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My Candidacy

I have seen a lot of changes in my years living here. I’ve seen manufacturing and factory jobs disappear. I’m saddened watching my neighbors being taxed and controlled into despair and penalized for their success. I’m sickened watching ‘celebrities’ drop into the area to protest the police for the tragic loss of one troubled life while ignoring the failing schools that risk putting so many children on the same troubled path. In the meantime, the state is in the process of taking over North Chicago’s school board. Where are the ‘celebrities’ and our representatives now?

I’m proud to be a member of this community. It’s important that Illinois returns to a tradition of fiscal responsibility, and improve economic development so that people can find jobs and get back to work. It’s time for our elected officials to represent their constituents rather than their own personal agendas. We need to pass on to our children a better Illinois than the one we inherited from our parents.


My Vision

As a conservative I believe the time is right to turn Illinois from the tax and spend mentality to a jobs-luring, business friendly environment, where everyone should have the right to work. I want Illinois to be in the top ten states for business, not 48th. With the third highest corporate tax rate among states, it’s easy to say why we are 48th. I want our state not to be made fun of for our “Illinois” politics. I want to see an Illinois where our governors can be known for their hard work, not their hard time.