Irish Wolfhound Club of Puget Sound

Since 1970
Dedicated to the Protection of Irish Wolfhounds


Legislation Alerts:

To protect our rights and abilities to continue to care for and to live with our beloved companions, it is mandatory we stay aware of and protest the many punitive legislation packages proposed by the extreme animal rights activists across the country. Keep in mind it is the stated ultimate intent of several of these organizations to do away with all ownership of domestic pets.

California's AB1634 is back on the docket for 2008. There are links at the bottom of this page to The Irish Wolfhound Club of America, The Irish Wolfhound Association of the West Coast and the Northern California Irish Wolfhound Club web pages where you can access the latest updates.

Here in the Puget Sound area the King County Council has formed a task force to research implenting an anti-kill ordinance for all King County Shelters. If you live in King County, contact your regional Council Member and find out the name of the "citizen" appointed to represent your region on the panel. Contact that citizen representative and discuss your concerns with him/ber. It is important any adopted legislation does not morph into a mandatory spay/neuter act.


State Representative Tom Campbell will once again introduce his "Deeds Not The Breeds" bill HB1105 which if enacted will prevent insurance companies from engaging in breed profiling in Washington State. The bill will be presented in January 2008 in the House Rules Committee. Rep. Campbell requests all dog fanciers in the state contact their own representatives in both the State House and the State Senate and express your SUPPORT for HB 1105. Contact them via written letter, email, telephone, and if possible a personal visit to their local offices. There is a link below to the House web page and one to the Senate web page.

Event Calendar

*******Our 34th ANNUAL SPECIALTY SHOW*******

August 02, 2008
Specialty Judge: Mrs. Jean Malley, Ainsea

Sweepstakes Judge: Michael Genovese, Skye



December 29
Annual Christmas Champagne Brunch
Annual Meeting
11:30AM, Issaquah

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PRESIDENT: Harley Blanchard
VICE PRESIDENT: Lisa Blanchard
SECRETARY: Beverly C. Little

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