Make Checks Payable to IOH Pool

You can register and pay right at the pool!

You can also mail your registration to:  

Tamara Hardy

P.O. Box 15464

Savannah, GA 31406 

Pay by Check Options

1.      Complete registration form and send check with full amount to the address listed above.

2.     Complete registration form and make three equal payments for the months of March, April, and May.  Send to the address above.  Full payment is due by the Grand Opening Weekend which begins May 22.  An I.D. will not be issued until membership is paid in full.  Partial membership payments are non-refundable.

Pay by Credit Card-Super Easy!

1.      You must have your own pay pal account to pay using a credit card.  A pay pal account is free to set up, is fast, and easy to do.  Go to to set up your own account.

2.     Sign on to pay pal using your personal account information.

3.     Follow the link to  “Send Money”

4.     You will send the money to the pool’s account using the pool’s   e-mail address:

5.  Pay the FULL amount + $10 processing fee.  The pool is charged a fee for each transaction, therefore no monthly payment plan is offered if you are paying with a credit card.  Please pay the full amount in one transaction.

6.     Click on “services”

7.     Click on “Continue”

8.     Confirm your payment information and Complete transaction.

9.     Don’t forget to mail your completed registration form to the address listed above.  Your membership is NOT complete until the registration form has been received.