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Jackie Burleson

Jackie Burleson hails from Mantachie, Mississippi, but his family relocated to the North Chicago and Waukegan area for employment opportunities when he was four years old. Jackie attended public schools in North Chicago and graduated a proud War Hawk.
Jackie met his wife of 40 years in a North Chicago church where his father was minister. He became a homeowner at the age of 22 in the same town.

In 1986, Jackie & Claudia, with the help of their family, built a home in Waukegan Township. They raised their three sons as Waukegan Bulldogs. Two of their sons went on to serve the country and the state in the Army, deploying to Afghanistan with the Illinois National Guard. Their other son and their daughter-in-law are starting small businesses in the area.      


My Experience

Jackie's experience is wide and varied. From the lowest of jobs to management positions, Always pushing to be the pace setter in academics, business, and family values.

  • Graduated at the top of his North Chicago Vocational Auto Class.
  • 21 years with one of the largest auto repair chains as a mechanic, shop foreman and then service adviser.
  • 14 years in small construction company as framer, lead carpenter and then crew foreman.


My Achievements

  • Married at 19 to Claudia, and three years later started their family of three sons. Forty years later, now a grand Pa, I am sure I made the right decision.
  • Co-president of homeowners’ group that helped maintain the rural atmosphere of his community and avoided tax increases that could have lost some people that were on fixed incomes their homes.
  • Life-long car enthusiast and hobbyist. He has built award winning custom vintage show cars  on a working family’s budget..