marijuana as a Schedule III substance would allow pharmaceutical companies to market the drug while still penalizing common recreational use, according to marijuana law reform advocates.

The reporter who's story for Rolling Stone forced the resignation of former Gen. Stanley McChrystal has a new story out, this time focusing on what he calls "psyops" employed against elected officials by yet another "runaway general."

Does a code of ethics still exist in Intelligence firms? Does it disappear behind closed doors, dirty deeds done in the dark and used against the American people who are supposed to be free to express themselves?


Libyan opposition literally running protests from Washington.

When Qaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, accused foreigners and opposition groups of fomenting unrest within Libya, it appears no truer words have been spoken. It is not surprising BBC and the rest of the corporate owned media went through extensive measures to discredit his speech.


Sniper Detecting Microphones Becoming More Popular for US Soldiers

Small lightweight microphones are saving the lives of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. Shoulder Worn Acoustic Targeting Systems (SWATS), developed by defense company QinetiQ, use shockwave and muzzle blast noise to locate enemy gunfire .

The InfraGard National Members Alliance held a critical sector forum examining the domestic threat and radicalization issues. INMA Chairman Dr. Kathleen Kiernan and Advisory Board Member Bryan Ware welcomed a distinguished panel consisting of Dawn Scalici, Deputy Under Secretary for Analysis at the DHS; James McJunkin, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office; and Russ Porter, Director of Law Enforcement and Homeland Security in the ODNI.

Operation Acoustic Kitty? I hope not..
In a world where Russian femme fatales become international brands and that iconic martini-sipping spy has made a resurgent reboot -- thank you, Daniel Craig -- it seems only fitting that the notoriously secretive Central Intelligence Agency is giving the world an insider’s look at some of its wackier exploits. Last week, the U.S. spy organization launched a complete overhaul to its cia.gov website, including new pages on YouTube and Flickr containing historical Agency videos and picture galleries.

Isn't this the era of the "Rise of the Rest," isn't the unipolar moment over yet again? Isn't China already a global leader, pushing for what it wants internationally? Alas, despite all the predictions about the new international politics, the world is waiting to see what Washington will do. When it comes to the biggest issue of the day -- the revolt of Middle East publics against their leaders -- China has nothing to say. To the contrary: Rather than show any leadership at all, China has run home and hidden under a very large stone (or behind a Great Wall and Firewall).

French President Nicolas Sarkozy hopes his stint at the helm of the G20 will boost his re-election chances in 2012, but it was a potential challenger who stole the show when finance ministers met at the weekend. IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn -- a former French finance minister who polls show would trounce Sarkozy if he ran -- dominated the front pages in France after the G20 meeting in Paris briefly placed the rivals on the same stage.

The Indiana Attorney General's office announced Wednesday that the deputy attorney general who called for Wisconsin riot police to use deadly force on protesters is no longer employed by the agency, according to WISH.

German Development Minister Dirk Niebel: "It's okay to tell Israel when it's making mistakes."

The quietest bank run that has so far completely evaded mainstream attention, that of Korea, is spreading, and an eighth bank has now shuttered after “Domin Bank, a savings bank with a capital adequacy ratio below 5 percent, voluntarily decided yesterday to suspend its operations temporarily because of massive withdrawals.”

The events unfolding in Libya mark the first uprising in a major oil producing country this year, giving energy traders their first indication of where crude could climb if Mideast turmoil were to spread to Saudi Arabia or Iran.

There really is no way to strafe your enemies from the air without killing innocent people and incurring considerable collateral damage, ask any Iraqi, Afghan, or Pakistani who suffers such attacks by the United States on a nearly daily basis. And while the United States and NATO have justified for decades now these grievous tactics, they are suddenly quite sensitive regarding their use in opposition to their hoped toppling of Libya's Qaddafi.

THE US army is planning to field "rubber bullets" for machine guns. Military officials claim the ammunition will allow them to more effectively quell violent protests without loss of life, but human rights campaigners are alarmed by the new weapon.

Vaccine makers are protected from lawsuits, the Supreme Court ruled Tuesday, dashing the hopes of a US couple who had sought monetary damages after their daughter fell ill after a round of routine childhood inoculations.

Is the U.S. government going to shutdown on March 4th, 2011?  Possibly.  The current temporary funding extension expires on that day.  Speaker of the House John Boehner has pledged that the Republicans in the House will not pass another temporary funding extension that does not include “deep” cuts.


Barack Obama recently made the following statement to American families that are struggling to survive in this economy: “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”

In a fresh wave of violent crackdown on protests which have rocked the North African nation for nearly a week, Libyan army warplanes have bombed the capital city of Tripoli.

Double murder-accused US official Raymond Davis has been found in possession of top-secret CIA documents, which point to him or the feared American Task Force 373 (TF373) operating in the region, providing Al-Qaeda terrorists with "nuclear fissile material" and "biological agents," according to a report.

The 66-year-old suggested his work with the Pentagon over his decades-long career could have made him enemies who wanted rid of him.

Moody's said that it cut its rating on Japan because of "heightened concern that economic and fiscal policies may not prove strong enough to achieve the government's deficit reduction target".

There are so many ridiculous aspects to a NY Times story from this weekend about a nearly decade-long relationship between the US government and what appears to be a con man who conned them out of tens of millions of dollars that it's hard to know where to start, so let's break it down in sections:

Messages from an unknown source that called for protests in 13 cities around China generated a heavy police and media presence but few protesters.

The daunting tower of national, state and local debt in the United States will reach a level this year unmatched just after World War II and already exceeds the size of the entire economy, according to government estimates.

Global oil companies said Monday that they were making plans to evacuate employees in Libya after some operations there were disrupted by political unrest. Libya holds the largest crude oil reserves in Africa, and the moves drove some stock prices down and a crucial oil benchmark to a three-year high.

An American jailed in Pakistan for the fatal shooting of two armed men was secretly working for the CIA and scouting a neighborhood when he was arrested, a disclosure likely to further frustrate U.S. government efforts to free the man and strain relations between two countries partnered in a fragile alliance in the war on terror.

Farmers like genetically modified (GM) crops because they can plant them, spray them with herbicide and then there is very little maintenance until harvest.  Farmers who plant Monsanto's GM crops probably don't realize what they bargain for when they sign the Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement contract.  One farmer reportedly 'went crazy' when he discovered the scope of the contract because it transfers ALL liability to the farmer or grower.

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged a group of seven individuals who perpetrated a fraudulent pump-and-dump scheme in the stock of a sham company that purported to provide products and services to fight global warming.

Global oil companies said Monday that they were making plans to evacuate employees in Libya after some operations there were disrupted by political unrest. Libya holds the largest crude oil reserves in Africa, and the moves drove some stock prices down and a crucial oil benchmark to a three-year high.

An American jailed in Pakistan for the fatal shooting of two armed men was secretly working for the CIA and scouting a neighborhood when he was arrested, a disclosure likely to further frustrate U.S. government efforts to free the man and strain relations between two countries partnered in a fragile alliance in the war on terror.

Farmers like genetically modified (GM) crops because they can plant them, spray them with herbicide and then there is very little maintenance until harvest.  Farmers who plant Monsanto's GM crops probably don't realize what they bargain for when they sign the Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement contract.  One farmer reportedly 'went crazy' when he discovered the scope of the contract because it transfers ALL liability to the farmer or grower.

BOSTON — Halfway around the world from Tahrir Square in Cairo, an aging American intellectual shuffles about his cluttered brick row house in a working-class neighborhood here. His name is Gene Sharp. Stoop-shouldered and white-haired at 83, he grows orchids, has yet to master the Internet and hardly seems like a dangerous man. But for the world’s despots, his ideas can be fatal.

Harvard's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

* 'We want food, work and fairness' protesters told to chant
* Egypt-style get-togethers planned for 13 cities
* Word 'jasmine' blocked on most popular social network site

The sun is waking up from a long quiet spell. Last week it sent out the strongest flare for four years – and scientists are warning that earth should prepare for an intense electromagnetic storm that, in the worst case, could be a “global Katrina” costing the world economy $2,000bn.

“They have suffered a bank run” after the recent suspension of two other banks, the FSC said in a statement after a meeting at 7:30 a.m. today. “We concluded that they will not be able to meet demand for withdrawals, eventually hurting depositors’ interests and credit order.”

Geoengineering has now been defined as: “the deliberate large-scale manipulation of the planetary environment to counteract anthropogenic climate change.” – The Royal Society 2009

In the span of just three years, we have seen drone surveillance become openly operational on American soil.

Greece is adamant not to sell land plots, not even for the shake of getting together 50 billion euros as the country’s lenders IMF, EU and ECB demand. Is it so? Well… almost but not exactly… Greek Prime Minister Papandreou proposed a law according to which land transfer or sale should require the approval of the Greek Parliament.

Heavy weapons, including anti-aircraft missiles, are being used to murder scores of pro-democracy campaigners in Colonel Gaddafi's Libya with the death toll already "well into three figures", it has emerged.

Elektra Koutra is fighting to help foreign women get their children back. The young lawyer is convinced that criminal networks in Greece are blackmailing poor women from Bulgaria and Romania into selling their babies to childless couples. Koutra, who is representing a Romanian mother in court, says the Greek authorities have been slow to respond to the fight against the baby trade.

Snipers from Libya's government forces fired on mourners attending a funeral for slain protesters Saturday, killing at least 15 people as demonstrations calling for the ouster of President Moammar Gadhafi continued for the fifth straight day.

As the nation focuses on the efforts of Governor Scott Walker to take away collective bargaining rights from public employees in Wisconsin, new information is coming to light that reveals what is truly going on here.

Russia has warned the US against setting up permanent military bases in Afghanistan, saying the move could undermine peacemaking efforts and anger neighbors.

The exact same logo would turn up 11 years later across the Mediterranean Sea in the streets of Cairo, illustrating further the preposterous, foreign-backed nature of the Egyptian uprisings. Could it just be just a coincidence and Dr. Tarpley's take mere speculative conjecture? Not even close.

Thanks to a cache of HBGary e-mails leaked by the hacker collective Anonymous, we have at least a small glimpse through a dirty window into the process by which tax dollars enter the military-industrial complex and emerge as malware.

Obviously the UN isn't putting up any money for the 'rights'. A right to housing, internet, HDTV(s) and 'a little coke money doesn't hurt nobody'. Anyone want to be a worker bee in the UN collective hive?

A 21ST CENTURY American cowboy will resemble a worker in a hi-tech plant creating artificial meat in a petri dish, a far cry from cattle ranches, says biologist Vladimir Mironov. The growth of 'cultured' or in-vitro meat may be a vital step towards solving the global food crisis and fighting hunger in the future, Mr Mironov believes.

mmmmm mmm.. test tube synthetic meat!

A Senate proposal that has become known as the Internet "kill switch" bill was reintroduced this week, with a tweak its backers say eliminates the possibility of an Egypt-style disconnection happening in the United States.

Mozilo's actions in the mortgage meltdown — which led to $67.5-million settlement against him — did not amount to criminal wrongdoing, federal prosecutors have determined.

Globalist blitzkrieg signals largest geopolitical reordering since WW2.

If the U.S. dollar is being devalued so rapidly, then why does it sometimes increase in value against other global currencies?  Well, it is because everybody is recklessly printing money now.  The 6 charts which you are about to see below prove this.  The truth is that it is not just the U.S. Federal Reserve which has been printing money like there is no tomorrow.  Out of control money printing has also been happening in the UK, in the EU, in Japan, in China and in India.  There are times when one particular global currency will fall faster than the others, but the reality is that they are all being rapidly devalued.  Unfortunately, this is a recipe for a global economic nightmare.

Bahrain’s ruling family has defied mounting international criticism by ordering the army to turn on its people for the first time since pro-reform demonstrations erupted five days ago.

Mubarak was not the only brutal dictator in the Arab world.


"This rhetoric can give someone a free pass to try to assault a police officer or kill a police officer, and I'm not going to allow that," he said. "My officers should be able to go out here and work in the neighborhoods and keep this city safe without fear and without hesitation."

Amnesty said in a statement sources at al-Jala hospital in Benghazi had reported 28 deaths and more than 110 people injured in Thursday's protests in the city, and at least three further deaths on Friday.

The massive, government-crippling protests in Madison, Wisconsin have now spilled over into Ohio, where over 5,000 rallied Thursday in opposition to a bill that would eliminate collective bargaining rights for state workers.


Answers in 2001 anthrax attacks are still elusive

The Justice Department and the FBI identified Maryland scientist Bruce E. Ivins as having single-handedly carried out the attacks that killed five people and seriously sickened 17 others. The department was on the verge of seeking an indictment in 2008 when Mr. Ivins took his own life.

Egypt said on Friday it had received a request for Iranian naval vessels to pass through the Suez Canal, a move Israel’s right-wing foreign minister has described as “provocative”.

A cyber-attack on two Canadian economic ministries, while serious, won't affect the timing of next month's federal budget, a top cabinet minister said on Thursday.

The Obama administration's Justice Department has asserted that the FBI can obtain telephone records of international calls made from the U.S. without any formal legal process or court oversight, according to a document obtained by McClatchy Newspapers.

Unrest spread across the Middle East and North Africa on Thursday as Bahrain launched a swift military crackdown on anti-government protesters and clashes were reported in Libya and Yemen.

They would know

In Madison, Wisconsin, crowds that police estimated at 25,000 engulfed the Capitol and its lawns yesterday during a third-straight day of protests as Democratic senators fled the legislative session. In Columbus, Ohio, about 3,800 state workers, teachers and other public employees came to the statehouse for a committee hearing. President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohioan, argued over whether the bills are “an assault on unions.”

The moment the "net neutrality" debate began was the moment the net neutrality debate was lost. For once the fate of a network -- its fairness, its rule set, its capacity for social or economic reformation -- is in the hands of policymakers and the corporations funding them -- that network loses its power to effect change. The mere fact that lawmakers and lobbyists now control the future of the net should be enough to turn us elsewhere.

For Egyptians, the nightmare is just beginning.

The FBI urged members of the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security on Thursday to update the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) and make it easier for authorities to eavesdrop on Internet.

The Return Of COICA; Because Censorship Is Cool Again

As expected, Congress is holding hearings as it prepares to reintroduce COICA, a horribly written piece of legislation that effectively gives the US government more powers to censor websites (even beyond the Homeland Security domain seizures) by forcing companies to block the site, turn off hosting or refuse to provide other services to the site -- and this can be done with little or no due process, in violation of the basic principles of the Constitution.

The body of slain Immigration Customs Enforcement agent was flown to Houston on Wednesday night for a second autopsy, but was diverted to Delaware after the local medical examiner refused to do the procedure, a U.S. law enforcement source said.

What we are witnessing, thanks in large part to zero tolerance policies that were intended to make schools safer by discouraging the use of actual drugs and weapons by students, is the inhumane treatment of young people and the criminalization of childish behavior.

A video of the accomplishments of Israel’s recently-retired military chief hints at Israel’s unacknowledged role in attacks on the Iranian and Syrian nuclear programmes, according to an Israeli daily.


U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’

Bahrain protests a worry for US and its fifth fleet

Teenager finds priceless ancient sculpture of a Pharaoh near a rubbish bin in Cairo

DoD Talks Up Plans to Deploy Cybercommandos

Confiscated U.S. Military Cargo in Argentina Was For A South American Black Op; CIA Operatives Under Investigation

FOX Deceives, Swaps CPAC Straw Poll Footage

Fear In Focus: Israel sounds alarm to allies about Iranian warships near Suez

How To Fake An Economic Recovery

World Bank: Food prices at "dangerous levels"

Greece reassures IMF on privatization

Army admits Gulf War medical records destroyed

Senate votes for short-term extension of PATRIOT Act provisions

Pentagon’s Prediction Software Didn’t Spot Egypt Unrest

Is Mubarak a Mason?

Feds Approve Monsanto Herbicide-Resistant Crops

US to boost support for cyber dissidents

Judge Rules Cops CANNOT Make You Stop Filming Them

Barack Obama’s Budget For 2012: A Complete And Total Joke

Wisconsin National Guard Preps For Worker Unrest After Governor Unveils Emergency Budget

"We're Poisoned. We're Sick."

Berlusconi Ordered to Stand Trial in Underage Prostitution Case

USA admits adding fluoride to water is damaging teeth and has been a big experiment

FBI: 100 Percent Chance of WMD Attack

Per Declassified Testimony, Bernanke Blames Blogosphere For Itemizing Disastrous Consequences Of His Actions, Says Goldman Is A Utility

Deutsche Boerse, NYSE Agree to Historic Merger

Mexican Troops Conduct Vehicle Search On U.S. Soil

Judge Finds MERS Has No Right To Transfer Mortgages, Finds Entire MERS Process Illegal

House votes to extend provisions of the PATRIOT Act

Argentina Seized Undeclared Weapons and Drugs on U.S. Military Aircraft Last Week

France wants new global finance system

Afghan war costs $300 million a day: Pentagon

QE2 Is a Total Failure and Bernanke Is Delusional About Inflation

Terrorist Who Trained London Bombers Was Working For US Government

Egyptian Military Dissolves Parliament, Suspends Constitution

Brookings' "Which Path to Persia?"

Engineered Economic Collapse Approaching; Budget Cuts Will Only Accelerate the Inevitable

Fannie, Freddie bailout: $153 billion … and counting

The Faulty Economic Model Behind America’s Support for Dictators (Instead of Democracies)

Algeria shuts down internet and Facebook as protest mounts

Five ways corporate scavengers are making big money off our economic pain.

Food crisis benefits Goldman Sachs

Now revolution takes hold in Algeria: Hundreds arrested as '30,000' riot police try to quell democracy march inspired by downfall of Hosni Mubarak

America’s Legacy of Mutagenic War

Wall Street rally based on fantasy valuations and investment banking trading

Google's Revolution Factory:
Alliance of Youth Movements: Color Revolution 2.0

Analysis: Military coup was behind Mubarak's exit

21 Signs That The Once Great U.S. Economy Is Being Gutted, Neutered, Defanged, Declawed And Deindustrialized

Federal Reserve To Buy More Air From The Treasury Dept

China Denies It Faces Half A Trillion In Fannie & Freddie Losses

The Globalist Web of Subversion

Lingering Military "Widows' Tax" Angers Wives

Mexico rejects Monsanto’s GMO corn

How the Government Will Take Control of Your Retirement Account

Rich Get Richer When Governments Tout Austerity

Mubarak Resigns as Egyptian President

IMF Calls for Dollar Alternative

Egypt's Wael Ghonim of Google

CBO Director Says Obamacare Would Reduce Employment by 800,000 Workers

War criminal!’: Ron Paul backers crash Cheney-Rumsfeld reunion

Group plans to beam free Internet across the globe from space

US trade chief urges Europe to open market to GM foods

US to ensure Israel security amid Egypt unrest

Los Zetas Threaten to kill Americans

UN Vehicles hidden on an Air Force Base in Georgia

See them for your self at google maps: Search these coordinates. 29.97213,-81.660047

Kristopher Sickles also released on bond

Tina Stone, David Stone Jr., and Jacob Ward released on bond

Detroit police kill seven-year-old child while executing a "no-knock" search warrant

Gates Foundation Suggests Sterilizing Males with Ultrasound

Chief Justice Roberts: Kagan Asked Court to 'Embrace Theory of First Amendment That Would Allow Censorship Not Only of Radio and Television Broadcasts, But Pamphlets and Posters'

VIDEO: Raw Footage Of Violent Bailout Protests In Ireland

9 indicted on charges of accessing Obama records

Oklahoma Passes Bill Outlawing Militia Recruitment

Hutaree Militia Members to Seek Release, Claim They're No Threat And they are not!

Banks Bet Against U.S. Cities, States

Military cancels nuclear attack test NLE

Special army unit ready to be deployed on American soil just before Nov. elections

Illinois Lawmakers Say Military Must be Deployed in Chicago Due to Violence

CIA Director Says Cyber Attack Could Be Next “Pearl Harbor”

Proposed Bill Seeks Punishment for Unauthorized Militia

Josh Stone Arrested

Raids in Indiana

Raids in Ohio

Raids in Michigan

More lies about the Militia from the SPLC and ADL scumbags

Riots erupt across Jerusalem as Hamas leader calls for renewed ‘intifada’

Report: US shipping arms ahead of strike on Iran

Biden in Israel: A Gift of Broken Glass and More Weirdness

Biden: “I see myself as a Zionist.”

Break the law and your new 'friend' may be the FBI

Beyond Orwell: The Electronic Police State, 2010

HR 646: U.S. Preparing for Civil Unrest?

Text of H.R. 645: National Emergency Centers Establishment Act

VIDEO: Police Brutality: Cops Plant Drugs On Suspect & Lets Dog Attack

FDA Invades Non-Commercial Amish Farm in PA

Barack Obama statue removed from Jakarta park

Exposed: Naked Body Scanner Images Of Film Star Printed, Circulated By Airport Staff

Police want backdoor to Web users’ private data

IRS Acquiring Shotguns

Soros urges China to mend ties with to US maintain the world order

VIDEO: Ron Paul Warns of Social Unrest and Martial Law

Pheonix Fox10 Militia hit piece

Pennies for Haiti, Billions for Israel, Egypt

Total Intelligence Solutions; Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire

PURE THUGGERY! BATF & Austin PD attempt to shut down gun shows by threats and false arrests..

Pelosi: "We will have healthcare -- one way or another"

International Hearings Begin On “Falsified” Swine Flu Pandemic

Former Morgan Stanley Infrastructure and Energy Specialist, Who Was Also Director of Private-Equity Firm EQT Partners, Found Dead in Back of Delivery Van in Munich

Max Keiser: Icelandic Parliament Member Leads Revolt Against Banksters

BATF Notice Bans Private Gun Sales In Texas

Israel’s IDF Cooperates with FEMA, National Guard, NORTHCOM

US Court Orders Records Unsealed In Cap-And-Trade Fraud Case

Mumbai Terror Suspect David Headley Connected to U.S. Intelligence, Heroin Smuggling

Under the radar, Obama pushes for Patriot Act renewal

Obama Extends Diplomatic Immunity to Interpol by Executive Order

Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi had secret £1.8m

H1N1 vaccine recall conerns in Indiana

Is Obama Really Preparing For Civil War?

ndiana: City Threatens $2500 Fines for Challenging Traffic Tickets

America: Freedom to Fascism Star Sherry Jackson is Being Murdered

Climate Change Data Shredded To Cover Tracks

Fed chairman: Audit could impair US financial stability

Suspected killer of four in Thanksgiving Day shooting was a top scholar, athlete

Proof Obama is not eligible for the office of the President

Obama’s Science Czar John Holdren involved in unwinding “Climategate” scandal

9/11 Text Messages Released: Wikileaks Publishes Intercepted Government Pager Texts As They Were Sent

Download Hacked E-mails from global warming LIARS

Deputies Hold Boy Who Fled Flu Shot

Blackwater Used ‘Child Prostitutes in Iraq’

And Now… Texas Army Killer Linked to September 11 Terrorists

Taliban Still Working for the CIA?

Fort Hood Shooting 'Oddities'

Israel proposes work camps for illegal migrants

House Passes Healthcare Bill

Marine In Custody For Homicide At Camp Lejeune

1 killed, 5 injured in Fla. shootings; suspect held

Army says 12 dead, 31 injured at Fort Hood

Air Force: ‘Overwhelm Enemy Cognitive Abilities’ with Bioscience

Duh?: Occupiers involved in drug trade: Afghan minister

Secret copyright treaty leaks. It’s bad. Very bad.

Five British soldiers shot dead by rogue Afghan policeman

U.S. Needs Hit Squads, ‘Manhunting Agency’: Spec Ops Report Patriot's keep your powder dry!

Gobachev Calls For New World Order

Clinton Oks Israeli Settlements - Destroys US Credibility

Rep. Ron Paul's Bill to Audit the Federal Reserve 'Gutted' in Committee

Government Appoints Task Force To Handle H1N1 Vaccine Propaganda

India is preparing for possible war with China and Pakistan

VIDEO: Geithner’s crimes through AIG – will the truth come out?

Elites Launch "Global Impact Investing Network"

NSA To Build $1.5 Billion Cybersecurity Data Center

How Goldman secretly bet on the U.S. housing crash

Obama’s Youth Corps

Public school nurses give swine flu vaccine to kids without parents' OK, sends child to hospital

Coyotes Kill Woman on Hike in Canadian Park


Dozens in Congress Face Inquiries About Defense Lobbying and Corporate Influence Peddling

FBI Demands Tattoo Shops Rat On Customers

CIA Invests In Social Media Monitoring Technology

VIDEO: Ron Paul Schools Tim Geithner at Financial Hearing

Israel, US hold largest ever war games

Ron Paul: Be Prepared for the Worst

‘India, China will create New World Order’

Beijing’s First Snow of Season ‘Artificially Induced’

Barack Obama Continues Bush Administration Policy Regarding Posse Comitatus

Rats! City to Pay for Informing on Tax Cheats

Obama Administration, Pentagon Prepare for Homeland Deployment

Homeland Security Enlists Clergy to Quell Public Unrest if Martial Law Ever Declared

Right-Wing Extremist Group on Active Military Duty?

MIAC: A Secret Report Targeting American Citizens as Terrorists

President Signs Law Giving Defense Department Authority to Exempt Photos From Freedom of Information

Loosening of F.B.I. Rules Stirs Privacy Concerns

Jobs Created or Saved’ Is White House Fantasy

$1.2 billion in stimulus contracts goes to the most egregious offenders of state and federal laws

NY Gov. Declares State of Emergency Over H1N1 Flu

Barney Frank: “We Are Trying On Every Front To Increase The Role Of Government”

Report: Palestinians denied water

Karzai's kin a suspected player in opium trade, allegedly on CIA payroll.

Hillary's Blackwater Connection

U.S. official resigns over Afghan war

Obama signs hate crimes bill into law

Secret court raids homes, seizes billions from elderly

Stimulus contracts go to companies under criminal investigation

First Daughters Not Vaccinated Against H1N1

Obama Declares Swine Flu a National Emergency

White House to Keep Obama’s ‘Czars’ from Testifying Before Congress

Greyhound bus passengers get screened, pat down in special TSA operation

Ex-CIA agent confirms US ties with Jundullah

Obama Every Bit as Bad as Bush/Cheney on Patriot Act

Armed officers in full battle gear will be scattered throughout the Bay Area this weekend

Foreign Cops Take Part in “Domestic Terrorism” Drill in California

MIAC changes proposed after controversial report

Jewish Times Slam piece

Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

Drugmakers, Doctors Rake in Billions Battling H1N1 Flu

John Bolton Suggests Nuclear Attack on Iran

Fortune Magazine Talks About Illuminati Openly

H.R. 645 and The FEMA Concentration Camp

New SPLC Report Details the Resurgent Militia Movement

Officials see rise in militia groups across US

Esquire Hit Piece

HIGH TREASON: French general takes over NATO command in Virginia

Army National Guard Advertises for “Internment Specialists”

University Of Alabama Implements Mandatory Vaccination Program

“Vibrant Response” Exercise to Fall on Heels of NLE 09

Military planning for possible H1N1 outbreak

Little gems from the Health Care Bill

Health Officials Admit Fast Tracked H1N1 Vaccines Will Not Be Tested for Safety

Military Poised to Help FEMA Battle Swine Flu Outbreak

Idaho man sodomized by police Taser plans to sue

Family: Tear gas, ‘chaos’ mar 3RF

Obama Administration Takes Aim At Gun-Rights Revolt

Pentagon orders soldier fired for challenging prez

Patriots wage war on Obama socialism

Guard units train for militia attacks

Attorney General to Classify Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Americans as Terrorists

Former Forum Moderator of PrisonPlanetTV.com The forum of Alex Jones Breaks His silence and Speaks Out!

The Emperor’s Seven Signing Statements

Thought Crime Bills Threaten Talk Radio

Madoff Is Sentenced to 150 Years in Multibillion-Dollar Ponzi Scheme

Mossad-Taliban whistleblower killed in Pakistan

H.R. 675: Building Obama’s Civilian National Security Force

Corporate Media Providing False View Of Iranian Post Election Protests

Taliban defectors: US, Israel funding militants

NORAD and USNORTHCOM exercise planned for mid-June

IRS Targets Employer-Provided Cell Phones

JPFO Alert

Boycott The Alex Jones Money Bomb

NYSE says resumes connectivity after tech glitch

Fema National Level Exercise 2009 (NLE 09)

Larry Wilcox MichganDEQ article on the Wilcox attack

Larry Wilcox' daughters account

Obama Is Said to Consider Preventive Detention Plan

Scouts Train to Fight Terrorism and more

Special Ops Training in Alpena , Michigan

Bill Would Prevent Federal Government from Regulating Firearms in TN


Assault Weapons Ban to be reintroduced

Fort Wayne, Indiana man shot for having a hand gun. follow up

Obama Pushing Treaty To Ban Reloading

WRAPUP 9-Deadly new flu strain erupts in Mexico, U.S.

Are you licensed to reload that ammo?

Unintended Consequences

Israel 'received arms shipment

Man Kills 3 wounds 1 officer

History of The Banksters

Chicago red-light cameras could snare uninsured drivers

Obama's Gun Ban List Is Out

Police Trained Nationwide That Informed Americans Are Domestic Terrorists 2

Police Trained Nationwide That Informed Americans Are Domestic Terrorists


Secret State Police Report: Ron Paul, Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, Libertarians are Terrorists

Stowage charts for provisions to help you have fresh food for your passages.

Trojan Blocks The Pirate Bay and Mininova

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE - 1849 by Henry David Thoreau

Florida Proclamation of 1763

The Bush crime family and the Clintonistas the dark side.

Jurez, Mexico under martial Law

Surfing The Third Wave


PRESS RELEASE - Berg States Obama is Destroying “our” U.S. Constitution

President Obama's czar system concerns some

How RFID Tags Could Be Used to Track Unsuspecting People

HR 45 May be More Troubling Than the Average Anti-gun Bill
-- Legislation may reflect Obama’s thinking


US Orders Project ENDGAME To Begin, 775,000 Americans Targeted For Arrest

Russia Sinks Chinese Ship Bound For US With Nuclear Warhead

National Guard scraps plans to invade rural town
'This operation could be pretty intrusive to the people'

The "New World Order" Silver Pieces are Here

Delaware Nation files court action against State of New Jersey Full text of Court action

JP Morgan acting as a govrvernment agency

Guardsmen to conduct urban training at Arcadia in April

Padora's Box Opened

Florida ProSe Litigants

Anti-Second Amendment Resolution by Calhoun County Commissioners