2013 State of the Pool Address


Dear Isle of Hope Neighbor, The Isle of Hope Pool board is asking for your help with a fundraising campaign to assist with the current and future improvements of the Isle of Hope Pool.  We are still Saving the Pool from the 2006 renovations.  The pool is a corner stone of our community and we need your financial support to maintain the pool for future generations to enjoy. In 2006, the Chatham County Health Department notified the IOH Pool Board that the pool could not open without major renovations.  The needed repairs were extensive and included new decking and large pool resurfacing and retiling. The cost of the improvements exceeded $100,000.  The pool’s board secured a bank loan to cover renovations and a Save the Pool campaign was launched to pay off the loan.  The pay off balance of that loan, as off October 2012, is $56,423.56. The original Save the Pool campaign brought in tens of thousands of dollars which significantly lowered the renovation debt.  Thank you so much for your generous contributions.  We are again asking for your financial support to finish Saving the Pool.   Pool membership fees are the biggest source of revenue for the pool, but they do not cover all of the pool’s yearly expenses.  Your dedicated fundraising committee covers the deficit.  Yearly operating costs exceed $60,000.  The pool meets its yearly expenses, which include monthly loan payments,  maintenance, lifeguards, taxes, utilities, furniture, etc. This year’s major expense was the resurfacing of the small pool at the cost of   more than $12,000.  There is simply not enough left over to make a significant dent in the debt, or to save up for future renovations.   Thank you for all you have done to support your neighborhood pool.  It could not have survived without you.  Let’s finish what we began and ensure that the pool remains an integral part of our wonderful community for generations to come. Please send your contribution to:Tamara Harty, TreasurerP.O. Box 15464Savannah, GA 31406  Sincerely,Isle of Hope Pool Board 2013