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Latest News

Though Jackie Burleson does not normally make the news. This is now changing as he has watched the current and past Illinois Governments drive our community into an ever deepening hole. Jackie has vowed to be ever more visible and interactive to make this community achieve what it once had. Look for more updates on this page and the local Lake County News Papers.



News Archive

Jackie Burleson announces Candidacy

May 21, 2012 Jackie Burleson has announced his candidacy in the General Election for 60th Representative District.

CLC, Chinese Officials Open Cultural Center in Xi’an, China

  • With the recent opening of a College of Lake County-sponsored American culture center at Xi’an International University in Xi’an, China, CLC has joined a select group of colleges and universities working with the U.S. State Department to build understanding in China of the American way of life.

The shifty Trio

  • So now the “urgent” matter of pension reform in Illinois won’t happen for at least another month to allow for a study of all school funding in the state.

Beach Park mayor balks at prevailing wage law

  • Beach Park Mayor John Hucker isn’t happy about the state-mandated prevailing wage law most Lake County municipalities routinely approve annually.

Jesse Jackson calls for federal probe into Hanna’s death

  • Rainbow PUSH Coalition founder and President Jesse Jackson visited North Chicago on Friday to urge a federal investigation into what he called “acts of terror” perpetrated during the Nov. 6 arrest of Darrin “Dagwood” Hanna.

Waukegan Township Republican Organization

  • participated in the Waukegan 4th of July Parade on Sunday, July 1, 2012.An Informational Meet and Greet was held at Supporter Joe Schmidts’ home after the parade.

Jackie Burleson meets the Public

  • In June, Jackie was introduced to the Exchange Clubs of America in Waukegan and North Chicago.  Jackie met a lot of outstanding citizens that are truly concerned about this area.