2013 Membership Form

2013 IOH Pool Membership Form                                                      

Complete the registration form and mail to                                                                                               

 Tamara Harty, Treasurer                                                                                                                

 P.O. Box 15464                                                                                                             

 Savannah, GA 31406

Check all boxes that apply:

_____   $350 Family Membership: Immediate family members of a single household

_____   $175 Individual Membership:  Must be 18 years of age or older.

______    $100 Initiation Fee:  One time fee for all new members (family and individual)

_____   $30~10 Guest Passes: Saves you $1 each time you bring a guest to the pool

_____  $150 Water Aerobics & Adult Lap Swim:  Non-member, adult lap swim and water aerobics only

_____   $ Save the Pool Fund   Costs for recent renovations remain a significant portion of the pool budget.    Your donation goes a long way in helping to pay down that debt.  Thank you!

______$10 fee if paying through pay pal

_____  $ TotalFull Names and Ages for Individual or Family Memberships.  ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Telephone: ___________________Email:  ________________________

WAIVER OF LIABILITY DISCLAIMERI, a member of the IOH Pool and Community Club, do hereby acknowledge that I and those who may accompany me may use the facilities at our own risk. I also acknowledge that while there is a lifeguard on duty, the IOH Pool remains a swim at your own risk facility.  I further agree to abide by the posted policies as stipulated by the IOH Pool Board of Directors.  I agree to hold the IOH Pool, its Board of Directors, and employees harmless of any liability, in the event of an incident, accident or emergency.

 Member Signature _________________________________________  Date  ____________________