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I'm Back

You can use the link at the bottom of 2013 books page to go to Amazon and see what I have been up to. I have 70 ebooks, 65 paperbacks and 44 audio books.  The topics include religion, psychology, and on the water adventures. There is even a small cookbook! I have a huge list of future topics too. You can also go the and look under James Nugent in the books section. It is far simpler to use the link.

The Wedding

Ed and Sonyas wedding was great. See Theresa's facebook for photos.  Ed and Stacy have a wedding reception in the fall.

The end

Friend me on Facebook if you want updates.  I announce each new ebook and when it is free at the kindle store or updates in general. I have 64 ebooks, 60 paperbacks and 35 audio books. I am still going for 100. Monthy royalties are strong and continue to grow!  This is the last entry for a year.


While training for my mountain climb I injured my knee.  I have to use a knee brace now


I am cruising into the end of the school.  Book writing is going extrememly well and I am working on two right now. Neither one will be finished until July or August. One is about Being a Beach Naturalist for the South Sound Estuary Society. The other is a about a climb in the Olympics I will take this summer.

Two favorites

If I was going to recomend two of my books I would recommend "Sex, Abstinance and Happiness," and "A Little Benedictine Oblate Manual."  Both sell well are rated well and are heavy topics

Bookstore Sales

One bookstore in the United States ordered 6 of my books! This is the first time my books have been put on book shelves!  It is just a start but I checked at Barnes and Nobles and they can now order my books for anybody who requests.

This is the beginning of a whole new revenue stream!.  There are 30,000 book stores in the USA 


I published my 31st book! Also for the first time a book store in the United States bought 6 of my books to sell! 

Holy week

Catholics and fallen away Catholics should go to Good Friday evening mass, confession and Easter Sunday. What a waste of a human life when Catholics don't participate in the sacraments. The devil gets a hold on them and just never lets go until they are forgiven of their sins and then change the ways or go to hell.


I published titles #29 and #30 this week. " More Good News about Being Catholic" and "The Solo Kayak"

Gone Sailing

I get to help O'brien deliver his giant sailboat to his new marina today. It will be fun and I still have time attend the prolife vigil down at Planned Murderhood


I bought a good used BMW at a fair price last week.  It turned out since you can can only go 60 miles a hour on the freeway and it was very uncomfortable to drive, I sold it for a profit 5 days later. I still have Theresa's old Ford Focus and nice tidy pocket full of money.  I think my next car will be a KIA

Theresa's Newer Car

Theresa bought a new car last Aug.  The new car smell is finally worn off but the pleasure of riding around in a 4 door 2013 Focus has only gotten better. I really like the moon roof and all the electronic bells and whistles along with the leather seats. She got got a screaming gooid price.  

Spring Break

I've got Spring Break this week and then I think 41 days until Summer Vacation.  I really appreciate getting a paid Summer Vacation. In the old days teacher had to save up all year to survive summer.

#29 is almost done

My 29th book is almost done. This one is so good I will put it in E-book, paperback, and audio formats. It is so nice to have the services of For no cost they advertise in 110 countries, have 12 E-stores, and only keep 30 percent of the profits. When my family was in publishing they paid 3% to the author and the rest went to us. My how times have chaged

Rich or Poor

It matters not how much money I make. What matters is the quality of my relationships I have. So if things count more than people with you; we are unlikely to be friends.





Wedding plans

Talked with Ed about the wedding. He and Sonya have great ideas.  Details are Top Secret!


I had some great news. Ed and Sonya are engaged to be married!  I am so pleased. I think they are planning a very small wedding with close family.


I went on my first paid for guided kayak tour. It was worth the fee to see this once. It was a beautiful Sunday morning and now I have decided I want to become a certified guide. Yes some day Eld Inlet Services will include guided tours of Eld Inlet! We had a very nice trip and at $75 times 20 people on a 2 hour tour they took in $1500 dollars. Their Only expense was the Insurance at $10 a head


We all know them. The ones who are unloved. Sometimes they are left alone by life sircumstance and sometimes they are alone as a natural consequence of the own  wretched behavior.  Be sure to reach out to those who have been widowed or divorced, the elderly and the isolated.  If they deserve to be alone they will make it clear by the unloving behavior. If however they have a changes in heart you might make friend. For those who have made a lifestye of: using expoiting, lying and hurting others, stear clear. 

One Life

I'm working on book #30. Books 29 and 28 are also in the works. Book #30 it an examination of how we should live life to get maximum pleasure. It turns out that the collecting of things and exploitation of others will not give us happiness. Only a profound relationship with God loving respectful relationships with others will give us true joy.  I have rich friend who uses women and has a big pile of material goods. At 71 he is trying to make sense out of life. For him there is no joy and no God.  He is a smart man but too proud to let go and let God help him out.


I cut the price of 12 of my e-books in half and quadupled my sales. If the trend continues I plan to cut all my prices!

The new low cost is $3 a books down from $6. Sales had been a tad sluggish but now they are hot. Amazon sells in 110 countries 24 hours a day. 


I paid for my tuition at the university of Victoria today. Life is very good.


Mass and breakfast is set for his birthday. I really love that 80 year old man. 


Theresa loves playing cards with Papa and Georgia weekly. Last week I came to visit too and mentioned that I gave my coat to a homeless man and wished I had some pants to give him. It turned out that Papa had the key to the St. Michael clothing bank. 


I am writing a wonderful book about confession.  It will be published by Sunday.

A New Computer

Theresa is going to shop around for a new Toshiba computer. We hate windows 8 and she wants to get one with windows 7 machine before they don't make them any more. I get her 3 year old Toshiba as a hand me down! 


This summer I will do the following things: Study at the University of Victoria. travel to the fossil dig in Republic,  Travel to the wet site archeological dig on the Columbia, Travel to the Cougar Resevior Hot Spring, stay overnight on Anderson Island, kayak and sail a lot, go to the teacher institute in Newington Conn, and write another 10 books.

New Book

I wrote a new book but will not publish it until august.  I need to wait until I get all my facts straight and that will not happen until the end of summer!

I teach April 3rd at SMU. The public are welcome. The show is from 6:30 to 8:00 in the lecture hall (4th floor in Old Main).

The topic is publishing with  I am having so much fun

New paycheck

My pay check this month for 3 hours a day was nearly $3000 a month. This will finish my payments for my Hypnotheripist training and help with my emergency fund.  I am trying to save up 3 months pay. I encourage you to start saving up an emergency fund. Then when you have the unespected but totaly perdictable car problem or other expense you will be able to pay for it.


I am 52 years old. I plan on retiring in 4 years. The catch is that teachers have a lousy retirement. It is my hope that from book royalties I will make up the difference.  It turns out that each month my sales are building so that easily I will be able to live in my accustomed lifestyle. Basically and mathematically I need to write a total of 100 books before I retire when I am 56, if I want to travel three times a year. I have 27 books published and or several in process. Certainly I will make 100 books in  the next 4 years and maybe more. There is also my deferred comp savings which totally out performs the teacher retirement. I would wait until I am 65 but I never did plan on having social security for retirement.  If it still exists that would be great but it in all likelyhood will be banrupt by them.  The only real expense we have in retirement is health care and that is easily cover by teacher retirement. royalties or deferred comp. I'd like to retire young enough to enjoy it. So 56 is my age to do it! I'll probaby always do some kind of teaching because I enjoy it so much.

A Boat

It turns out that I might be able to get a  26 foot McGregor (the untimate sailboat) by next summer. The boat travels at 20 plus mph and can get to Seattle in 2 hours and the San Juans in 6 hours.  I can go to the Islands 10 times a year!

I am so pleased:> 


Can't decide

If we take a cruise to Europe this summer. Should Theresa fly back and I stay and enjoys Italy for 2 extra weeks or should I go to Slovakia?  I don't know


Anybody want to go with us to hawaii for Spring vacation?  Book royalties are great:>

Our Emergency Fund

We will have our Emergency fund saved by the End of February.  I not bragging I am urging you to do the same. By the end of summer we will have all our debts paid off except for the new car and that will be done by the end of the year. What are we doing with all the money. First we will increase the fund to a 3months salary worth. Then a 6 months salary. Then there is a McGregor 26 foot sail boat I want. The only other expenses are some house upgrades.  Thanks to that one class we took in financial management we got really serious about not squadering the money God gives us.  Of course tithing will always be in our budget.


She had a wonderful day off filled with loving messages from her friends.  What a great woman! 


It was a beautiful night and the snow this morning is already off the road but not the yards

Theresa Birthday

This week we are celebrating my wife b-day. Oh boy do I have nice surprise.

An hour for Life

I  spent and hour at planned parenthood with Show the truth people.  It was bitter cold and my feet and hands became numb but it was worth it tosave babies

Beach Naturalist

I have a new hobby this summer. I am becoming a Beach Naturalist for the South Sound Estuary Association. I am to receive training in marine ecology and biology and then give beach tours to the public at low tide this summer. I love the idea of learning more about the sealife and then getting to share it.   The walks are at the local beaches. I am hoping to mostly work at Fry Cove County Park which is right in my neiborhood.  Of course I have aleardy written 23 pages of the book "A South Sound Beach Naturalist."  It will be in E-book and paperback formats. Now the only parts left to write are a journal of my training and the actual beach walks.  Espect it out in July.


Here is the question. Should I writie another book about Esperanto? THe last one was unique and well received but I am not sure if I do it again if anyone will buy it.  This years Esperanto Course is held at the University of Victoria in British Columbia.  It will be a blast and it is a little bit of an exotic location. However I am not sure if their will be enough action in the short story to make it worth writing about. I guess I can always produce a short story and then decide if it is good enough for publication later.  We will see

Life Coaching

I am talking to a woman about renting her office space for my life coaching business. Hopefully Monday I will have an answer from her. I have some dandy brochures and I already wrote the book on the kind of life coaching I do. It is called Lifestyle Reality Observing and it is a very powerful technique.

It's Official

Eld Inlet Services presents Life Coaching (Lifestyle Reality Observing) for only $55 an hours. I am in business! I will raise my prices later.

Theresa and I are taking Financial Peace University at the parish. While we know most of this stuff already, we are relearning really important stuff in managing our money. It is great!!

Emergency Fund

Do you have a $1000 emergency fund in the bank?  If not get one. It is the bare minimum needed to deal with lifes financial up and downs. Really one should have 6 months pay in a money market account available.


Since I go to reconcilliation I have little or no regrets about anything I have done or have failed to do. Once God forgives you there isn't anything else to do except pray for others.


I am writing great book on forgiveness.  We all know people who are destroying their lives by holding grudges. Choose happiness and learn to forgive.  In the end only grudge holding is the destructive force for which only you have a the power to stop. The book talks about how to forgive when somebody else really gives you cause to have a grudge! 

Two Week Break

I thought I would take 2 months off from writing short stories. Well I lasted 2 weeks!  I'm back at writing. Topics this year will include dysfunctional family dynamics. grudge holding. breaking free of abusive people, and practical ways to save your mental health by forgiving others. I really have a blast sitting in my writers window looking out on the bay and giving my opinion to the world. Sales continue to grow and this is steadily becoming an income stream. Maybe this will be the year that one of my books will strike gold! I don't intend to write as many books this year. Then again if I am inspired who knows what will happen!  I have a lifetime goal of writing 100 books.  I will hit 50 in the next year and a half.

 I am teaching a 2 day workshop on E-book writing at the end of Feb. at Saint Martins University  If any of you who want to know how to do it I will gladly share.  I even wrote two E-books about E-book writing!



The first thing you have to do is Know my pen name.

That is James Nugent.

Next you can look on line at I am under books or if you just want E-books go to the kindle store.

There are 3 formats and they are E=book, paperback, and audio. I only put my very best in audio format 

You can also ask the clerk at any major book store chain to look up and order one of my books. Just give her my name.

Go to the page on this website that has list of my books. There is a live link Amazon,com 

My books will not populate the shelves at B Daltons until I get get in the top 500 most read books in the country. I think I was ranked 3900 the other day. But that was in comparison to 400,000 authors.


Remember this is just a hobby for the fun of it. The money is just a little extra fun;> 

If you want to know what I think and feel; just go to and put "james Nugent" in the Kindle Store search box. There are presently 26 E-books, 13 audible Books and 22 paperbacks as of 12-31-13.  There is a link to the Kindle Store on the page that lists my books.  The list grows every week or two!